Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and the Future, Part 2 by Charlie Lutes

Balance and Harmony are a process of constant renewal.
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Charlie F. Lutes; photo courtesy of Vincent J. Daczynski.

Editor's Note: The following article is Part 2 of 2 and has been transcribed from lectures Charlie F. Lutes gave in 1986. Notes taken at the lectures were transcribed and are presented here for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022 for ISS.

Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and the Future
by Charlie Lutes
Part Two

Balance and Harmony, Is a process of constant renewal

Periods of Activity and Rest.
Cosmic Day - Period of Manifestation of the Universe.
Cosmic Night - Period of Dissolution.
The Cosmic Day and Cosmic Night are of equal length.

Unfulfilled Business demands fulfillment, it demands the reemergence of Creation.
There are multi-dimensional and simultaneous Universes. Higher Universes are outside of the gross physical Creation and have Permanent status.

The Human: the purpose is to gain Cosmic Status. Be in Balance and Harmony.
The impression (Thoughts, intent, purpose) is made in the Akasha, in the Abstract Space. This is in the subtle Realms, where all Records are kept. It is the Cosmic Storehouse, or picture gallery; this is Recorded by the Recording Angels and as it is called “The Book of Life”. It is in a very high and remote level on the Inner Planes. It reflects in the astral where it is commonly read, if read at all. The Recording process of one's life is going on continuously.

Lipka Lords are called Recording Angels, they are The Lords of Karma; Compassionate Karmic Scribes. They create the destinies of each person and help to balance out one's karma to teach us. Every person who leaves this world has an appointment with the Lords of Karma. In the first 3 days after you pass, you review your life from the last day to the first when you were born. Before one is born, they have a meeting with these Angels to help them with the lessons of their next life and help them not take on too much karma. The Elohim (Eloyim) are Higher Beings who in charge of human evolution.

One's Destiny is written in the Stars

Our thoughts, deeds, and actions all have equal power, their is no fatalism in karma, one cannot escape it. We learn to understand our lessons. We have free will, so we can change our future. Meditation does this through the Infusion of Being; we grow in one life where it could have taken lifetimes due to Soul expansion. Every thought, word and action affects the present and future. The subconscious is very powerful. We transcend this (the subconscious mind) back into the Soul, Divine Consciousness. Always trust the Spiritual.

The Planets Pluto and Neptune only affect the Spiritual aspect of ones being.

Conscience and Soul are the same thing. At conception, the mother, father, and soul are present. This is why maturity in choosing a partner is so important as their is great responsibility in raising children. One of the great truths of life…is that most are not ready for Spiritual evolution and the responsibility of it. The Soul must feel the truth of rebirth or memory of it to advance and feel to go back to Source.

In the Center (of Creation and Realms) is Almighty Father. All concentric rings as one, as Realms go out from this Center. Our solar system is 7,000 million miles across. 4 light years away is Alpha Centauri - nearest Star with planets. There are 10,000 million suns are in our galaxy.

The Universe is a Projection from the Mind of God.
There are two parts of the Universe; the Subtle and Physical.
Akasha: Omni Present Existence.
Prana: Omni Present Power of the Universe. It is the Vital Spiritual Energy.

Question concerning the Darkness in the Void:
It is Akasha without Prana; must have both to go beyond this. TM takes one beyond this. (Charlie would also refer to Void as “being lost in space”, until one had the experience of gained Self-Consciousness and Light, being without fear in this infinite space and so went beyond it to Realms of Light).
Keep your thoughts on Spirituality, only place your attention on what is truly important; 60% of what many think about is nonsense.

Regarding Life

A Life of quality leads to Heaven. One must have more Virtue than vice. TM liberates one from the inner plane (Astral) to Higher Realms. Do not be an astral tramp, you incarnated to learn Soul lessons. The astral plane still has karma, and distractions from the purpose of life. Higher Planes beyond are experienced when necessary.
OBE: Out of Body experience:
This is done by the astral body. Do Not leave your body, do not be an astral tramp, do not take off at random. This opens one up to lower entities without Spiritual knowledge.
TM bypasses the astral realm which still has karma.

The Main Role for the Female in the Aquarian Age:
The Female has to be feminine and equal with all men; only then will she accept her role in life. She creates dignity in the home, as this is her domain and authority. Spiritual life is primary, and in her role she will reestablish Motherhood in dignity and Spirituality. A woman has 10 times the control and authority over children motivated by love.
Advice to Men and women: Never argue in front of children.
When we understand ourselves, then we will understand others. Men and Women must not be in competition with one another. No double standard can exist as the Prime motivation must be Love.

