108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 91 to 96

Moving into the Spiritual Life.
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Photo: Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 91 to 96.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 91 to 96

91. The Human as an Eternal Being
92. Spirituality
93. Moving into the Spiritual Life
94. Existence
95. The Real Self
96. Way of Life

Lecture 91
The Human as an Eternal Being

Man lives in two worlds at the same time, the material
one around him and the mental, spiritual world within
him. He needs to work in harmony with both of them,
so when he knows himself from within, he will also
know the mysteries of life and the cosmos.

In the coming age so many new inventions and innovations are coming into manifestation that the human will be hard put to acquire the wisdom necessary to adjust to the new way of life and not become overwhelmed. Primitive man, ages ago, stood upon the shores of the seas and wondered what lay beyond the horizon. Today a new, much less primitive human, gazes upon the vast space and wonders about what lies on and beyond the stars. Having conquered the earth's length, breadth and depth, man is now beginning to explore space. However, in order to conquer space, he must first conquer himself, because space will not tolerate the intrusion of anyone with destructive motivations or inclinations. No one can enter the cosmos unless he is purified.

Man has always been in pursuit of knowledge, but he has paid little heed to wisdom. Now it will be the Aquarian who will explore space and he will have shed the selfish, destructive ways of the Piscean. The Aquarian will be the selfless, spiritual being who is searching for wisdom. He will desire to become wise and know the ways of God. There will be no atheists left on earth to probe space, for he is the one who first has explored inner space and has found himself, God and wisdom.

Man will unfold new scientific discoveries and he is going to come face to face with spiritual science, which will be the science of the new Aquarian age. The human will learn to live within himself and when he does, the outer will take care of itself.

The one thing that manifests in outer space is complete harmony. The law of harmony is one of the basic laws of creation. Without it there is no peaceful living, or mental calmness, and also, the lack of harmony causes ill health. Without harmony there is continual discord in life. The law of harmony also runs hand in hand with the law of rhythm and the law of karma.

The law of karma is really the restoration of harmony and rhythm. So, in a sense, they are one and the same thing, and these laws, in turn, support the perfect law, which is the law of love.

Man, to be in the new age, must come into harmony with himself before he can sound the keynote of the new age and be an integral part of the great harmony of the cosmos. When this occurs, he will have knowledge of who he is and what his mission on earth is. He will also know where he came from and where he is going. He will also know that he is an integral part of a vast macrocosm where the only permanent thing is change itself. He becomes a miniature of the great becoming; he is that spark that grows into the flame.

Man lives in two worlds at the same time, the material one around him and the mental, spiritual world within him. He needs to work in harmony with both of them, so when he knows himself from within, he will also know the mysteries of life and the cosmos.

Lecture 92

Spirituality is not something
to be imagined, it is something to be
gained slowly and very naturally through
the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Spirituality is that something that is born in humanity when the light of hope and faith has nearly gone out. Spirituality is that something that is our natural heritage and also our natural state. Spirituality must be earned. It cannot be purchased at any price. It is not a state of mood making or pretense. It is the true state of reality, the true state of Being.

The real failure to acquire spirituality is the failure of humanity to recognize God as God, the Supreme Being, and also to recognize the oneness.

It was the human being who was created equal and created in the image of God, but we most certainly are not born equal. The failure to understand this fact of life has caused many wars and considerable confusion in the world. The lesser in life often demand what the greater has spent many ages earning and is now enjoying as his good karma. However, this demand is through ignorance rather than through any enlightenment.

Those who are more enlightened should ease the suffering of the underprivileged as much as possible. Those mostly of the mode of passion are the ones engaged in charitable pursuits as this is part of their passion and they have the money and the time to devote to this endeavor. Generally speaking, those in the mode of ignorance are the ones needing assistance, whereas those in the mode of goodness usually understand karma quite thoroughly and as a rule are more withdrawn from society in full pursuit of spirituality.

The pursuit of spirituality is a selfish pursuit for selflessness. Spirituality is not one person's destiny or heritage. It is the heritage of all humans. We were created with this heritage and the only ones who could deny us this would be ourselves, bent on a pursuit of self-destruction.

