108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes – Lectures 103 to 108

The Purpose of a Human Life.
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Photo: Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 103 to 108.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes

Lectures 103 to 108

103. Self-determination
104. The Law of Rhythm
105. The Purpose of Human Life
106. Meditation
107. The Inner Meaning of Initiation
108. The Experience of God

Lecture 103

We can perform good deeds for the sake of
good karma, but for the deeds to be selfless they
should be performed as an offering to the Almighty.

Spiritual development in the human is a matter of slow growth and gradual evolution and those who are unwilling to pay the price of patient self-discipline can never hope to reach enlightenment and liberation from the illusions and suffering of the physical world. Today most people lean towards quick methods and are disinclined to accept patience and perseverance as the way to success, let alone accept the fact that the path of purification may require more than one lifetime of effort. It is very hard for many to adapt an attitude of determination to pursue the goal relentlessly, never daunted by failures, never too elated by temporary successes, and in knowing what is necessary as the qualification for treading the spiritual path. Anyone starting on this path for less than pure reasons and full determination is doomed to disappointment and failure from the onset.

Before one can embark upon the spiritual path one needs to lay the foundation for this path. This means developing strength, unselfishness and a high order of purity. We need a strong character in order to handle the descent of higher consciousness into the lower vehicles, because this throws a very severe stress on the vehicles. Unless strength of character has been developed we open ourselves to a breakdown of a more or less serious nature. The testing of our strength comes in the form of daily temptations, trials and difficulties in life. As a result of this training and applied self-discipline, the aspirant slowly develops strength like steel which can stand tremendous strains without breaking.

Another very important qualification on the path is an unselfish outlook upon all things. For the greater the strength, the greater the need for safeguards, so that strength may be used only for unselfish purposes and not used to injure others. The higher one rises in the scale of evolution the greater becomes his powers and these must be used for doing only good and not to harm others. We must eliminate once and for all that tendency to seek powers and prestige for our own personal glorification that is a common trait for all ambitious and self-centered persons. Selfishness and self-interest are not of the spiritual way of life, and the best way to break these habits is to be of service to humanity in the spirit of selflessness. We can perform good deeds for the sake of good karma, but for the deeds to be selfless they should be performed as an offering to the Almighty.

Also, the third requisite for laying the foundation of higher consciousness is purity of body, mind and emotions. The chief obstruction on the path to higher consciousness is the impurity of the lower bodies, especially of the mind, because a mind that is impure cannot mirror higher truths. A body that cannot vibrate at a higher rate cannot embrace the higher divine possibilities. A veil of contamination separates the higher from the lower and prevents us from seeing the vision of our real true Self. Only when the foundation has been carefully set can the superstructure of a truly spiritual life be raised with assurance.

It must also be remembered that each individual is different from all others and although everyone may be on the same path, each individual goes at his own rate and he starts wherever he may be in consciousness. Since each individual is unique one cannot just blindly blunder along the path towards liberation. Each case being different, each must set up certain guidelines best suited to their own case.

To start with, we should gather together all of our scattered mental energies and concentrate them on the problems of life. The mind cannot be permitted to run hither and thither, but it must now run in meaningful lines, since the mind is the slayer of reality, that is, it distorts everything before it reaches one's consciousness. So, now let the disciple slay the slayer. Slaying the mind means to acquire the ability to see through the illusions before they reach our consciousness. This is accomplished by developing discrimination, the faculty which is the highest form that destroys the unreal world and reveals the real.

When the center of consciousness is stabilized in its new position and life is viewed from the higher plane of buddhic, instead of the plane of the mind, then truth will burst from the source in the buddhic plane. This is the approach through the higher intellect; but buddhi is dual in its character, so the emotional path is also valid and best suited to one of a highly emotional nature.

It is also true that the life of the personality in any incarnation is full and dynamic only on the physical plane and therefore the time spent on the physical plane is the most important. On the physical plane the human is complete, can initiate actions and grow in capacities. Whereas, the life after death on the astral and mental planes is merely where one is reaping and consolidating the results of what one has done in the previous life on the physical plane. Thus, any being wishing to go up the ladder of evolution to liberation must come by the way of physical life.

One reason that our memory is locked off when we come into this world is to give us full expression to be able to live out this life in the manner in which we planned it. Otherwise, if we could remember our past lives, we would be overcome with fears and doubts and the end result would be that we would accomplish nothing.

