Heaven on Earth by Charles F. Lutes

Simply become what you already are, a pure Spiritual Being.
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To bring about a true Heaven on Earth and raise humanity up to the Higher Spiritual Dimensions, Charlie advised personal Spiritual development: Meditation, self-mastery and Praying to Almighty Father for guidance.
Photo: Charles F. Lutes; courtesy of Vince Daczynski.

Editor's Note: The following article has been transcribed from a lecture Charlie F. Lutes gave in 1992. Notes taken at the lecture were transcribed and are presented here for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). Transcription by Diane M Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022. -RJR

Heaven on Earth
by Charles F. Lutes
July 1992

“… If you are going to have Heaven on Earth, you can't drag hell with you...”

Balancing the Heart and Mind

“The world today is about as materialistic as it can get, nature will do a cleansing if things do not change. Many changes will happen in the world; where, when, and how, I am not sure. Time is running out as Earth will now take on the 4th Dimensional Vibration. When the Earth reaches the 4th -5th Higher Dimension, the Cities will be there, as many as 7 Celestial Cities will descend. The 4th Dimension means the Astral or Starry plane. Many of the those more highly evolved will function in the 4th and 5th Dimension, 6th and 7th Dimension are the Light Body.

Spirituality is simply becoming what you are: pure spiritual beings. The only reason we are here at all is to gain Divine (Spiritual) Mind. We first in-volved (soul descended into physical body), and now we must ‘evolve', as the body was/is coming through various kingdoms. We now have to learn to balance the heart and mind. We must master our emotions; this is all 5th race people. Love with the mind, Think with the heart. We will be coming into this for the next 2,000 years, 2003 is when this period begins, and we hope to gain Cosmic Status soon. Eventually we leave the Higher Self, and gain the Eternal Self. The mind without Spirituality is cunning. We must learn in all circumstances to be reasonable - to reason to a conclusion, not from a conclusion. Love must move now to an unselfish love. The Earth is lessening its own density, raising its Vibration. Humanity in the Future will be as one race. Peace will reign.”


“One receives Initiation into the Word only once, and can evolve in a few short years, what otherwise would take lifetimes, due to the Power of the Word. It allows the Initiate rapid expansion of Consciousness. Christ taught what we know today as TM to His inner circle. When a Christ Avatar comes in, He brings the Highest Teaching. Regarding how TM works: Whatever binds us is being released, it is Bliss as long as you are Meditating on your previous good karma, then one day, it was gone. Now, you are building your own Light and power. This takes time as old forms and old ideas are breaking up due to Infusion of Being, (Holy Spirit) it is also a purifying process. All Meditators should be comfortable, not trying to be wealthy.

Those with low vibrations would only have their lower passions intensified without Spirituality, an example is when a criminal is Initiated, he is at first, a better criminal, until the lower vibration is unstressed for his consciousness to grow. A person who will not commit certain crimes has previously learned those lessons. What a person is today is due to past experiences. Every thought, every word and action has an effect in the present and future. Those we have loved in the past we meet again due to the Law of attraction. This is why we have sudden likes and dislikes. Those of a Spiritual Nature mature more quickly.”

A Coming New Age

“A new World is coming, beyond the intellect. All will be revealed in this coming New Age. One will awaken their Intuition. The Real world is within you, it is not revealed to the intellectual. There will be a time when the Real World within you exists within the world of matter, because it does (already) exist simultaneously. This is Heaven on Earth; this is an individual thing.

Spiritual development is gained by staying in balance. One must be able to keep their equilibrium at a Higher Vibration. Activity is just as important as Meditating. This is a lesson World, live practically. We are householders; learn the real from the unreal. Learn to discriminate between the fire that builds, and, the fire that destroys. Each lesson is a stepping stone to the rim of the well, the Self must slay the lower self. Pride, curiosity, selfishness, and desire for power leads Not to Spirituality. One must know God, the God within. Trust In the Guidance of Almighty Father. Pray to Almighty Father for guidance. There is only One Almighty Father, give obeisance to Him.”

There are three aspects to the inner growth of the Soul:
  • Action
  • External impacts
  • Experience

“Do not try to gain Cosmic Status overnight. Go at an easy pace, exercise caution. Keep the mind on the positive, but do not be foolish. Don't let the mind play emotional tricks on you. When you have a problem, approach it in a positive way, ask for guidance. You overcome fear by looking into yourself, really looking at the problem. Look realistically, where is the great fear, where did it originate?

Love comes automatically, a very deep love. Devotion here intensifies when one passes into the afterlife. The essence of Soul growth is maintained life after life, and as one advances Spiritually, they remember their past lives. Just before an individual incarnates (is born) he/she is given a preview of what their life is to be like. This accounts for the haunting experience we have this life about what to do. (Outer circumstances beyond our control can change things.) This inner feeling as an imprint helps us to choose wisely; wrong action is often due to lack of understanding of cause and effect. We carry the lessons of our life in the Seed Atom, a powerful center of force, the sum of all lessons learned are carried in the Seed Atom. The Seed Atom is in the heart, and the arbiter of fate. One can experience a change of heart as they progress. Poise, balance, and self-control is needed to maintain Balance. Awareness of Spiritual Oneness gives one new insight, new power.”

“Remember you are Lights!”

Charlie F. Lutes

Transcribed from a 1992 Charlie F. Lutes lecture for publication at the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD, 2022.
Charles F. Lutes - Rousseau lecture notes archives.
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