108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 97 to 102

The Gaining of Soul Mastery.
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Photo: Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 97 to 102.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 97 to 102

97. Free Will and Predestination
98. True Devotion
99. The Gaining of Soul Mastery
100. Spiritual Will
101. Intuition and Energy Force
102. Spirituality and Sexuality

Lecture 97
Free Will and Predestination

Misery and happiness is a self-creation and
this continues until one becomes Self-realized
and one's will has merged with the divine will.

Two of the truths of creation are free will of human beings as well as predestination, and both have their parts to play in the evolving universe. There is a divine plan and there is the divine will behind it, which implies that there is a degree and form of predestination. However, in the working out of the divine plan there is elasticity and considerable latitude for the monads that are evolving in the universe, and this means that there is free will for the soul.

In the early stages of development free will expressing itself as desire brings its own pleasant and unpleasant consequences. By this process the individual learns very gradually to operate in accordance to the divine will, or Thy will and not my will. Accordingly, misery and happiness are a self-creation and this continues until one becomes Self-realized and one's will has merged with the divine will.

It is also obvious that there is a co-existence of predestination and free will, and in the overall plan of creation there are adjustments, delays and complications that are part of a phenomenal universe with legions of monads working in it.

In the cosmic plan the whole universe, or any particular system such as a solar system of which there are millions, is present in the archetypal complete integrated form. This is worked out in the perfect expanded form in the divine mind of the Logos. There is elasticity and allowances in bringing the plan to completion. However, with the pressure of divine will behind it and the divine wisdom to guide it, the plan is completed as it is present in the divine mind.

The monads are part of the divine life, but for their evolution and unfoldment they must work under illusions and limitations, such as a barely developed mind in the early stages of evolution. As a result, there are all kinds of complications and delays. The Logos, in working out his plan is not alone. Rather, he is taking all the monads along with him. These wills of the undeveloped monads is what leads to the departure and to delays from the divine plan. However, this is anticipated and compensated for in the divine plan. This is also why evolution is ever so slow. Nevertheless, each monad has all eternity to evolve. Since each monad is the same yet different, individuals create habit patterns which they will inevitably follow, which neither time, nor place or circumstance rarely changes.

Infusion of the Being is the only sure way a change can be made, and even so, this is often very hard for the individual. The unfolding of the universe is a cooperative process in which all monads also take part, each according to his individual characteristics and stage of evolution. Both free will and predestination have their part to play in the evolving universe.

All individuals while on this earth seek happiness, but misuse of free will often brings unhappiness. But this unhappiness causes one to gradually learn to work according to the divine will; usually when this happens one is on the path.

This world as a temporary world of illusion can at best only reflect the different stages of the great plan in an imperfect form. The plan is present in its perfection and in its eternal form in the divine world which is above time and space. We cannot conceive the transcendental form of the divine world because it is too far beyond us for us to envision it at the density we live in.

Spirituality is simply purifying this mortal body so that it is able to become receptive to more and higher subtle vibrations. The wheel of birth and death locks one into this earth and, as no one can outstrip the wheel, one has to go within himself in order to reverse himself on the wheel. It is the acquiring of higher and higher vibrations that spins one off of the wheel. Then one is able to perceive the grand plan in its perfection as one then no longer sees imperfect shadows, one after another, for one has broken through the barriers of the intellect and stands face to face with God himself.

Lecture 98
True Devotion

Real devotion is intense
love directed towards God.

God is always good and the evil in life is the ego. In the course of one's journey through the ages of evolution one has been devoted to many things in many ways. Finally, one approaches the last stage of devotion, which is true devotion, devotion to God. And this devotion is not for the sake of some selfish gain, but for the sake of the love for God only. The spectrum of one's love grows and becomes brighter and fuller as we also grow. However, it is a long way from selfish love to selfless love. Yet each human must make this journey before reaching liberation.

Individuals who have lived for ages in the bright colors of life have no idea of what the white light of divine love is like. To really know the white light, one must first transcend manifestation and then merge into the light of reality. It is also true that all forms of love that the human goes through are all derived from the one divine love. However, since we have been partitioned, we could only know a segment of true love and not true love in its fullness.