The real purpose of each life is to have as much activity initiated from within as possible in order to transmute our ideals into dynamic living and make the personality a mere expression and instrument of the higher Self. It is true that the way to the higher mind is through the lower mind, that to the buddhic it's through emotions, and to the Atma it's through action. Each lifetime is meant to be more dynamic and more productive than the last life, and this is evolution.

Also, whatever our desires may be in any life, or the last unfulfilled desires we have, determines what our next life will be. This is when destiny is born. Also, this is where our dharma comes into focus. However, for those on the path, the guidelines for daily life become very much simpler; do what you feel good about doing and do not do what you have misgivings about doing; simple, yet very effective. Also, learn to relax and let things fall into place and do not try to force things into place. Also, remember that as initiates on the path this is the last life you will have to struggle for anything. All things, including wealth, will be amply supplied.

When we reach a point in our evolution where the personality begins to change its life and attitudes then the higher Self begins to find fuller expression through it by translating the spiritual ideals into spiritual life, or self-culture. The higher Self then acquires increasing control over the personality and finally becomes the center of one's life and consciousness. The higher Self as the soul, the Monad, or Atman, has always been the heart of every human being. One's will has not been able to find expression in the personality due to the inadequacy and resistance of the lower self being caught up in the ego and the illusions in which the personality is involved. What this all means is that one must become Self-centered.

The Atma is a Self-illuminated, Self-sufficient, Self-determined principle; that spark in the human that was never born and which will never die; that immortal part of us. There can be no question of unfolding it. All one must do is to provide those conditions where it can find increasing expression in our lives. The practice of higher and higher yoga accomplishes this. The miraculous change must ultimately come to all humans who are dedicated to liberation. The Atma is triple in nature and has three attributes: Self-illumination, Self-sufficiency and Self-determination, the last being its special characteristic. This means that we should make Self-determination, or the spiritual will of the Atma, predominant in our lives, and as a result gradually free the personality from the influence of desires. This is what the practice of Transcendental Meditation achieves; it brings the personality on the physical plane into rapport with the Atmic plane, thereby the personality becomes subservient to the divine will. The lower self has then surrendered to the higher Self. The first two attributes of Self-illumination and Self-sufficiency are expressed mainly through the causal and buddhic vehicles, while Self-determination has its source in the Atma itself.

Self-determination finds expression in the personality as spiritual will power. What is needed is to strengthen the will. Until our life is governed by the will of the Atma and not by whims and desires of the lower self, it is very difficult to tread the path of liberation and to reach the goal of life. The form which will assumes on the physical plane of human evolution is the form of desire and it is harnessed by the illusion-bound personality (the false “I”) which seeks its own independent selfish ends that are not in cooperation with the divine will in fulfillment of the divine purpose of life. It is only when the lower self surrenders to the higher Self, or the divine will, that the real purpose of life gets expressed. This only happens when spiritual consciousness dawns in the human. This in turn is followed by a long hard struggle between the desire nature of the individual and the spiritual will of the higher Self.

The soul of the human is immortal and its future is the future whose growth and splendor has no limit.

Lecture 104
The Law of Rhythm

All life is meant to be lived in
happiness; only the human has created
his own suffering by his own actions.

The human actually lives one continuous life, only it is broken up in segments here on this earth. Each segment consists of the living out of a plan that was conceived before we arrived here. The plan is set according to our desires, our karma, our dharma and our level of consciousness, or development, achieved during past trips here on earth. The law of rhythm and the law of compensation alone guarantee reincarnation. However, these laws are little understood. The prime factor in the law of rhythm in creation is that in everything is manifested a measured movement, a swing forward and backward; the ebb and flow of the tide, the swing of the pendulum, the in-breathing and the out-breathing, and so forth. No one law in nature operates independently from the other laws. All are related one to the other, just as the law of rhythm is closely connected to the law of polarity. It is the law of rhythm that operates between the two poles of the law of polarity, or law of opposites. The one clear manifestation of nature is that for every action there is an equal reaction, and this applies to all things including individual karma. The rise and fall of nations is part of this also.

The human, on a large scale, is very much affected by mood swings. This in turn, is pretty much determined by the level of consciousness of the individual. Anyone at a low level of consciousness is at the bottom of the pendulum and subject to extreme swings, while someone of a high consciousness would be subject to very little swings, since he would be much higher up the arm of the pendulum. Simple children of nature are exhilarated one moment and the next moment they are plunged into a deep depression and this is mainly due to the constant operation of the law of rhythm.