However, self-destruction is virtually impossible for as we grow tired of pain and suffering we will, at some point, turn around and seek inner guidance. One does not make one great leap into spirituality; one must, by degrees, grow into it. This is why evolution is such a slow process. The process is going from being mindless to a state of cosmic consciousness, and this takes a long time for humanity to accomplish.

The process involves the soul taking on body after body, and each body becomes a little more highly attuned and of better quality than the last one. We grow from a brute animal nature to a God nature. Each lifetime we become less physical and a little less connected with the earth.

At first we are totally earthly and as we grow we become more and more ethereal until, at long last, we no longer have any earthly connections. All the desires of this world - worldly desires - are gone. They have been burned out of us. That is to say, the thoughts coming into our minds no longer make a deep impression in the mind. The mind is no longer caught up in thoughts that become desires that continue to bind us to the earth, or to the wheel of birth and death. Then, it is no longer necessary for us to take another body on this earth since there are no desires to be fulfilled.

Spirituality is not a mood to be gained. It is a natural infusion of superior energy into inferior energy. As the infusion continues through our daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, we become more and more eternal and less and less temporal. The mind changes and the body changes. The body is purified so that it can carry higher and higher vibrations without breaking down, or as an electrician would say, blow a fuse or short circuit. The body and its density have to become more etheric, that is, less dense; which means it can vibrate at a higher and higher rate and sustain that rate without strain or great effort, and that is spirituality.

It is said that one would probably gain a state of cosmic consciousness and not know it, since the body ever so slowly gains a higher state of purification and this is its natural state. The natural state does not produce a contrast; an unnatural state does this. As our minds become more and more infused with the Being through our daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, we grow into our natural state. So, spirituality is totally natural to a human and not unnatural as some seem to believe.

Spirituality is not something to be imagined, it is something to be gained slowly and very naturally. Also, when we leave this world, the only thing we have to pay the gate keeper with, to enter the higher subtle world, is spirituality. So, the more spirituality we acquire the better off we are. If one were to sum up the whole purpose of humanity, the whole thrust of creation, it could be explained in one word, spirituality.

What the early human had was an individual or individualization of mind, without divine mind. So, the spark, struck off from the divine flame, had to be given a means and method to acquire a divine or totality of mind. So, the son, or individual prodigy, of the father was sent off to school. The same as happens here on earth; the children are sent off to school and when they are grown they have acquired a degree and are now considered to be educated. Then, they return home and set about to apply their knowledge in the world of experience. They in turn, do the same thing for their children as their father did for them.

The same thing applies when one graduates from the school of life and returns to his Father in his home of the Absolute world. The only difference is that in this earthly relative world things are very transient and nothing is permanent or fixed as it is in the real world of the absolute.
Returning home with divine mind one applies his knowledge to absolute pursuits as has been done for time beyond time.

No man in this world really educates himself; he is educated by someone who in turn was educated by someone before him. The main thing in life is that law and order must be maintained, for the student cannot be allowed to destroy the purpose of the school. So, karma maintains the status quo, or keeps everything in balance. For those who must now be governed must in turn become self-governed, and this is spirituality.

The human has always been of the spirit, only finally he has become spiritual and that is the end thrust of evolution. The spark has become the eternal flame.

Lecture 93
Moving into the Spiritual Life

Those who came to spirituality by intent in this
life are indeed high souls and have earned this
highest of all teachings brought by Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi to the world in the New Age.

When one is on the path of liberation and is moving toward the end of life's long journey and the causal body is fairly well formed and the ego is pretty well developed, the chief trouble often at hand is the communication between the ego and the lower personality. This is due to the impediments created by evil karma in prior lives. As soon as this karma is worked out, the ego begins to shine through the personality and it appears as if a miracle of development has taken place.

