The Higher Purpose of Meditation by Charlie Lutes

Only by Purification can we approach the Flame.
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Photo: Charlie F. Lutes.

The Higher Purpose of Meditation
by Charlie F. Lutes

Transcribed from a 1985 Seattle lecture given by Charlie Lutes.(1)

Charlie Lutes:

Meditation, when taken to its final conclusion, is a process of transmuting gross energy into Spiritual Energy; a process which changes one's visible and invisible bodies. Pure Energy, or Superior Energy (Spiritual), which is Part of the Creator, is thrust into the individual at the time of Initiation into TM (Transcendental Meditation) that is to the point of a blockage.

When this occurs, greater (Superior) Energies act at once to begin to break down the resistance, and un-stressing is manifested in the mind and the body of the Meditator.

The great Energy (due to the Power of the Word) attempts to ground out through the human until it is frustrated by a blockage, and this occurs somewhere in the nervous system. This Superior Energy is sometimes referred to as the ‘Electric' or ‘Fohat',(2) the Fohat, or Spiritual Fire,(3) that vitalizes and Spiritually Energizes all who have gained the ‘Secret Way of Redemption'. This is Being Born Again.

The Alchemists of old were fully occupied in trying to transmute lead into gold. What they did not understand was the fact that it was the ‘leaden human', or the earthly human, who had to ultimately be transmuted into a golden Being; that is to say, born of and Infused of the Golden Energies of the Absolute (Divine) mind, thereby transforming him/her from a temporal soul into an Eternal Being, pure as the purest gold, one who is transformed through the Golden Light of God and Born Again of Spirit.

Evolution, through the long process of time, also guarantees that one will be transmuted, but there are those who are way ahead of their time that have embraced the Fire (The Holy Spirit). And, having embraced this Fire, all the dross in them will be melted and burned away, leaving only the Pure (Soul) that can approach the Flame.

One goes from being a Soul Spark, transformed into a 'Light Being', a Flame.

- Charlie Lutes


From left to right: Charlie Lutes, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and upper far right, Helen Lutes; Catalina Island course, mid 1960's.

In 1962, in a SRM Lecture, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stated:
“The Mantra first heals the Soul, then Heart, then Mind to Atmosphere.”, showing how we are first healed from the Soul. One's heart cultures, refines, purifies, and this in turn influences and purifies the mind. By going to the “Source of Thought”, Soul, one purifies while Infusing Being.

Charlie would also emphasize the importance of The Teachings and Initiation, as one is ‘sponsored' before God in Initiation. This is why these ages old Teachings, which Christ Taught, must remain pure. For 2000 years after Christ, not until the Guru Dev (Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math) were these Teachings given out once again. Maharishi, not being tied or held to an Order, was able to leave India, and freely give out these Teachings in order to “Spiritually Regenerate” the world, and for All faiths. This was the higher “Unity experienced in Diversity”; as from within when one becomes Peace from a greater understanding, from direct experience.

From a 1992 Charlie Lutes Lecture:
“As you become more Spiritual, you become less physical.
It took 20 years to get Guru Dev to take the Shankaracharya Seat.
One has to be careful to not overdue meditation or force activity. One is Infusing Being, so purifying and becoming more natural overtime”.

Charlie's advice: “Be very careful of what you absorb into yourself. What you listen to, read, watch, and the types of conversations you have.
Do not take in stress emotionally, be more aware of how you feel. When you fall out of equilibrium, you must learn to maintain balance”.

“Remember, You Are Lights!” -Charlie Lutes

(1) Transcribed 10/27/2022 by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau. Transcription is from notes taken at a 1985 lecture given in Seattle by Charlie Lutes.
(2) Fohat: In the Esoteric Science taught in Theosophy, Fohat is always spoken of in terms of Cosmic or universal Fire.
(3) The Blue Flame: Divine Subtle Electricity, Vitality, Energy, and Spiritual Force. It is also due to Inner Plane Initiation.

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Copyright © 2022 Lutes-Rousseau Archive, 1985 Notes.
Copyright © 2023 Institute of Spiritual Sciences.
Transcribed here for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences, ISS.
Edited for ISS by Ray J. Rousseau.

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