In a partitioned state we only respond to and develop one limited type of love at a time. Yet, through this process we grow and this is life. What we are devoted to and to what degree depends entirely on where we are in consciousness, and where we are in consciousness shows how much we have grown, or rather how much we have learned from our experiences in life. Real devotion is intense love directed towards God.

The fusion of consciousness of the devotee with the consciousness of God can only be compared to the striking of a bolt of lightning with the earth. It is when the love between the devotee and God reaches an intense degree that a partial fusion of consciousness takes place and then the devotee realizes what divine love is really like. As this takes place again and again, one experiences more and more intense forms of love along with the finer and subtler levels of bliss corresponding to them. Gradually, one becomes established at higher and higher levels of consciousness and corresponding finer levels of love and pure bliss. This love flows in a very deep channel, with perfect balance, serenity and peace where turmoil or emotional disturbances no longer exist.

The image we have of God is not the important thing in our quest for God since love is a state of the mind and not the image in the mind. So, whatever image we have of God is not too important. It is the quality of our love that counts.

It is very hard for a human to envision anything outside of a human looking form and certainly God is not this. Again, how we view God is not relevant to the purpose of our quest. It is the intensity of our devotion, our self-surrender and the purity of our minds that is all important, for it is this that brings down the grace and blessing of the object of devotion upon the devotees. In the final analysis, the consciousness of the devotee fuses, not with the image, but with the consciousness which the image represents, for in the union the image always disappears.

In human relationships when we love someone we are not just communicating with the body and with the mind of the individual concerned. Rather, it is the spirit which is communicating with the spirit through the veils of the body and the mind. Without the spirit being present there would be nothing to communicate with. We imagine that our personal relationships are based on our personal level, but actually they are at the level of the spirit and the bodies involved are merely veils which cloak the true participants in their actions and reactions. Incidentally, karma also works through the spirit.

So, the reality of this situation is that it is not the image in our minds which is the object of our devotion, but it is universal life and divine consciousness which is behind it, and it is the same for all kinds of images.

Ananda or bliss is our innermost essential nature and we cannot live without it. Also, it is the one thing that will free us from our lower desires, because every time a desire is satisfied it temporarily makes the mind tranquil and in this briefly tranquilized and harmonized mind a little of the ananda filters down from within ourselves. This is the cause of the temporary pleasures or satisfaction we feel when a desire is fulfilled. However, this does not last long and the mind again loses its equilibrium. Then the desire is again aroused and causes us to seek satisfaction in external things when all along the real sower of happiness is actually inside of ourselves.

When we are in love, and some seek this on a constant basis, we are partially and temporarily in touch with the source of ananda. When this occurs, we are, to a certain degree, independent of external objects which provide us with ordinary pleasures or happiness. Also, when we are in touch with ananda we are for a time self-satisfied even though the object of love is outside of ourselves. In the case of love between a man and a woman, in the beginning there is exhilaration and deep passion. However, the exalted state does not last and our self-sufficiency is gone. Then again one seeks happiness in external objects and pursuits.

It is only when true divine love is born within us and begins to flow steadily through our hearts that we become self-sufficient permanently and completely, for now we are established in the very source of love and ananda. Now we need nothing from the external world, we may recede from the world or we may stay active in the world and help others, but in either case we are now permanently Self-sufficient and the fountain of bliss and joy is eternally playing within our heart.

This love we now have is flowing at a deep level and is the nature of an experience. It is not an emotion, not a thought, not even a perception of the higher mind or buddhi; it is awareness, an awareness of the divine life and consciousness, and this awareness is the result of the fusion of the two.

Acquiring a righteous life and a spiritual foundation is very important because it is the only thing that can assure our safety, especially in the higher states of consciousness when powers begin to appear naturally and when we are greatly tempted to misuse those powers for our personal ends. Also, it is the only thing that can assure the absence of inner conflict which constantly disturbs the mind and prevents it from being calm and harmonized. Again, without righteousness it is not possible to open up the mind to the influence and illumination of the light of buddhi. It is only through a mind based on a perfectly righteous or spiritual life that divine life and consciousness can function. It is on the rock of unrighteousness or resistance to spirituality that the lives of many initiates are wrecked.

Lecture 99
The Gaining of Soul Mastery

Most of humanity does not realize that this is a
physical lesson world, a world of the dream where
humans act out their dreams in a world of sleep-walkers.