The main thing is to become stabilized so one is not nearly so much subject to mood swings. We can discipline ourselves to a certain degree. But, in a dramatic or a traumatic situation, discipline does not sustain us. The only real means of accomplishment is to infuse the Being into the nature of our minds, to the degree that the relative is completely overshadowed. Thereby, although the pendulum continues to swing, we are no longer at the bottom, or subject to the great arc.

Along with the law of rhythm comes the law of compensation, which is the counterbalancing effect in nature. That is to say, that the swing in one direction determines the swing in the opposite direction. When one is able to remain stabilized, no matter how great the swing, one is then said to be applying the law of neutralization. When one realizes what slaves to moods and emotions the mass of humanity is caught up in, then one can really appreciate those who have mastered emotions. Most people, while thinking how happy they are, are at the same time moving towards the opposite, and the less evolved one is, the faster he moves towards, and the more often he is caught up in, the opposite. One thing that causes violent swings in moods and feelings is jumping to conclusions instead of finding out the truth of a situation first. Very often one totally misunderstands the real nature of the problem, or situation, and then creates an emotional storm completely unnecessarily.

People for ages have been controlled by the rise and fall of the tides of emotion within themselves without ever knowing the cause of such mental phenomena. Even barometric pressure in nature affects our moods; high pressure, high moods, and low pressure, low moods. We may rise above mood swings, but the principle always remains the same. Another factor in life is that, in the law of compensation, anyone who enjoys greatly is also subject to extreme suffering. Also, anyone who only feels little pain also experiences little joy. Then again, one has to have the mental capacity to enjoy and also to suffer. So, according to how developed we are mentally, so is our capacity to enjoy altered; but in any case, the capacity for the one is balanced by the same capacity for the other. This is the law of compensation in operation.

This law carries over from one life to another. One may be experiencing great pleasure in this life as compensation for great suffering in another life. This is true because of our chain of lives being continuous. Therefore, the truth of reincarnation becomes very evident. However, in any one of our lives here on earth, it is possible to escape the swing towards pain by the process of infusing the Being. All life is meant to be lived in happiness, only the human has created his own suffering by his own actions, for what one has put into motion must be effected. However, as an initiate, one has been moved in the stream of evolution, so that his karma, or suffering, is greatly modified.

Generally in life, what one has in one department, he lacks in another department. Hence, the balance is maintained. The thing that one gains is always paid for by what one loses. The rich possess much in life that the poor lack, while the poor often possess things beyond the reach of the rich. The law of compensation is ever in operation, always balancing and counterbalancing. And, in time, it is always successful, even though it may take several lifetimes here on earth for the return swing of the pendulum of the law of rhythm to catch up with us. The thing necessary is for one to gain such a state of an absolute nature that one is little affected by the swing of the pendulum, and that one gains a state where he is truly the master of his fate and the captain of his soul. As long as we are on the wheel of birth and death, we are subject to all the laws that control or govern the wheel. We may for sure move from the rim of the wheel, which is hell, to the hub of the wheel, which is heaven. But, our objective is to escape the wheel entirely, and this is called liberation. The path of Transcendental Meditation provides the infusion of Being, and escape from the wheel of necessity.

Lecture 105
The Purpose of Human Life

The real answer lies in unlocking and
releasing an inner reality that already exists
within us in a dormant or untapped state.

As above so below; everything that takes place on the lower planes is a reflection of something far grander and more beautiful on a higher plane. Also, everything that takes place on the lower planes has its impact and influence on the higher planes. Evolution is really the higher and the lower acting and reacting on each other constantly.

There are many things in life which at one time or another are presented to the intellect and the intellect feels these things to be foolish or absurd. This is because the intellect is a very much lower expression of reality, and therefore without the light of intuition, the intellect cannot understand the higher aspects of truth. To the higher evolved person who has a vision of the higher planes, a higher level of truth is revealed. Yet, that same person often fails to understand that what he knows is not received by one of a lower mental status who is limited by the intellect. The trouble lies in evolvement, that is, where is the center of focus of the intellect, and if the consciousness is focused on the personality and not on the individuality, then one only sees and believes in the illusory type of life and nothing beyond. It is not until the personality becomes an appendage of ourselves that we cognize higher truths.

