Maharishi and the Golden Rose by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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Maharishi loved holding “fresh, live roses, enjoying their fragrance, beauty and purity.”; a gold rose represents materiality, and not the Spirituality he wanted everyone to stay focused on.

Maharishi and the Golden Rose
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Maharishi Wanted to Inspire

Around 1988, when we were regularly bringing Charlie Lutes up to lecture here in Seattle, and during one of our private times with Charlie, he shared with Ray and I a story about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, from the early days of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM). This particular story's teaching theme had to do with materiality, and what Maharishi actually wanted to inspire, as well as the Spiritual aspect of the Teachings.

Charlie Told us the Following Story

One day, in the mid-1960s while Charlie was Head of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM), several people wanted to gift Maharishi with a special present. What to give him was discussed. Charlie described to us the various ideas that were shared, and some people felt, as Maharishi loved holding a rose when he gave his discourses, that maybe he would love a custom-made rose, one made from solid gold. Charlie, his wife Helen, and a few others, did not feel this was what he would want, and not what should be chosen; none the less, the majority felt it was the best idea.

The project was soon started; a Professional Jewelry Manufacturer was found, and money was collected and contributed for the project, which, not surprisingly, was going to be very expensive. After several weeks of work, the job was completed, and a beautiful rose was created in solid gold, along with its long stem and some delicate leaves. A person was chosen to present the gold rose to Maharishi, someone who the majority felt represented the group and they were all very excited, anticipating Maharishi's reaction.

Charlie said the day came, and when they were all with Maharishi, the chosen individual walked up to where Maharishi was sitting at the front of the lecture hall and gave him the gift. Maharishi was reserved in his response, he looked at the rose and said, “very nice”, picked it up and placed it next to him. Charlie related that it was not uncommon at that time for a few new people to also go up to see Maharishi while he was seated at the front of the room and greet him. Maharishi had the gold rose placed next to himself and did not seem interested in it. When the next individual in line came to him, Maharishi picked up the gold rose and gave it to him without a word.

Charlie told us that the group who had given the gold rose to Maharishi was shocked, it was a gift they had thought very carefully about; and, they had not expected this to happen, let alone that the expensive gift might be given to someone in line who was new to the meetings. All the planning, the ideas, and money spent, was suddenly and unceremoniously given away to a newcomer. The group felt deflated and did not understand how the beautiful rose, crafted from gold, did not seem to impress him.

A Rose is Symbolic of Love

Later, when they were alone, Maharishi told Charlie that he had “… no need for a rose made out of gold”. He loved holding “live roses, enjoying their fragrance, beauty and purity”. Also, he said that he, “...did not want any focus on materiality, but only on what contributed to the Spiritual Regeneration of people”. Without Maharishi saying a word to them, or giving any explanation, the group now realized what was most important to Maharishi, and that it was not materiality, but Spirituality. As he so often would state, “a Guru has no pockets”, and he does not handle money; whatever was contributed was only to go for the expenses needed for phone calls, lecture halls, etc., and whatever was necessary and needed to help get his Message out. A genuine, beautiful natural rose, was symbolic of his Love.

Maharishi, later on at the next lecture, addressed materiality, and he emphasized that people were to live comfortably, not in excess, and not in scrounging for money or living in worry. He wanted the focus to stay on spirituality with practicality in living life, and that this is what was truly needed for all. He also discussed self-referral, and why his Meditation was important, as it took one within, and to, God.

Maharishi's Mission

Charlie then told us more details. He shared with us some of Maharishi's Mission and of some of the future events Maharishi had told him about that could be ‘softened' if people ‘returned back' to Spirituality and also back to their own Scriptures. Charlie explained that with the benefits of Maharishi's Universal Meditation, as a Spiritual technique, it plumbed the depths of one's Soul and a purification took place due to the Infusion of Being, as the Holy Spirit is the Power In the Holy Word (Mantra).

Diane M Rousseau LHD, PhD

As told to Diane and Ray Rousseau.

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