The unfolding human soul is the spark fallen from whence it was created into the physical, emotional and mental worlds and is, through the lessons of the lesson world, slowly trying to mature into the flame. It does this through the process of evolution and initiation. The soul must reach a state of unbroken bliss consciousness, that is, to always be in bliss and fully conscious. At this state of consciousness one then becomes independent of the three lower vehicles and the illusions of them and their worlds. One can then be said to have a cosmic status and to be eternally free as a cosmic individuality with full immortality. One always retains the individuality, but not the personality.

The personality changes from life to life, as the personality, to a great degree, reflects the growth of the individuality. The personality is also referred to as the lower self. The higher Self is the solar angel and the divine Self is the spark molding into the flame.

The difference in human beings is that most of humanity does not realize that this is a physical lesson world, a world of the dream where humans act out their dreams in a world of sleep-walkers. Even so, the human world is referred to as the world of the state of perpetual maya. For ages ancient wisdom has taught that the physical, emotional and mental planes are the planes of sleep and dreams. The soul's object is to complete the dreams of the lesson world and finally to awaken to its real eternal life. When it realizes this, it then desires, as fast as it is prudent, to gain mastery over the self-imprisoned illusion of life.

One then comes into an awareness of Self and the responsibilities of that Self on all levels of creation and beyond. Once we have this increasing awareness, we see things differently than we used to. We see the effects of all the causes and we become very careful not to create undesirable causes. We realize that any attachment creates bondage. It is on the mental plane that we enjoy the creative efforts that we put forth and we see the beauty of it. As a result, it makes an impression on us when we come back to our karma during our next earth life. In our subsequent life we are more aware of the higher realities and, therefore, we put forth more effort to rise above our negative karmic ways. We try to organize our life so that we may fulfill our higher desires and dreams.

The lesson the soul eventually learns is that any attachment to any part of human existence creates slavery and continued loss of reality and continued bondage. So, we learn to be careful not to create undesirable causes that will only prolong our sleep or bondage. When we awake we enter into the path which leads to the real Self within. When we do this we gradually experience mastery over the illusion of life with all of its pains and fears. Awakening means that we are reaching the intuitional plane called the buddhic plane. Those who are awakened on that plane are called Buddhas, or enlightened ones.

It was through the solar angel, the higher Self, that the developing human soul acquired individuality and began to live as a self-conscious entity. It is said that until one gains enough individuality one is not awakened from the dream state to the state of Self-consciousness.

It is the soul or monad that is ever changing into a polished multi-faceted diamond as it goes through the polishing and learning process in the three worlds. That is, the facets of the soul must be polished so that all parts are equal to the whole. Some feel that the human is immortal regardless of his stage of evolution. This is not so. It is true that the human has an immortal potential and that he carries the eternal spark, but it is also true that he must earn immortality and then liberation is granted. One is immortal only when he has reached an unbroken state of bliss consciousness. Otherwise, he is mortal; still affixed to the wheel of birth and death. Any human going through the process of birth and death, immersed in his dreams, has no concept of immortality. In the Western world most of humanity believes in a one life only (win, lose or draw), let alone believing in an immortal status of an absolute nature.

One actually exists in humanity until such a time as one awakens to his own true nature. Anyone who has not constructed his astral or mental bodies actually sleeps on the planes. At some time you have to have the recognition of your individual existence in relation to existence as a whole. When this happens you have an immortal status. Until then, you may exist, but you are fragmented and not “holy” or whole.

The human is like a seed planted deep in the earth and it must find its way out of the dark earth to the light. The seed has all the potential of the tree, the flowers and the fruit, but it must grow into the light to take on full expression and develop its own seeds. The human, when he steps onto the path of liberation as an initiate, is like the seed breaking through the soil into the light and now the gardener takes over the case of the plant. Similarly, the human takes on his solar angel who guides, watches and inspires him mostly through intuition. Then at a given point the lower self must fuse with the higher Self, in a complete and willing surrender.

Lecture 100
Spiritual Will

To live for God is to gain everything and to lose nothing;
one pursuing a spiritual life gains eternal life in the
absolute and not uncertainty in a temporal life.