The real point of human life now is to shift the focus of consciousness, which is now situated in the personality, into the individuality and this is what Transcendental Meditation does. Then the personality will take its rightful place as an adjunct, or an instrument for use, on the physical plane. Then we will truly know and live the real, instead of believing the lower body and mind to be all there is. Immortality can never be achieved until we become free and independent of the personality. Our true and eternal home is in spirituality and not in the personality. When we become free and independent of the personality, the focus of consciousness becomes stabilized in the plane of the higher Self. The spiritual unfoldment of the individuality is definitely reflected in the personality, but only to a limited degree since the limitations which are present in the lower planes prevent the full expression of the Being.

The human coming into life is a mixture of physical habits, emotional problems and mental complexes. The human is a diverse character beset by many limitations and unlimited possibilities. However, how much we evolve depends in great part on how well we learn the lessons set up for us in this life. Also, there is a constant interplay going on between consciousness and the vehicles through which it works. This interplay assumes many different patterns, some of which are common to all human beings, while others are peculiar to each individual, and this alone causes much diversity in life. This in turn, finds expression under the controlling aspects of creation; tamas, rajas and sattwa, each aspect acting upon individuals to the degree of their karma in each aspect. Also, during the ongoing action of one's earth life some old karma is worked out or lived out and some new karma which is incurred sets up the karmic confrontations for the next lifetime.

Stability in life is a fundamental attribute of will and will is a reflection of the sattwic aspect of consciousness. When the ananda aspect of consciousness is reflected in the sphere of the personality it gives rise to wisdom. Also, one of the fundamental attributes of wisdom is the perception of unity of life manifesting through all forms. On the higher planes of spirit this perception is direct and clear. But, on the physical plane, in the realm of the personality, this unity is merely sensed and appears as love in different forms. All qualities, such as affection, compassion and devotion are based on this indirect perception of unity.

The character of any individual is always shown in the incomplete spectrum of divine qualities that one shows at his particular stage of development. It is the partial light of consciousness manifesting through an imperfect vehicle that shows where one is in consciousness at one's particular stage of evolution or development. It is the light of consciousness at a particular stage that produces only a partial spectrum of divine qualities, the complete spectrum being in a latent state. Hence, this is why one is said to be going along in a dark tunnel in the absence of light or enlightenment.

So, until one becomes aware of the light, he is seeking the answers to life in darkness and he begets darkness. The real answer lies in unlocking and releasing an inner reality that already exists within us in a dormant or untapped state. This is why at some point of recognition in one's development, one must begin to go within and fathom his inner nature. This is what is referred to as going along in a dark tunnel and then suddenly turning around 180 degrees and facing towards the light and then moving towards the light as rapidly as our vehicle will permit, in whatever state it may be in. Transcendental Meditation turns us around 180 degrees in the tunnel, so to speak. Then our higher nature begins to develop and take control of the lower vehicles. Then, our old habits and limitations drop off one by one and we become changed to new ways and new patterns of a new way of life. That is what is meant by, “Ye must be born again.”

The soul is then able to guide us along the path of light, and more and more physical and mental activities are relegated to the mechanism of the unconscious mind, while the conscious mind is caught up in the spiritual in an ever increasing manner. Many meditators become discouraged because they expect overnight results and as a result many give up thinking that there is nothing certain in such a field of endeavor. They could not be more wrong, “ye of little faith.” They do not realize how much has to be undone and washed or burned away before they can stand vertical in the eternal light, that all of one's vehicles must be brought up to the new keynote and all sound the same high note before great results can be realized here on this earth. For, as we are undoing, we are also doing. This is the purpose of human life.

Lecture 106

The path to spirituality is not an easy path
as most expect it to be because the nervous
system, which is the key, has to be purified.

Meditation is the technique or practice used to raise one up from a mundane to a cosmic status. It is the means of going within oneself and reversing oneself on the wheel of birth and death and, in due time, spinning off of the wheel and becoming liberated. This is done by raising the body up to a state of purification and this is not easy, or an overnight process. This calls for a dedication and devotion that is second to none that one, in their trek through life, has ever encountered, or will ever encounter in the future. One is entitled to this privilege only because their karma decrees it; in other words, they have earned the right to come to Transcendental Meditation. Yet again, they may not have earned the right to continue through in this life. However, whatever progress they have made they will not lose.