There are Two forces that operate in Marriage:
1) Mental
2) Emotional
These forces must be under control and in balance. It is the Lack of Spiritual Values that brings unbalance and selfish love. Marriage is to be built based in selflessness, giving to each other. A Women brings the Spiritual to life. Men are more of the physical in life. Women are to be a great force of Spirituality in life, and are more of the Subtle; her power is to guide. From this, she is to guide men back to the Right Path and their Spiritual Nature, as she is more of the Subtle with strength in love and higher beauty.
A man can only know a female by knowing (recognizing) the female in himself, and vice versa. TM creates Balance.

On Parenting Children:
Say to a child what they are to do, do not ask. (they will say no)
By voice and actions, show you love them, and they will willing accept discipline. Both parents are to be involved and come from balance.
At age 14, children get their Desire/Emotional Body.
Every 7 years there is a change. The first 7 years of life children are to be guided.
From ages 7-14 they are impressionable and their environment is very important; they are to be guided through Spirituality and love= balance.

Importance on Chakras:
  • 1st & 2nd Chakras - currently 70% of humanity functions. Lower nature dominates.
  • 3rd Chakra - physical, more civilized.
  • 4th Chakra - Air, rises above and enters the heart.

The Heart is the 1st Spiritual Chakra. Expanding Awareness opens to the Higher 5-6-7 Dimensions and Higher Realms. Think from the heart, love from the mind. The Soul resides on the subtle in the heart, it is to lead the mind. This is to be the Balance in the New Age; Soul, Heart to mind: Integration and Balance.
TM Clears and Balances the Chakras automatically, this is due to the power of the Word (Mantra).

Earthbound Spirits gravitate to low vibrations from 50 to 600 years, depending on their soul development, will and to attachments. They still rack up karma as an earthbound spirit.
In life, do what you are doing and be conscientious about what you are doing. Take responsibility for your actions. You are judged by your Intent.
You can ask for forgiveness when you are reexamining your life. Pray to Almighty Father in sincerity, “Almighty Father I did not know better at that time about__________, But now, I see my actions, and I would not do the same thing”. The sin against the Holy Spirit is a sin against your Higher Self. The unforgivable sin: one will have to live it out on the physical.

The human has to go through Involution to gain Cosmic Mind and Status.
TM is based on experience, not on faith. One becomes Faith. We are going away from the physical nature to Spiritual nature.In Cosmic Status, the past and future merge.

Guru Dev gave Maharishi TM. TM is the Teaching of Liberation and The New Golden Age.

The Golden Age and Divine Plan

Life is meant for enjoyment. Therefore, enjoyment is the source and end of all activity.

Religion teaches us that to forego earthly pleasures is to earn Heavenly joy. Yet, life was meant to be enjoyed, and for so long this has been misunderstood by much of humanity. If life was only meant for pain, or the prospect of pain, no one would remain alive. There would be no incentive for life and the end purpose of life would never be known. However, this has never been, or will ever be, the Divine Plan of life.

The Divine Plan is all encompassing and the Beginning and the End has always been known. It is only the human, with his/her limitations, having little or no understanding of the purpose of life, that blindly blunders along in their own created misery until they arrive at a point of Awakening. At this point, there comes a great change in the individual. His/her behavior changes, their attitudes change, their selfish motivations change. Along with this, life takes on a new meaning and a definitive purpose. The true meaning of life becomes clear. One turns 180 degrees from being selfish, to true selflessness. To experience and understand unity, is to have awareness of the responsibility and the feelings of others, and though awareness of more Being, one comes from this point before acting. No longer do we try to master materiality. No longer do we force cruelty and selfish purpose upon mankind; because, at this point, we fully realize that we are all One, and in Being One, no matter how we treat others, we have done the same to ourselves.

When this fully dawns upon humanity, then will the Golden Age of Man will unfold. Then, life will be enjoyed by all, because all will be concerned with the happiness of others and not only of themselves -at the expense of others. For a long time much of humanity has been trying to find the answers to life in darkness, while the answers are found in Light, in the unfoldment of ones Self, one's Being.

In Being, one becomes more natural, more themselves; Light.
This is what the Scriptures have been saying down through the ages.
This has been the Message of all who have come to uplift humanity.

Further, at the point of Awakening to the true meaning and purpose of life, we realize that enjoyment comes from service to others and not self service. We know that the greatest things we can know are the Laws of Life and how to live the Laws.
We realize that to directly pursue happiness, we can never find happiness; that happiness is only found in Being and in making others happy.

Remember, You Are Lights!

Charles F. Lutes

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This article is Part 2 of 2 and was written from notes taken at 1986 lectures given by Charlie F. Lutes at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington. Transcribed for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022. Charles F. Lutes - Rousseau lecture notes archives. Copyright © 2022 Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS).

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