It is desire that locks one into the mundane way of life. In the process of evolution, in the world of manifestation, desire is the driving power of the mind in the lower worlds in which the personality functions. Whereas, spiritual will is the driving power in the spiritual worlds of the individuality. It is when the will is drawn forth to action by the attractive and repulsive objects by which we are surrounded and to which we are attached, that it is desire. However, when the will operates from our spiritual center to accomplish some purpose determined by our higher Self or the God within us, not affected by the objects around us due to our no longer being attached, that it is spiritual will.

When lower desires are eliminated by the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation spiritual will appears in its place automatically.

The one thing that one learns is that it takes tremendous will power to progress along the path of spirituality. This is why so many weaken and fail to progress. They fail to realize that one does not have to develop or create spiritual will, since it is the pure potential energy of our real Self, the Atma. It is hidden within our desires in the early stages of our evolution and it is the real power behind our desire nature. The thing we must ultimately do is to free this energy from the gross elements which debase it into the form of lower desires and which then prevents it from functioning in its true spiritual form. In fact, the more powerful and varied the desires are in a debased form, the more powerful the energy. Therefore, if we purify our lower desires, or lower self, then more energy will be available in the form of spiritual will. This is the meaning of the age-old statement, that the greater the sinner, the greater the saint. However, the really great saint only appears if the lower self has surrendered to the higher Self.

It is important to understand that it is not necessary for us to pursue lower desires to gain spiritual will; rather we should pursue the path of inner unfoldment. That is the ideal way to develop our spiritual will. As an example, Transcendental Meditation frees the mind from any kind of obstacle that would prevent the revelation of the reality that is hidden within one. The greatest of all obstacles is attachment with its two aspects of attraction and repulsion. Repulsion binds one just as much as attraction, because repulsion is the negative aspect of attraction and we are bound to persons who we dislike or hate just as much as we are bound to those who we love.

So, if one wishes to be free, one must eliminate the negative. Also, to become free one must desire God and not Mammon. At the beginning of a spiritual life many feel that all desires must be immediately rooted out, but this is impossible. What one should do is to institute higher desires to replace lower desires, since lower desires are the ones that cause inner conflicts, worries and most all fears. Whereas, it is the higher desires that bring peace of mind, strength and a loss of fear. So, replacing higher for lower desires makes a vast improvement in one's way of life. Many feel that to give up all of the mundane desires of life renders life devoid of interest and leaves one very little to live for. However, the opposite is the truth, for to live for God is to gain everything and to lose nothing. One pursuing a spiritual life gains eternal life in the absolute and not uncertainty in a temporal life.

Spirituality is hidden in the hearts of everyone, only it has to be sought out and realized as the truth of one's existence. It is the only source of true knowledge, power, strength, love and happiness that one can ever know. When one is earnest and sincere in his effort to gain a cosmic status and to find God one receives a vision of God. It may be only for an instant, but one becomes aware of and bound to God forever on this earth and onto God consciousness. Desire becomes one-pointed and one becomes forever dedicated, since all of the lower desires lose their meaning. However, that does not mean one no longer has desires. One's mind becomes more and more subtle and so do one's desires, because the mind penetrates to deeper levels of consciousness. Even the Atmic plane is not free of desires, only we cannot comprehend the nature of such subtle desires, for this is something we must grow into and you only grow into it when you step onto the spiritual path.

Lecture 101
Intuition and Energy Force

In prayer we talk to God and in
Transcendental Meditation
God talks to us.

Intuition is a life force and to escape from instinct it is necessary to seek intuition or perish. Intuition and experience are two basic sources of knowledge.

Light, being both visible and invisible, affects the visible and invisible aspects of the human. The visible aspect of light affects the outward part of the human and the invisible light affects the invisible part of the human. So, you might say that one nourishes the body and the other nourishes the soul.

Everything lives in light and gives off light. The human perceives inward things by the inward or subtle light and outward things he perceives by the senses. The intuition sees things that are self-luminous. There are three sources of light or three suns: the physical sun which warms and gives the body energy; the astral sun which reveals; and the spiritual sun which nourishes the soul. The universe in totality is suspended in light or energy force that permeates all space and all existence. Therefore, Deity is that all permeating light or that universal force going out. Therefore, truth is light and ignorance is darkness or the absence of that light.