The path to spirituality is not an easy path as most expect it to be because the nervous system, which is the key, has to be purified. For most of us this is not easy or pleasant. When one starts the regular practice of meditation, one sets up a high vibration in the nervous system and this starts the unstressing in the body and in the mind. The nervous system is so sensitive that anything of an unnatural nature that impinges itself upon the nervous system impacts the nervous system and lowers the vibration in the body. The more the nervous system is stressed, the more it is impacted. Then, when one starts to meditate, one enjoys the good karma one has accumulated. However, when this runs out, be it in a day or in a couple of years, the unstressing starts. This may be just uncomfortable, or it may be extreme and nearly unbearable. But, if one has his sight on the goal, one will go through whatever is necessary in order to reach the goal. Whatever the case may be, it has to be handled individually and not by rote.

It is like playing a tape, for whatever is on the tape will play out until it is finished no matter what is on the tape. Then, when one tape is finished another one starts, and so forth. It is true that if one was a thief and they started to meditate they would for some time be a better thief until this proclivity was burned out. It is no different than a child who is caked with mud and is being bathed and scrubbed. He doesn't care for the bath or the scrubbing, but it is the end result that counts.

It is the human that is a unit of energy, a transmitting station for solar fire; a radiation that stems from the heart of the sun which evolves all living things that come in contact with it. In the human, who is the highest expression of God on earth, it is the vagus or tenth cranial nerve that is the most receptive to this solar fire or energy, the spiritual fire coming down, the fire of the macrocosm. This fire energizes humans and uses them to express the qualities of love and wisdom. There also is a fire by friction in the center of the earth called the kundalini fire. The human is the focal point of these two fires or forces which play through him and activate his seven centers of light. The kundalini is a negatively charged energy which is activated by the positively charged energy, the spiritual fire, which is located in the central spiritual sun.

It is said that at a propitious time kundalini hears the call of her mate and rises from her cave in the base of the human spine to meet him. The kundalini fire is aroused as a final step in one's spiritual development, and it can only travel up a clear, pure channel, activating the chakras as it goes. While this is happening, the latent powers within one are also coming into full expression in a natural way. It is the way that one through many rebirths, and now rapidly through meditation, moves from mortality to immortality.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, an age which will feature group expression, group meditation, an age of spirituality, an age of spiritual science, and so forth. The Age of Aquarius will also be the age of preparation for what will become in the Age of Capricorn a time when an enormous amount of humanity will be ready and will come to meditation and will meditate in large groups regularly. This will be possible because most of humanity will have good karma, minus much of the bad karma and adharma that so much of humanity now has. It is the bad karma that keeps so many from entering onto the spiritual path, and if they do approach the path, in a short time they fall away. Maharishi frequently stated. “They fall away because they do not have the good karma to continue meditation.” Also, this is what is meant by, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Lecture 107
The Inner Meaning of Initiation

So straight is the gate
and narrow is the way and
few there are who find it.

Ever since the human being has been on the path of evolution there has been an inner urge for him to return from whence he came, a silent urging for him to return home. To forsake this world of shadows and to stand vertical in the eternal light, that is his real destiny. There are some who have heeded this call and set about to discover the best means of accomplishing this task. The answer has always been the same down through the ages, “Ye must be born again,” that is, you must be reborn of the spirit and forsake the material and physical life of birth and death.

How can this best be done now that we recognize the purpose and end goal of such a transformation? The way is through initiation. Initiation means to be taken through the secret door of redemption by one empowered to do so for those seeking the inner path to eternal salvation. Initiation, especially of this nature, is not to be taken lightly. In the case of Transcendental Meditation, one is sponsored before God. One is reconnected to God. One is given the means to purify oneself and to be raised up to become one with the Almighty.

Initiation carries a very deep and sacred meaning, not to be lightly bantered about. It is said that if one takes the initiation of the Master and then betrays the Master, it is a thousand-fold better that he had never been born. To betray the Master means to betray what was given to you in great trust (the initiation, the word). One may fall away from the Master for one reason or another, but never to betray what he gave you. For in you was planted the seed of eternal life.

The word and the seed are one and the same (“and the word shall free them”). The word manifests the power of the Absolute and frees you; it grows in you as the eternal light. It has to remove all of the contamination of the ages in order to shine forth in you and ultimately make you one with the light that knows no shadows. This is the sleeping word (the mantra) that comes to life in you and unfolds you into what you truly are. So, revere the word. Use the word. Rely on the word for comfort when you are troubled, for you are now the word and the word is you.

To betray the living word in you is to betray the real purpose of life itself; it would be like selling a diamond of incalculable worth for the price of a bowl of porridge.

