Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and the Future, Part 1 by Charlie Lutes

We have free will and can change our Future.
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Charlie F. Lutes; photo courtesy of Vincent J. Daczynski.

Editor's Note: The following article is Part 1 of 2 and has been transcribed from lectures Charlie F. Lutes gave in 1986. Notes taken at the lectures were transcribed and are presented here for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022 for ISS.

Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and the Future
by Charlie Lutes
Part One

A Spiritual Regeneration

In the coming 2000 years (after the year 2003) there will be a Golden Opportunity to gain Cosmic Status. It take 20 to 30 years to establish, is individual, and some already have attained this as well as others down through Time; others will respond to the Keynote of this New Age. Now is the Time for the Lights to be gathered In; the Lights are Religious peoples, Spiritual peoples and those on Spiritual Paths. As Initiates, we become more Spiritual, powers or Spiritual Gifts (of the Holy Spirit; not to be confused with temporal mind powers) come naturally, and one is not corrupted by them as the Being or Holy Spirit is There. A global Spiritual Regeneration is to take place and for 2000 years, Spirituality will be here in the USA. The changes that are taking place started in 1850 and will continue until 2030. After 1987, the Piscean Age turned into the Aquarian Age. The way of passion (raga guna) is going out. It takes several years to work out. One must always have hope. Place your mind on that which is vital and important. Place emphasis on the Spiritual in life.

You cannot have Heaven on Earth with such disparity between countries; 3rd world countries must come up. This time is when the “beast” of the human, the lower nature, must be conquered. Lower Emotions must be mastered. “Armageddon” is also fought within each individual, as only Good conquers evil. We are tied to the physical body and the nervous system through our Soul, and working to bring these up to Cosmic Status. This is a most advantageous time to keep your attention in Spirituality. Great changes are coming, and Spiritual guidance is necessary. Do not get caught up and get overwhelmed: develop a mental attitude; “I must go through this and see it through.”

History of the Planet

Since the 3rd race of Atlantis, the History of this planet has been one of wars. One of the early Atlanteans taught the Mayans to mine gold. The Pyramids were built by the Atlanteans, they were masters of Nature. The Pyramids were Temples of Initiation. The Spiritual Knowledge went to Egypt and the main repository to the Himalayas. Change will come to this World the way Nature wants it. In the past, water was the great purifier. In Atlantis, 60,000,000 went down in a day and a night; actually, the breakup of Atlantis occurred over a two-to-three-year period. The rest went to Egypt.

From the time of Christ (who Taught the Word, what we today call TM) no one had learned TM. Guru Dev (Swami Brahmananda Saraswati) was privileged to bring out TM because He was Master of all Eight Paths, others (Teachers) are tied to their Orders and cannot give it out. Maharishi, because He was a Saint and Yogi, was free to Teach TM to all. It is the Highest Teaching, as it is an Infusion of Being (HS); you can only be Initiated once as a Human Being.

The Teacher is Empowered to do the same as Maharishi: Teaching Through the Teacher.
If you do not gain Cosmic Status this life, then in the next lifetime you will learn TM in a Vision, Dream, or automatically through Intuition. Our personality changes every life, until we gain Cosmic Status. In TM, the Higher Self takes over due to the Infusion of Being and purification. Meditation develops more Spiritual Will due to Being or Holy Spirit. Always be yourself; Spiritually is becoming more natural, more your true Self.

On Satan tempting Christ: Thoughts were entering His mind such as being shown He could be king of this world. Being that this was not in His Nature or His Purpose, He said “get thee behind me Satan.” The mind without love is cunning.

Lucifer: He was the Prince of the Mind, he thought the mind was the most powerful. 1/3 of the angels fell due to believing him. Lucifer didn't reckon with the Seraphim, the Angels of Love at the Throne, whose whole Nature is Love and were more powerful. They sent him down along with 1/3 of the angels who had followed him. He has not yet been judged.

Everyone is assigned a Guardian Angel at birth. Your Guardian Angel Protects one from the assault by any fallen angel. One Guardian Angel can call down the Power from Almighty Father and stand off a legion of 20,000+ fallen angels.

Words of the New Age: Light, Color, Beauty

All will be higher and Lighter. The veils will be lifted from our awareness, there are millions of higher beings that will come in. Medicine in the New Age: Doctors will also become Healers. Physicians will also treat the Subtle Body. Those entering in this Age will also be naturally healthy. We all have an Etheric Sheath around us. Higher input passes through to us, lower input cannot. What breaks this Etheric sheath: lust, anger, recreational drugs, and rage. Meditation helps to repair this damage overtime due to the Infusion Being (Holy Spirit) Soul Maturity, which also causes the lessening of desires that take one away from higher Soul Consciousness.

In your Seed Atom are powerful forces, and lessons of past lives. All lessons are there, in the Seed Atom located on the subtle inside the 5th chamber of the heart. As Initiates, we are now to be guided by the Soul, Spirit, and not the stars.

Truth once seen, Shines its Resplendent Light.
Wisdom is gained by: Experience, Knowledge and Understanding.
Humility is the last great lesson.

You cannot run away from your problems. If you do you can become weak, as they will overtake you. The problems become intensified until we learn how to deal with them. Ask Almighty Father for guidance and help. The more lessons you learn, the more Spiritual you will grow and become. A person can only truly be right if they have Right Principles; Inward Knowledge is the only true Knowledge.

Human being= Soul in matter; lower self. Human is to rise above the small self-will to Thy Will.
Solar Angel= Soul and one's Higher Self. One is no longer subject to the forces of nature and rises above compulsions. Spiritual Will. Meditation develops more Spiritual Will due to Being or Holy Spirit.

Pure Consciousness assumes the form on the physical which is bondage. Awakening is Realization one is not the form; one is the Soul perfecting in Spirit through the form. Only through human life do we evolve, there are gods who take human form to gain evolution. Not all gods, Know God. Other beings (non-human) are of a fixed type, and do not have free will. Free Will entails Inner Knowing and Awareness. The maturing Soul of the human is what makes one overcome darkness. The Soul is that Part of the Higher Self that came down in to bring the human to Cosmic Status. The human birth is the most difficult of Incarnations, in no other incarnation can one gain Knowledge of the Truth.

Love Opens All Doors.
We have free will and can change our Future.

Charles F. Lutes

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This article is Part 1 of 2 and was written from notes taken at 1986 lectures given by Charlie F. Lutes at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington. Transcribed for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022. Charles F. Lutes - Rousseau lecture notes archives. Copyright © 2022 Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS).

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