The history of involution teaches that we were once all light and by degrees we moved into darkness and that now we are moving back into the light; enlightenment and total mind. What we see in much of humanity is that they have as yet not evolved where that light has reached them and has become reflected. Light only reflects in the human who has purity of mind and body; such as a muddy pond reflects very little light and a purified pond is a mirror of light. In the human it is the nervous system that is the conductor of light. So, the nervous system must be purified. It must receive and reflect that light, or that energy force, to all parts of the human, the same as light is reflected to all parts of the solar system and to all parts of the universe.

Because humans are a solar system in miniature, a sea of physical, psychical and spiritual light bathes us at all times. By not living a constructive or spiritual life we shut ourselves off, to one degree or another, from the light. History is the record of humanity's rise and fall from this light. The human, as a self-contained battery or reservoir of light or energy, can survive for some time when this light is at low ebb, because we store energy in the body. Anyone who sleeps all day and is up all night rapidly depletes his energy source and is soon in trouble; sickness, and so forth. Energy or light is always of a benevolent nature, but it is not necessarily benevolent to all things, at all times and to all degrees. Too much sun at any one time tends to over-charge the battery, exhaust the body and burn the skin. A rapid depletion of energy also causes a state of exhaustion.

Wherever there is light there is life and there is the energy force of the light. The human is geared for light and motion and when, for one reason or another, he is denied these he suffers mentally and physically. To be out of the light is to be out of touch with the Self or with God. Disease is breaking the law or sinning against the body or mind because disease is a symbol of disobedience or a falling out of adjustment with the universal law, and that is denial of the light. Hence, by the very nature of things there is a reward for virtue and suffering for disobedience.

To all things visible there is also the invisible and true acquired wisdom is in knowing both. A physician to be a truly good physician must by instinct or intuition perceive the invisible while treating the visible.
Space can supply all things always and this is what scientists will discover in the coming new age, or space age. They will discover that space is complete nutrition. However, nothing requires total nutrition at any one time. Nutrition is the real ability to draw from space what is needed as it is needed. Therefore, nutrition is conditioned energy.

In life all useless things are simply things where the uses as yet remain unknown. In nature there is nothing that is worthless and has no use. It is only that we have not as yet discovered its use. Energy as energy is a sacred thing just as light is a sacred thing. This we cannot control; the light is even as God is. What we need to know is how to best utilize this and this is best known by learning and knowing how to control ourselves. To know ourselves we must transcend ourselves and infuse internal light into our outer physical darkness. There has to be a realistic means established and an increased capacity in ourselves to receive and utilize this energy. Through true nutrition there comes a means of moving energy from one place to another by a definitive control; this is the TM-Sidhi program.

It is said in the scriptures that bread is the staff of life and this is because the body of the wheat feeds our bodies. The soul of the wheat feeds the soul and the spirit of the wheat feeds the spirit. In the human body there are energy poles or energy fields and the balance of minerals in the body ensures the energy force from space. A human does not inherit disease, but what he does inherit is the lack of a certain kind of energy. By a lack of mental or physical balance there is no polarity maintained and this shuts us off from our full natural energy source. The practice of Transcendental Meditation gradually restores this balance. So what we find in meditation is transcendental magic.

A negative vibration cannot infuse a positive vibration, but a negative vibration can to one degree or another cut us off from our own energy field. It is true that we are born with a certain energy allotment and it is also true that by Transcendental Meditation we can increase this.

Faith healing has a valid basis of truth because individuals by this means become receptive to Self. Prayer is also a positive state of conditioning because it establishes a spiritual relationship between us and total space. By prayer we establish contact between ourselves and our energy source. In prayer we talk to God and in Transcendental Meditation God talks to us. Our mantra is said to be the highest conceivable power prayer in the universe. All that is broken may be mended and all that is lost may be found.

Editor's note: When Charlie stated, “In Transcendental Meditation God talks to us,” he did not mean that we hear some voice coming to us during our meditation, or even ‘hear voices' outside of meditation. What Charlie meant was the infusion of Being. The infusion of Being is the Divine Communication, Holy Communion; wholeness that is established when one practices Transcendental Meditation. There is no verbal chit chat going on. The infusion of Being can be referred to as God talking to us, that is, the transcendent Being coming into our awareness through infusion.