There is a situation that often arises and that is the relationship between the personality and the ego. It is the personality that comes out of the ego; it is an emanation of the ego. But during the time it is here on earth, in the process of formation, it develops a semi-independent life of its own which may or may not be in accord with, or subservient to, the interests of the ego. If the personality aligns itself with the interest of the higher Self and can be used by the latter for his higher purposes, then the life at hand provides a rich harvest of virtues for the higher Self to use in its development. If, on the other hand, the personality takes off on an independent course of its own and becomes caught up in the trivial and non-productive activities of the lower world, then there is very little or no harvest forthcoming in that life. One, you might say, has become lost in the veil of mayas.

The two are really one. However, because the veils of maya in the physical world are thick and hard to pierce, the sense of unity and the consciousness of one's divine origin are lost. This is when the false sense of “I” enters the picture and distorts the real purpose of life on this earth. Although the personality is based upon and derived from the higher Self and ultimately from the monad, it functions as an independent entity, unaware of its divine beginning and oblivious of the purpose for which it exists.

But, now is the time when the personality must become the servant of the higher Self. This condition, for the most part, lasts through the one life of the personality, who then disappears at the end of each lifetime. From one ego arise many personalities through the lower worlds of illusion. In each incarnation the new personality brings forth just certain aspects and manifestations of the higher Self; that is, manifestations best suited for the karma to be lived in accordance with the requirements of the soul. This is held to rather narrow limits as to the number of qualities that can be handled by the personality in a given life.

It is when one steps onto the spiritual path that one comes into an awareness of the relationship of the lower and higher Self. Then, one of the first things to be accomplished is to bring the lower personality under the control of the higher Self. Transcendental Meditation does this in a very efficient manner. Also, there comes, very rapidly, the realization that the lower self, who acts in the lower world, really and truly is evanescent and illusory. And, one becomes aware that the true purpose of this life is to gain an absolute, cosmic, eternal status. One now realizes that it is necessary to make the lower self an expression of the higher Self.

Now comes the time when we can, in earnest, develop the higher mind who is working through the causal body. We do this by right thinking and right action and this comes with the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.

The causal body grows by impulses that come from the physical, astral and the lower mental planes along with spiritual forces acting upon it from the buddhic and atmic planes. Spiritual development of the higher Self provides the most powerful impetus to the development and growth of this body. This accomplishes, in a few lifetimes, what otherwise would take many lives over a long period of time.

The functions of the physical, astral and lower mental bodies cannot be separated in the life of the personality. And, the functions of the atmic, buddhic and higher mental vehicles cannot be separated in the life of the individuality. When the lower mind is exercised, it is not just the lower mental body that improves. The causal body is like a mirror that has the ability to reflect truths present in the universal mind into the lower mind. So where the causal mind is sufficiently developed and is in communication with the lower mental body, the lower mental body then is able to contact the universal mind to some degree. From this comes a source of unlimited and true knowledge. This then makes one independent of external sources of knowledge. Transcendental Meditation purifies and harmonizes the mind and causes a direct contact of the lower mind with the higher mind, causing one to be able to contact the universal mind.

When this is established, knowledge about the inner realities of life begins to appear within one's mind in different ways, which must be experienced in order to be appreciated; there is no substitute for experience. In having the experience, one then truly knows. One does not embark onto earnest spiritual evolution until the soul has developed, to a considerable extent, its lower vehicles of consciousness.

The development of buddhi starts the beginning of that phase in our inner unfoldment which we associate with spirituality. The functions of buddhi transcend those of the mind and cannot be judged by the criteria of the intellect, which the average person feels to be conclusive and final. The mere intellect cannot understand the finer perceptions which have their origin in buddhic consciousness.

So, this is an overview of how we grow into spirituality.

Incidentally, those who came to spirituality by intent in this life are indeed high souls and have earned this highest of all teachings brought by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the world in the New Age.

Lecture 94

When one becomes realized one does not
simply know Brahman. One is Brahman. One
is existence. One is full knowledge. This is
not something to be gained or found or attained.
It is a state of becoming what one already is.

The one and only thing that most of us really know is that we exist. We are aware that we are conscious. But we are not aware of the nature of this consciousness, or of our existence. As we delve into this what we find is that the ego sense is not true reality. We find that there is something beyond this. We call this something, Brahman. Brahman, being a word, does not disclose the nature of the thing we are searching for. In order for us to know something, we must obtain objective knowledge of it and this knowledge would be relative and in the framework of time, space and causation.

