Creation and the Glow by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on God, Creation, the Mantra and more.
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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Editor's notes: May 8, 1970 Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) lecture; transcription by Dr. Diane Rousseau on 07-13-2019.

Creation and the Glow by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi SRM Lecture
May 8-9, 1970
Charlie F. Lutes, Presiding
California, USA

Maharishi on Creation

“First manifestation of Being, from the finest region of existence to the gross level of relative life. Process of manifestation continues; finest to gross, to very gross to very gross. This is why we experience through grosser levels of the senses. This implies that the finer levels of Creation and experienced through finer levels of senses. In TM we transcend to finest level of thought and senses, to the Celestial Field of Life. The Mantra refines until it becomes finest “Hum”, Creation began that way”.

“Non material (relative) Creation, manifestation not yet risen to Creation, it is still a Form of Energy. From 5 Elements, all Creation springs. Nature of the Absolute is enough to Start The Impulse (of Creation). “I AM quiet” does Not mean “I have to Be quiet”! Basic force of Creation is associated with Evolution. Creation comes out of something, coming Out of something. For something to come out of something, something Must be left behind or destroyed”.

“Basis to Relative Creation: 3 Gunas.
Ego and the senses:
Subjective is Ego, Subjective within is Intellect
Experiencer is Mind
Inner Man is Senses
Prana is the Breath Principal”.

Maharishi Regarding the Mantra

“Let Thy Name be a boat for me to go to the Celestial Field of Life. There is He and in Thy Palace. Thy Name. Thy Name becomes Hallowed, Light Filled, in that Region where we knock at Thy Door. Name is Hallowed at finest State of Thought; God is the Thought of Sound. In that State is GC (God Consciousness). When Thy Name becomes Hallowed, the entire existence becomes Hallowed, this is also the extent of Prayer. All Religions Teach this, we are not responsible for their clarifications. We hold on to the most sanctified aspects no matter what the label of Religion. We want to start Living the Light of God no matter what the name. GC is living the Light of God”.

Maharishi on TM and Religion

“Teaching of every Religion can be interpreted to mean fulfillment in the Light of God, practically found in TM; TM is the common platform for all Religions to meet. What we are (Leaders & Teachers of TM) propagating is good will, harmony in followers of all Religions, waking them to something which makes their Religion more significant in life. Religion is to be lived in life. So, we embrace all Religions. We do not talk on Religion, we talk in terms of bringing fulfillment to all Religions, for all to Enjoy the Light of God, the Merciful Almighty. We must be in the Light”.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (center), Charlie F. Lutes (left-center), Helen Lutes (right-center) and friends; early 1960's SRM photo.

Maharishi on The Lord's Prayer

“Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come ...”
“Thy children on the earth are to enjoy as much as Thy servants and Angels in Heaven. Hallowed Be Thy Name...where is the Name Hallowed?
Hallowed = Light; Holy, Revered.
Halo = Field of Light.
Hallowed Be Thy Name = Let Thy Name be refined to such an extent that the finest state of thought of Thy Name is found in the Hallowed, The Glow. The Mantra can become so fine that what is found is The Glow. Meditator's have experienced this”.
“My Lord, when I utter Thy Name, let It not be dry and devoid, let it be in a Glow. It will open a field of Celestial existence...most Supreme Field of Supreme existence.
The Lord must live there, the most Supreme Sphere of Glorified Existence where life is Celestial. Nearest to Transcending, just before the field of Omnipresent, Glow, Celestial Field”.
“Absolute Creator created Creation. The Son, The Holy Spirit, Supreme Being is God, is conferred through TM, Knowledge, Power, and brings Enlightenment to everyone. What goes in Knowledge?
Absolute God, Son. TM infuses Being, Spirit. Spirit is so very natural to life. Means of Enlightenment, TM is the working tool which will lead everyone to lead the life of finding and communicating with the Almighty”.
“Kingdom of Heaven = the Seat of God. It means which opens awareness through TM to the Spirit, Being, The Light of God.” The Absolute Almighty, Son and Teachings and Spirit is the tool of TM of fulfillment; leading everyman to fulfillment, everyman to live the Light of God”.

Maharishi: The Vedas

“Veda = Knowledge of life, concerned with the completeness of life human and Divine. Life has two aspects; The Absolute and Relative. Per almost all Religions, The Great Lord desires that Creation be.
Per Vedas: “I am One, maybe I become many”.
Per almost all Religions: “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”.
God Wished, Creation started by the Will of God”.
“God Wills. A stir starts in The Absolute Eternal Silence. This OM, this first Silent Sound. Om is everything. From OM Creation comes and returns in OM, dissolution. OM is the Beginning and End of all Creation. OM divides into many vibrations. All these vibrations are based on the sounds underling all Creation”.
“To understand that OM we have to understand all the different vibrations in Creation, this is an analysis of what the Vedas are. The different Rhythms:Rig, Sama, Yajur and Athar Veda”.

Maharishi: Fundamentals of Life

“Vedas are a vibration Study of the fundamentals of life. Pandits, by chanting Vedic Hymns, can produce certain effects here or somewhere else. When we do a Vedic Rite here to produce an effect in another world, it will draw the attention of higher Beings or Gods living there.
The Vedas are devoted to man's communication with Higher Beings in different strata of Creation. Vedas Teach: Theory and Practice; vast fields - Infinite, yet specific.
Example: What is where. How to establish direct contact. This is very helpful to human life. Highest development. Going into the Eternal Life, here, gaining Eternal Life on every level. Vedas cover every field of life”.

“Field of life has main divisions. Each of the four Vedas is divided up into three main divisions. Karma Kanda - Chapter of Action; Ideals and means to get “nearness to God”. Upasana Kanda - How to sit near God, near Reality, contact in the real substrata of life. Gnana Kanda - Field of Enlightenment or Knowledge; Knowing through understanding, Knowing through direct perception”.

A Question From the Audience

Q: “If the Knower is ignorant, he must be in relative temporal life. The Knower must perceive emotions, happiness, depression ...”?

Maharishi: “No, what is perceived is invariably a quality of matter, temporal relative life”.
“The Knower cannot be changed or described in circumstances by the problem. Whatever problem, you can contribute to the Knower and is still perceived as a quality of matter; not the Knower. And, no matter what the quality is that you assign to the Knower, it does not affect the Knower in the slightest”.
“All that is knowable is matter. The Knower is the Knower, period. So, only ignorance contradicts this, and assumes that powerlessness and misery and such emotions are aspects of the Knower, and can assume perception as such”.

“Knowledge is completely different from ignorance. The effects of Knowledge is [sic] completely different. Example: God is our Soul. It is illusion which makes the Knower a Being of this world. God is not affected by the mundane life which people can attribute to Him. The Knower Is God, yet still identification with the Relative exists “due” to ignorance of the Soul”. “On impulse, the whole basis of Creation rests”.

“3 Basic qualities of Meditation: Force of Creation, Destruction, (and) Neutral force which would allow these forces to function in opposite directs, balancing the forces. Manifestation of Unmanifest is brought about through the Nature of the Unmanifest starts with these three tendencies in order to manifest. Nature of the Absolute is the motivating Force that nature expresses in three tendencies simultaneously. It must do this in order for manifestation to come about. The process of evolution must continue. Nature expressing itself is found in Universal Being”.

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD; 07-13-2019.
Institute of Spiritual Sciences

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