Balancing the Cosmic Scales by Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, PhD

There is order in the Universe and a Divine Plan.
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“LIBRA, Truth and Balance”, by Diane M. Rousseau; Watercolor on paper,1987.

Balancing the Cosmic Scales
by Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, PhD
July 19, 2021

Compassion, Prayer, and Conscious Action

With all the world's concerns of illness, floods, droughts, earthquakes, heat waves, fires, continued tensions and conflicts, divisions, and strife, it is sometimes hard to believe there was, and is, a Divine Plan. We can Know however, that we are in the final stages of the Transition. It is at this time when and where we are given the best opportunity to express what we have learned through Love, Wisdom, Compassion and by our Actions.

When we leave this earth, it will be asked of us, “what did we learn?” Also, there is a life overview by the Recording Angels who have watched over our entire life and know our Intents. For every time we extended a helping hand, for every Prayer we said, for every act of kindness, for the patience we gave, and for all our actions, both seen and unseen, all was recorded and all this was noted.

All of us, as Humanity, are in a time of great change. We are the ones who can intervene and help. We are our brother and sisters' keeper, in a realized Unity of Spirit, and we can create a better now by every effort, all loving actions and every time some wrong is addressed… and corrected. This “caring” can change a life, can even save a life, because being involved inspires hope and changes conditions for people and animals, life itself. The bettering of conditions for physical and Spiritual growth, living conditions, and the preservation of the rights of children for their needed growth and safety is our responsibility. Done in Awareness for happiness itself and for every person of any age, race, or faith, so none feel isolated or alone; all these things require our involvement, our love in Conscious Action.

Thoughts, Actions and Balance

This planet is our Home. It is Sacred and Created to be a lesson world and a school for all Souls. We may see the word's divisions and opposing groups, but in Enlightened Reality, we are of “The One Spirit” who sent all forth into this world, and, in this Time for this Transition. Each of us is to choose and contribute, to bring forth a New Age, an Age where Timeless Mysteries and new discoveries reveal the truths of our past. The previous lessons learned do not need to be, cannot be, repeated. A new Vision, from Wisdom, this is what will heal our present situations, from the Love inside our Soul that remembers Love's lessons learned. When we join together as friends, as family, in joys, times of troubles, in Faiths, in helping, this Love extends to any and all and this is our greatest strength.

Even from the tiniest perceived action of giving, it all Matters, to all life, and to God. Each thought to act, to do, is important because it is the action of Conscious Love that cares for the growth of Souls, of all life itself and the Right to Life, Right Action for peoples Happiness and well-being, in fairness for all. Love does not create division or wait for the right time, there is only the Now.

Every thought, every word spoken, and every action, produces energy with memory; this is not only recorded in our Soul and surrounding atmosphere, it also affects our own subtle body. In expansion of Consciousness, this is witnessed and experienced as one unfolds. This is the Insight that is granted for change in this Age of Air, Akasha or Spirit; as Aquarius, the Waves of Vibrations increase, so too do the Realizations as greater Truth is uncovered. Along with the release of knowledge and past life memories, we are able to see and appreciate all who have brought us Knowledge. In this Greater Awareness, we are able to heal, to balance our part in the Cosmic Scale of Life. From the Higher Realms, Wisdom comes as Holy Spirit Light, it seeks to better take care of the Present, help us in our part in the Divine Web of Life and deepen our Relationship and experience with God, through Meditation (the Silence going Within), in our Prayer and through our outward manifest Actions, so that we may achieve and sustain Balance.

A Personal Charlie Lesson

Photo of Charlie Lutes and Diane M. Rousseau; Seattle, Washington, 1987.
Photo by Ray J. Rousseau.

I asked my Teacher Charlie Lutes in 1973, what was the best thing that could be done to balance Karma's. Charlie said it was to realize the lessons, the consequences, and what was our part to learn, and, that deep down, one's Conscience was there (that Still Small Inner Voice) and it would guide us to choose to do the right thing. This is felt, and Charlie pointed out, as we feel this as children, that whenever we felt shame or guilt, it was our Higher-Self reminding us we had learned that lesson before and not to repeat it again. Charlie said to consider that in every situation that we face, was the Grace in that moment to choose that which had Value to the Soul, it's growth, and this added strength to Self-mastery in one's life.

Charlie added this world has tests that go on all the time; he said temptations are there and the more one chooses the Right path, the more evolution of the Soul took place. Charlie also added, mistakes do happen due to the fact all levels of consciousness are here (on the planet) at once and often when bad things happen to us, the people involved were also being given the opportunity to do the right thing: by us. We were their Good Karma, returned, that cared they Did the right thing. Even so, not all that comes or happens to us is meant to be and that there are accidents.

Charlie said that the practice of Meditation purifies the body, soul and subtle bodies, unfolding higher consciousness, and reveals the deeper levels of Soul Consciousness and the lessons, and of lessons in the past that we learned, including for our karma to be Balanced. Meditation as well opens the heart more in Spirit as greater Knowledge and Wisdom are Integrated, so that we may live more Awake, more Conscious, to choose that which has True Value, as Higher States of Consciousness unfold and are established in the Present. Everything being a choice, one with greater awareness from Wisdom, will face greater lessons to overcome and finally master them, as the Spiritual is first. One becomes selfless, and of service, all from the expanding Soul, now Awake in God Consciousness, it is Infinite.

May Peace Prevail

We are of One Spirit, and to have Heaven on Earth, it must be for all, all for one, and for all Good for All in Life. It is up to each person to make the right choice. May Peace Prevail, and the Light of God Shower this entire Planet daily in Light, Divine Grace, Love, and Peace.

Diane M Rousseau, LHD PhD

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