Down through the ages it was very hard for one to find the way to initiation. Yet, the sacrifice no matter how great was eagerly sought because the prize was so very great. It meant to be lifted from the grave forever, the final resurrection of the soul. The human has always mourned the loss of his spiritual awareness and has lived on through the ages in hope that sometime he would again find his way back from whence he came, through the subjugation of his lower nature by the higher Self.

The noble Self, through love must be awakened. The sacrifice on the cross must be acknowledged. The segmented, fragmented self must be made whole (holy). The seven initiations must be undergone; the opening of the seven centers of light contained in the body. The sixth sense must be awakened. All this is embodied in the initiation when the eternal word is bestowed in the inner Self. This is the sword that slays the dragon.

The thirst for higher knowledge must come, and through knowledge comes understanding and compassion. The heart responds to a higher vibration, and thereby love for Self, for God and for humanity is quickened. This is growth towards cosmic consciousness where the universal and the individual mind join in a cosmic status, beyond the boundaries of relativity.

It is for certain that no one can travel the inner path unless he is first initiated onto the path and this can only be done by one who is empowered to do so. The earth has only recently passed the middle point of its evolution. So, as far as humanity is concerned, few there are that are at the present time seeking, or are even so willing, to step onto the path no matter how graphically the benefits of so doing is pointed out to them. It does not register on their consciousness as a need for them. So straight is the gate and narrow is the way and few there are who find it.

In the past, great initiations were known as the mysteries and later on came the mystery schools. Only the purest and noblest were given an initiation, and they were true seekers. In every age, those who were initiates of the mysteries were known as the lights of this world, even though they were unknown to the mass of humanity. Still, humanity benefited from their being here. Initiations and the mysteries can be traced back to Atlantis, onto Egypt, Chaldea, Greece, Persia, India, China, Europe and America. An initiate is not only told the mysteries, he is also shown and given the experiences necessary for him to know the inner truths. As a result, the secret teachings also become factual. As down through the ages, the same applies today; initiation is the way to expansion of consciousness and this aids one to understand and travel the straight and narrow inner path to liberation.

Where before one was blind to the inner truths, he now sees, and where before he only had faith, he now knows. One now begins to operate in life through expanded awareness rather than through limited reason.

Editor's note: Transcendental Meditation is said to be the highest teaching because it connects you with your inner Being. Since its introduction to the Western world by the Maharishi over fifty years ago, the Transcendental Meditation technique as a means of personal development has been the subject of over 600 scientific research studies conducted at 200 independent universities and research institutions in thirty-three countries. These studies have been published in such leading journals as Academy of Management Journal, American Journal of Physiology, American Journal of Psychiatry, Hypertension, The Lancet, Science, and Scientific American. No other system of personal development has received such scrutiny and acclaim.

Lecture 108
The Experience of God

To truly love God one must experience God,
and this is the path of Transcendental Meditation.

Most people who proclaim that they have put their trust in God do so only when it is convenient, or they feel that it is necessary to do so. They are, in reality, giving lip service and not involving their hearts. Many use God as a convenience and then they wonder why nothing very good ever happens in their lives.

God's gifts are always there, to be given. But, individuals must make a channel between themselves and God and this is only done through the heart. This is not an overnight transition. It takes time to culture the heart and to learn to love with the mind. To truly love God one must experience God, and this is the path of Transcendental Meditation.

We cannot gain an intellectual understanding of God, no matter how hard we try, because all we can ever gain is an imagination of God. To truly place our faith and love in God we must first truly know our Selves and learn to be Self-masters and completely Self-governed.

The more you trust God and depend upon him, the more God trusts you and then responds to your trust, and your needs are fulfilled. When this happens, your love grows greater and greater. At this point the heart is cultured and one's love pours out in adoration and one asks for nothing, one only desires to be worthy of such love and care as God bestows upon one. Also, one's needs are thereby miraculously met.

For sure our love will be tested and it is not God testing us. At all times we must persevere and not lose faith as so many do when the tests come. We must learn not to be resentful if our desires are not fulfilled, because our desires may not be good for us, even though in our ignorance we believe that they are.

We are not talking about a religious way of life where the shepherd guides us along the path. We are talking about a spiritual way of life where we are learning to switch to God in total devotion and in turn become Self-guided. It is only in the spiritual way of life that we are able to succeed in overcoming life and gain an eternal cosmic status. Always remember that God has greater plans for us than we have for ourselves, and God is always eager for us to establish union with him.