Lecture 102
Spirituality and Sexuality

In its true essence there is not that great a
difference between pure sexuality and spirituality
because both are of God. So, sex is not really
evil. It is the misuse of sex that makes it evil.

Down through the ages, emphasis has been on sexuality. Now the role has been reversed. Now the emphasis very definitely is on spirituality.

Many people with a strong sex drive step onto the path of spirituality and then begin to believe that they are automatic celibates, but this is not true. As a person grows into spirituality they also grow out of sexuality. This is not an overnight process, just the same as one does not grow into spirituality overnight. Surprisingly, there are some that think that they do; they do not. They become spiritual as a result of the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation. Yet, this takes quite some time, because one becomes spiritual degree by degree and not by one grand leap.

Those who start to practice celibacy by force, in many cases, bring physical problems down upon themselves that are totally unnecessary. Also, when one partner in a marriage denies the other partner a natural release of sexual pressure this becomes a practice in cruelty, and the path of spirituality is not the path of cruelty. It is the path of love and consideration, a path of selflessness and not a path of selfishness. One should exercise prudence in relation to sexuality and slowly grow into being a celibate. We in the West are householders; which means to live a normal life and not to create any peculiar habits.

Age after age the emphasis was on keeping the human race from becoming extinct, so sexual activity was greatly encouraged and honored. The object was to keep reproducing the human being. Now, pretty much the opposite is true. Reproduction is still a necessity, only under entirely different circumstances. Now the objective is to produce higher and higher souls. So to do this there is a family structure and organized society. Also, there is great emphasis on gaining a higher and higher mental capacity and a much higher state of consciousness. Also, the emphasis is on considerably lessening our physical status and to gain a spiritual status. One represents a state of low vibrations and little or no self-control, and the other is the gaining of mastery over oneself.

The initiate usually has physical desires along with spiritual objectives. Taoism says that enigma can be solved by having the sexual instincts serve a spiritual purpose; by sharing true love, giving true love and receiving true love and thereby the couple will learn to understand the nature of God. It can be said that pure sexual motivation and activity can be a healing process for both concerned, as there is a heart to heart, soul to soul contact and that both partners stimulate each other and their two bodies become one.

The Tantric path also does not advocate sexual repression that is found in most Western religions and some Eastern yogic paths. The sex drive is very powerful and almost impossible to overcome by external discipline. Spirituality is not gained by someone under great strain. It is gained by the one who is relaxed and not under strain. Sex under the proper circumstances of love can be a great source of energy, whereas lust greatly depletes energy. Sex should never be an isolated physical experience; rather it should be connected to the most basic and intimate nature of oneself, such as true love, union, energy and vitality.

This is a far cry from lust. Lust is simply physical debauchery with no real benefit to either party, only a desire to keep intensifying the activity in a fruitless search for fulfillment that can never be found.
In its true essence there is not that great a difference between pure sexuality and spirituality because both are of God. So, sex is not really evil. It is the misuse of sex that makes it evil. Sex is something that is needed in the human in order to carry on the race and that is its prime purpose. The secondary purpose is as an extension of love that measurably helps to keep a couple bound together in an exchange of energy and love.

Again, one who is on the spiritual path and regularly practicing Transcendental Meditation will degree by degree slowly move into becoming a celibate. One moves away from the physical and into the field of the absolute. When this occurs there is the constant lessening of the physical nature and a greater and greater infusion of the Being, which is the absolute nature slowly taking over. And when the seven centers of light are finally opened then the sex desire is gone and one is then a true celibate and all strain or desire for sex is gone and no problem exists.

Again, one does not jump into celibacy. One grows into becoming a celibate. The truth is that bliss starts where sex pleasure leaves off. As a result, one outgrows physical pleasures no matter what they may be and one becomes self-contained in the expression of the inner, overshadowing the outer completely. For most people of low consciousness or heavy density, and that takes in several billion people on earth, sex is the only pleasure that they know. It is the highest expression of joy available to them. So, to them it becomes a vital necessity of life.

Also, to the highly evolved, sex has lost most of its meaning or attraction and certainly is no longer a need in life. But, until the need is replaced by the infusion of bliss it has to be reckoned with in a sane and controlled manner, namely through love. The East has its way and the householder of the West has his and her way, and it still applies that the man pursues the female until she has caught him, and that is how it works.

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