We cannot really know Brahman, which is absolute consciousness, because absolute consciousness is knowledge itself. Brahman is the source of all knowledge; it is the knower, the knowledge and all that is known. Being this, it is independent of time, space and relativity. We as humans are trying to understand the absolute aspect of Brahman while we are in the relative and this is not possible. What one is doing is trying to be aware of what one already is and has always been. We cannot succeed because this awareness is not an aspect of consciousness, but is consciousness itself.

When one becomes realized one does not simply know Brahman. One is Brahman. One is existence. One is full knowledge. This is not something to be gained or found or attained. It is a state of becoming what one already is. That which has to be pierced and overcome is the maya or ignorance.

We are really eternal beings. We are Brahman and only our ignorance of this fact separates us from this knowledge. Union with Brahman or transcendental consciousness cannot be disclosed by scientific investigation since such research depends upon sense perception and Brahman is beyond the senses.

You can only know your true nature (Brahman) by transcending the whole field of relativity and begin to infuse the Absolute into your own relative nature. As we infuse the Being, this is called spiritual gain.

There are various paths of tradition that have been followed in order to gain union with Brahman. The end goal of all paths is to annihilate the ego sense and to establish the “I” (higher Self) principle in order to be freed or liberated. It is through karma that we are able to transcend karma and experience the Absolute.

Only when one is transformed and becomes a seer can he see all creatures and objects in their true relationship to the Absolute. He sees that it is nothing but Brahman; utter consciousness, pure knowledge, pure bliss. Having achieved this, he has experienced all that there is to experience.

To achieve this is not that easy. There are pitfalls and lures along the way and only with faith and devotion will one reach the goal. Because the goal is so great and gives eternal life of pure bliss, is the way made so hard. This is the reason it is so hard to achieve human birth. And strength of body and will is still harder to obtain. Purity is still harder to attain. Yet harder than all of these is the desire and ability to obtain and live a spiritual life. The hardest of all, however, is to understand the scriptures.

The final goal, union with Brahman, is why we have lived millions of lives. As meditators, at long last on the path of liberation, you can see how far we have come and how vital and all important this life is. “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Those who are really God's chosen people are the meditators who have chosen God. Those who will gain liberation are the ones who, by their own inner faith and devotion, will allow nothing to turn them from the path they are now on, or cause them, for even one second, to stop their process of daily purification. When this comes first and all else comes second, then and only then is the real purpose of life being lived in order for it to be outlived.

Lecture 95
The Real Self

What one really needs to know is what
is right action and in harmony with
the divine will, especially under a
certain set of circumstances.

The human is a spiritual being who must unfold his pure or spiritual nature through the exercise of free will and not by compulsory imposition of a code of conduct that contains no variances. He must, by the exercise of free will, learn to do the highest good to the benefit of everyone because it is right to do so and because it is in accordance with the divine will. Living and acting in perfect attunement with the divine will is the ultimate good of human evolution.

The law of karma puts back into balance what the human has put out of balance through his use of free will. So, the human, in time, learns to do right, not by outer compulsion, but by inner choice. To learn to do what is right and not to do what is wrong, to know that right creates happiness and wrong leads to suffering, takes many lifetimes. The nature of the law of evolution is that the lesson must be learned sooner or later. One must also learn that righteousness is the indispensable foundation of a spiritual life. Then, when one becomes an initiate on the path of liberation, one acquires the ability to be perfectly fitted into the divine plan and to fulfill one's own divine destiny, as a spark maturing into a flame. Finally, when one becomes liberated one works in perfect harmony with the divine will and performs right action under any set of circumstances.

In the beginning of one's evolution, one does not even know that there is such a thing as divine law that underlies life. So, one has many problems and incurs much karma along the path of life. When one lives according to the dictates of desire he continues to reap the bitter and the sweet that karma brings him. When one learns to curb his desires and avoid wrong actions his mind becomes increasingly freed from the encumbrances of evil tendencies. This in turn raises his vibrations, increases his happiness and allows the light of the buddhic to infiltrate into his mind. Slowly one's heart and mind become tuned to one's inner divine nature, which is far removed from the limitations and illusions of the lower life; then one knows what is right and in accordance with the divine will. This is Transcendental Meditation in operation; in a short space of time it does what it would otherwise take ages to accomplish.