The great enemy of spiritual progress is always doubt, which undermines our spiritual growth and nullifies our efforts if we allow this to happen. So, this is where our devotion comes in and if we are truly devoted, we will always be successful. So, behind our trials and efforts reside devotion, sincerity and great faith.

Too many associate God with faithless, doubting humans. Real and enduring faith is acquired when the lower mind has been irradiated with the light of the buddhic, because it then reflects the realities of the inner life into our minds. Hence, we no longer harbor doubts. Those who have not reached the light of buddhi are still beset with doubts and misgivings and do not really know what is right and wrong action. So, if anyone thinks that doubt is part of spiritual growth, they belong back with the intellectuals where doubt plays a predominant part in their lives, as they are not yet ready for true spiritual growth.

Meditators who lose faith drop their meditation and go back to their old way of contemplation and a feeling of mental superiority, even though many mentally accept the validity of the meditation practice, but not wholeheartedly. The heart and mind must be in accord on the path of spirituality; like a matched team of horses that pull together and do not pull against each other. This comes in due time with our practice, if we are regular in our efforts.

Everyone must grow into truth, but most are not ready to do so. It is said that the best protection that inner truth has is the skepticism that people have. As the scriptures say, “and a small child shall lead them” because a small child has great faith and the adult has very little.

To become spiritual, one must become righteous. We must become motivated to do and say what we know in our hearts to be right and in right-doing, or living this type of life, we are constructing the clear channel to the buddhic from whence pure truth and light flowers. Only when we know what is right and true are we able to perform right action. Right action can only be right when it has the right perception and the right motivation. The more we perform from right perception, the more virtuous we become and the way becomes much easier. Life no longer goes in jerks and stops, but now runs smoothly. We are able to live a virtuous life and remain in activity, because the key to success is not the activity itself, but rather what we identify with while we are active.

The importance of gaining and living a spiritual, virtuous, disciplined and intuitive life is that as we grow into higher states of consciousness we begin to acquire powers, and if we are not stabilized or grounded in spirituality, we are likely to misuse these powers for our own personal ends and we will incur terrible binding karma. So many people wonder why they have such terrible karma, not knowing what they have been into in a past life, the effects of which they are working out in this life and in some cases many lives to come.

Unless we have spiritual infusion we cannot gain or maintain any contact with the buddhic. The mind functions best in a state of calmness, which for our purposes is necessary at all times. We cannot be beset with inner conflicts which keep the mind disturbed and makes it impossible to remain calm and peaceful.

Also, people of high vibration seek out places of high vibrations. Evil, on the other hand, operates at its best in low vibrations. Anyone of high vibration who comes into low vibrations would not feel comfortable and they would quietly leave such an area and seek out the place or activity of higher vibrations. Likewise, people of low vibrations do not feel comfortable in areas of high vibrations. So, everyone seeks their own level, whatever that level may be. A dull mind functions best in dull, gross surroundings and a high, spiritually activated mind functions best in finer, subtle surroundings.

The things we must rise above are lower desires that must be worked off in the lower worlds, and which keep us bound to the wheel of birth and death. For every action there must be a motive and it is the motive that binds us. All desires do not have to be eliminated, only the lower ones. We can and must have spiritual desires, and above all the desires to experience God and to be motivated to perform action in the love of God for personal and for worldly good. This, in turn, gradually grows into selfless love and we then become a channel for His love and light to flow through us. We then realize that the Father has never forgotten his beloved. It is only we, caught up in matter and a material world, who have for ages forgotten the Father.

In our case, as initiates who are infusing the Being, devotion to the practice is the key to a cosmic status. No matter how hard we may try to overcome the glamour of matter, we will fail to reach the goal because the lure of matter is too great. However, because we are able to transcend the field of relativity and go to the field of the Absolute, and thereby begin the process of the infusion of Being into our human nature, the Being eventually overshadows the material world and frees us of its binding influence.

This process is mostly automatic, but what is not automatic is devotion, desire to be, dedication, steadfastness and, above all, the true love of and desire to experience God. This is the way, and as it says in the scriptures, many are called, but few are chosen. Many will start, but few will follow through. We will know we are successful when we are able, in our daily lives, to see God in everything and everything in God. We will then be on our way to becoming spiritual people who have earned an immortal status for eternity.

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