Maharishi, In Planting the Seed by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

In his lectures, Maharishi planted the seeds of Truth.
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Story of Maharishi and planting “Seeds of Truth.” Charlie in relaying this story, explained this was because “people can only see from where they are at that time.” They see what they understand. In planting “seeds of Truth”, knowledge could latter inspire, “take root and grow” at the right time.

Maharishi, In Planting the Seed
by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

Age of Enlightenment

For many ages, Avatars, Prophets, and Mystic's have come to this world to help ease humanities suffering. There are also those who have come in current times to help, known as Wisdom Teachers, and who, by direct experience, gain knowledge through direct communication with the Spiritual Realms of the Almighty. In the past, when they shared this knowledge to alleviate the suffering of humanity, they often did this at a great personal sacrifice. Even now, as we transition from one Age into the next, change is often slow to happen and painful to those who are Awake in God Consciousness.

Around 1990, I asked Charlie Lutes about the conflicts we see, and he addressed why many “Feel and See” this, and why many who do not. Even though this Age of Enlightenment was now dawning, Charlie explained why there is so much discrepancy and disharmony. The Piscean Age represents what Knowledge was brought forward and a Way given by Christ for our Salvation, to bring an experiential Way and this was sent all over the world. The Age of Pisces also represents man's dual nature, as the sign of the two fishes, one “fish” is higher than the other - yet still bound. This one is the Higher Nature, Divine, to help awaken the Soul, the other fish is carnal nature, that it may grow using the temporal personality, as a means of Knowledge and self-mastery for Soul expansion and expression to Refine in the Spirit. The other “lower” fish represents the mind and body, which are often in internal conflict. Charlie added, every two thousand years, an Avatar is sent with the highest teaching of the Age, along with others who are destined to serve Him; along with Prophets, who through their own experiences, give humanity insight. The Divine and Universal Laws, ages old, are for the education of the Soul, with emphasis on Natural Law so that in Balance, both govern as Soul and Nature. These must be lived as One, integrated for Soul and Life Progression, and so the Light of Spirit keeps Shining for all.

Charlie explained, “people can only see from where they are at that time.” They see what they understand and see below them, but not what is above. The more that one progressed and moved into Higher States of Being, the more Truth was revealed. Prior to this, they may “hear” the Truth, but unless they come to understanding from their own inner experiences, or their heart is open and receptive, their mind will tend to reject what they hear. They compare themselves to the speaker, and sadly, some reject the Wisdom that is freely given.

Charlie gave me the following example:

The Seed

In the early days, when SRM(1) was first beginning, Charlie had set up a Lecture for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at a very prestigious hall in Los Angeles. Charlie said only about 100 people showed up and he was concerned, as he had hoped more would have come. There was a low chair set up, and flowers in vases were placed next to it and next to the chair was a photo of Guru Dev, Maharishi's Master, which was set on a small table; both the table and chair had been covered first with new white cloths. When the lecture was to begin, Charlie carried Maharishi's deer skin(2) up to the front of the room for Maharishi, which he then draped over the seat of the chair. Maharishi, slowly walked in and smiled at all the people. He took his seat on the deer skin and sat quietly looking out at the audience. Charlie then took his seat in the front row next to Helen Lutes, his wife, along with all those who had helped set up the nights Lecture.

The audience attentively waited, and then Maharishi began to speak; he was so at ease, smiling, natural, sometimes laughing and the audience was thoroughly enjoying Him. Maharishi's message was fresh, he was speaking with such depth on Spirituality, Life and Meditation. At the end of the Lecture, Maharishi gave the Invitation to any person that was interested to come see Him after the Lecture for personal Initiation. People got up and started to leave, Charlie said, while Maharishi calmly remained seated, holding His flower that was part of the message he gave. Out of the entire audience only one man came up to speak with Maharishi, Charlie added. That man was very excited and smiling, and Maharishi beamed back at him. The man said to Maharishi that he was sorry more people had not come up after the presentation, as Maharishi's words had moved him so much. To this, Charlie said that, Maharishi gave the gentlemen a big smile and said, “I gave this Lecture for you.”

Later on that evening, when Maharishi and Charlie were alone, Charlie asked Maharishi about how he felt about only one man coming up for Initiation. Maharishi answered Charlie, “I did give the Lecture for him, and for the rest, I Planted the Seed!” Charlie told me that, interestingly, Maharishi was not at all surprised when the next lecture a week later was packed! And, as the lecture series continued over the following days, many came to hear Maharishi, each time with more and more asking for Initiation. These lectures were based upon Spirituality and supported people's Religions and Faiths. There was always a focus at these lectures to the return of Spirituality, with an emphasis on the importance of “regenerating the Spirit” through the Initiation into Meditation, that this was to be lived to experience the Kingdom Within.

Looking at the words of Jesus (Yeshua) the Christ, when He was being interrogated, we gain insight. Pilate asked if He was claiming to be “King of the Jews.” His answer was, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” In an earlier sermon, when comforting His disciples and addressing their concerns and worries, He said, “In My Father's house there are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.” Those few that were His Initiates knew the deeper meanings and why He had often spoke in parables, He understood that only through personal experience could one truly begin to understand “Truth,” and for the rest who did not understand, the Seeds of Truth were planted.

“First know God, then one will Know to do right action,” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM Lecture, USA, 1962.

Each day we change the present and the future; as our thoughts today will create tomorrow and, if today, one comes from more inner harmony and desires the highest Truth for all; Waves of Light and Love will go out and create a better 'now' and better days for the future.

The Light of God dwells in each heart and when awakened, “IS” the Soul Born Again, from the Holy Spirit and “IS” transforming this world. “Those who believe in Heaven on Earth” Charlie said, “will see this come to pass.” Keep The Light Burning!

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, 2010

(1) SRM: the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. Maharishi's SRM was Inaugurated in 1959 in the USA and dedicated to the Value of Spirit and for the Spiritual Regeneration of Humanity.
(2) Deerskin: The deerskin is used as a “seat covering” for the Master, to purify the atmosphere, bring calmness, gentleness and protection. The deerskin is used for this specific purpose due the gentle nature of the animal.

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