As one's light increases one realizes the illusory and limited nature of life lived on the lower planes. One becomes aware of the futility of living a misspent life in pursuit of worldly gains and temporary power and pleasures. One sees that even the great pleasures of life in the super-physical worlds are temporary and illusory and keep one bound to the wheel of birth and death with all of its limitations and miseries. There comes a realization that there is a state of existence in the realm of the absolute that is above and beyond the dualities of pain and pleasure.

There has always been a misunderstanding as to what a spiritual life is and what a religious life is. A spiritual life is one lived where one is in a natural state of cosmic awareness, while a religious life is where one believes in God by faith and has no experience of God. Also, in a religious life one believes in creed and dogmas, following a set of rules of conduct automatically and mechanically. As one increases one's spiritual awareness one learns to live his life in accordance with one's dharma; one comes to a state where one performs action, not for personal desire, but solely to fulfill the divine plan which one now understands.

In the cosmos nothing happens by chance; we are placed in a specific set of circumstances to work out karma. As long as one is not established in the spiritual, one's buddhic remains clouded and one's spiritual eyes remain closed; one is not in a position to tread the path of spiritual unfoldment that leads to the realization of one's true nature.

Leading a spiritual life affects the lives of others in at least two ways: (1) by creating a center of harmony through which forces from the higher planes can flow down into the physical world and help other humans whether one is conscious of this or not; (2) by making it possible for one to transcend the limitations and illusions of the lower worlds to become a channel of the real into the unreal world to help humanity, especially to help those on the path of liberation.

The one thing that most people wonder about is how to know what is right. The answer is, by always doing the right thing at the right time in the right way and for the right reason. This means not to hurt or hinder anyone, but to help where it is necessary; not to meddle, but to be able to help when called upon to do so. When one acquires real spiritual insight, it is of the nature of an awareness and not mere thought. It is the end result of a great purification of the mind from lower desires and freedom from the dominance of the lower self. It is when the spiritual part of our Being, the Divine within us, dictates the actions and it is no longer the personality dictating the actions. The personality does not merely yield to the direction from within, but voluntarily offers itself in the service of the higher Self. This is when the lower self has surrendered to the higher Self.

Lecture 96
Way of Life

When consciousness becomes
able to turn inwards the result is the
elimination of all obstacles in life.

What is rooted deep in the human consciousness is identification with the body-vehicle and the fear of birth and death. This identification only leaves the individual when he has risen into the realm of spirit or pure consciousness, when one no longer incarnates into the relative world. This is the state arrived at when the devotee's consciousness, going into more and more intense forms of ecstasy, is ultimately united with divine consciousness forever.

The first intimation of the un-manifest is the word going out into space, creating the manifest. And, this is the word “om.”

It is the word or mantra that gives one an experience of the presence of the intangible in the tangible, or the un-manifest in the manifest, or the transcendental in the relative. When one turns away from the manifest to the un-manifest one has then moved away from the extension of consciousness to the expansion of consciousness; this marks the great departure from the extension to the expansion of consciousness. Yoga is mostly concerned with the expansion of consciousness. As such it differs from the usual moral and religious pursuits, as they seek to bring about extension of consciousness. Yoga enables one to come to a meditation of the mind, or expansion of consciousness.

The transcendental cannot be seen, it can only be experienced, and meditation creates a sensitivity of consciousness where one becomes able to experience the absolute in the relative. This is also called bliss. The consciousness must become sensitive enough to experience the voice of the silence, the soundless sound. In listening to it, the consciousness is rendered utterly pure and infinitely sensitive. When consciousness becomes able to turn inwards the result is the elimination of all obstacles in life. However, most of humanity's consciousness is turned outwards; functioning only on the periphery of life with only a fragmented view of life, but one must move from the periphery to the center. The mind must move from activity to silence in tune with the voice of the silence. To accomplish this, a vibration must be set up which effects this, hence, our mantras. The mind must travel from the circumference to the center and this is where one has a vision of the whole. In this vision the obstructions of life are eliminated and the whole comes into view. This is the meaning of, “the veil is rent asunder.” There is now a total attention of the mind, for the mind is charmed and it is now one with the voice of the silence. Now one has also a vision of the timeless, of the now of eternity.

