The Custodians Of Wisdom by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Divine teaching is only passed from Heart to Heart.
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Photo: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The Custodians Of Wisdom
by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
SRM, 1971
Submitted by Eric Fremaux , April 8, 2023

This Teaching Is Only Passed On From Heart To Heart

“This art of making use of the past to glorify the present is a very, very special art. This is that wisdom which is passed on from mouth to mouth. It's a different thing that due to the time of Revival, I have to speak to you two hundred, five hundred Initiators all at one time. But all these are the things which have to be spoken mechanically in person.

It has been the practice in the past–all the Upanishads are full of stories where the student comes and the teacher just keeps him in His ashram. And he watches and sees, and what he sees is which way his heart functions, which way his mind functions, which way his life is drifting. And he helps him to straighten out all the human element to err, all the wrong way of thinking, wrong way of feeling, wrong way of understanding. And this takes years of time to culture a man. And when the teacher is satisfied, ‘Fine, I give you this Knowledge, now you give it to all others.'

But we are now in a hurry to improve society, because Nature wants us to. It has been too much. We want to revert Life back to what it is always–bliss consciousness–back to the Absolute Value. And therefore, we have to speak many together, many at a time. But when I am talking to you many at a time, we should not in our minds minimize the great value of this teaching which is only passed on from heart to heart.

It's a very great teaching. More is passed on silently. Much less of knowledge goes through words, but a lot of it goes between words in those paused moments, in those silent moments between words. A lot of it goes between words. And, it's a very great phenomenon that is happening for the world and is happening for all times. Only, you have to take it as it is. If you find a diamond without much struggle and effort on the path, it doesn't decrease the value of the diamond because you have found it without looking for it. Like that is this great Wisdom of Life which is going to put the whole of humanity on a very high pedestal of Life. Now you are going to be the custodian of this Wisdom. And never shall you undermine the great value of this great wisdom because I am training many of you at the same time”.

The Divine Working Through Us

“With this Knowledge of Initiation, you'll be placing yourself on the level of that high quality of teachership for which the kings in India used to abandon their throne, go to the teachers and serve them for life, and toward the end they would be given small doses. With this Knowledge, you are on the top of the world. In any corner of human habitation you may walk and you have that ability to make a man rise from suffering anytime. Great miracles you'll be performing, but for you, it's easy, it's simple. A very great, fortunate moment of life. It's very, very precious. And with that dignity you walk wherever you walk.

Any teaching of spiritual unfoldment, any teaching of self-development or improvement or evolution–it just won't be a shadow of this which is so natural, so simple. You are getting to that level where a whisper of yours will show what Life is to any man. This great ability you will uphold on the top of the world. And in all humbleness and humility. This is how the Divine will be working through us”.

The Value of Your Voice

“Humanity is full Divinity. This you have known as the structure of unity of consciousness. And toward that we are proceeding. We know from the line of our Masters: Human life is all Divine. We don't have to sing it on the street. Every breath of ours, every movement of ours, every whisper of ours sings it naturally. This is the song of the knower of Reality. You have that dignity of Life which is so scarce in this Kali Yuga.

It has not been so profuse even in any other Yugas. It's a very, very, very great thing. Your time will be so precious. This is the value of your time: you can give Life to a lifeless man just by a whisper of yours. That is the value of your voice now. It's tremendous. It's great. With that standard you will use your time; with that dignity you'll live Life.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
SRM, Mallorca, Spain, 28 January 1971
Spiritual Regeneration Movement
Submitted by Eric Fremaux

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