The obstructions or obstacles of life are the distractions caused by disease, dullness, doubt, carelessness, laziness, cravings, delusions, non-attainment of a desired object and unsteadiness. The symptoms of a distracted mind are morbid thoughts, boredom, nervousness and hardness of breathing. Behind these bodily and mental habits lies the reason for the obstacles in life.

It takes far more than a mental attitude to correct these conditions. One may for a time, by resolute discipline, keep these symptoms under suppression, but at the slightest letdown they will pop up to plague us. The only freedom is to allow these pressures to be released through Transcendental Meditation. Just the release alone would be too great a mental or physical anguish to bear. But with Transcendental Meditation we also have the infusion of the Being to give us strength and courage to proceed on the path of reconstruction. One cannot treat the effects to remove the cause; such is concentration on suppression of the symptoms. One must go to the seat of the cause and eliminate the cause. Often, the cause is so deep rooted that it takes time and devotion to effect the total removal.

In Transcendental Meditation one does not have to understand the problem to solve the problem, and this is why Transcendental Meditation is called an automatic process to enlightenment.

When the release of the obstacles of life has been accomplished is when all of heaven falls in on one. The bliss is then experienced in its own pure nature and not alongside of pain and suffering. One then becomes dynamic and balanced in life. A new approach to human relationship opens up. The devotion to God grows stronger each and every day and the desire for liberation outweighs all other considerations in daily life.

Virtue is spiritual attainment and vice is the total lack of it. Just as happiness and misery is a material projection, so inner peace, inner calm and bliss is the result of spiritual attainment. Ego is the projection of materiality and humility is the loss of ego, or spiritual attainment. You cannot of yourself change a person who is locked into the relative life, but you can create a vibration around yourself that will uplift those in contact with you. People are attracted to a naturally happy person and repelled from an unhappy person. It is all a matter of vibration coming up from that person. Also, it is said that a materially prosperous person has no real friends, because most people he comes in contact with envy him or are jealous of him and desire to exploit him if at all possible. Wealth attained in life is said to be a burden, and there are numberless persons who are more than willing to lift that burden from you. So, as a result, most of a prosperous person's relationships are relationships of usage.

What is needed in this world is an understanding of one another that surpasses all else; then peace and prosperity would truly reign on this earth. It is hard for someone living in one strata of society to understand someone living in different strata. To correct this, understanding has to be born and with this comes tenderness and giving without thought of reward. Also, people in the lower strata should be brought up as much as possible, at least so no one starves or suffers. The great success in this world is spiritual success and not material success, yet most of society does not understand this.

To show a real regard or consideration for those who have failed or fallen and to make them feel at ease in our company shows great spiritual growth. Most people look down upon such people, because they feel self-righteous, and there is no failing greater than self-righteousness and there is nothing as immoral as moral superiority. This is why virtue comes from experiencing God and from becoming spiritual, or integrated. So, virtue is not an attitude, rather it is a vibration that overflows from one, which is natural and spontaneous and is never conditioned or controlled. Again, one may cultivate a virtuous pattern, but it is a pattern devoid of any fragrance or culture.

One who comes into harmony with the laws of nature has no real problems in life, because nature now supports him and he in turn supports nature. However, for those who are on the path and have not as yet resolved all of their problems, it is incumbent upon them to take action and solve their own problems and not lay back and say God will solve them for me. God is not in the personal problem-solving business. However, he does help those who help themselves.

Virtue can be a vice, but vice can never become a virtue, while spirituality is above all. Those who are on the spiritual path and are dedicated will truly walk and talk with God. For they are the ones who have walked the razor's edge and have gained the goal of life and moved into eternal life.

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