Meditation is the Golden Light Key by Diane M Rousseau LHD PhD

The Mantra and Devotion to God reveal the Eternal Truth to the Soul.
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Deep Meditation and Devotion to God ignites the Soul Spark, bringing Illumination to our Higher Self to know the Almighty Father; Soul, Mind and Spirit are united, igniting Kundalini (the Divine Feminine Energy) opening the Door to Infinity and our Eternal Growth.

Meditation is the Golden Light Key
by Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD
“Meditation, the Golden Light Key, and our Devotion, opens the Door to Infinity”.

Meditation and the Mantra

Meditation is the Golden Light Key in Infusing the (Holy Spirit) Light of God, touching and connecting one to the very Source of Thought, past one's subconscious, direct to the Soul. Charlie Lutes, often in his lectures would explain that, “…the process of Meditation (TM) is directly connecting one to Source, to God, as the Mantra Is the most Pleasing Name of God. Even if one saw little results, or felt their Meditation did not seem to do too much for a while, over time due to the Power of the Name, progress started on the subtle with the Soul.” The Mantra is a Key composed of Holy Sacred Seed Syllables that are Spiritual Codes; Sounds and Light of Sacred Names of God.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in 1961, speaking to linguists in India, stated the following: “I take you from ‘A' in any language to the very Source of ‘A'. I connect you to the Powerhouse, to Source, to God.” With his ‘Deep Meditation' technique, Maharishi's teachings “bypassed the System”. The “Sacred Mantra” purifies all the centers equally, preparing and purifying the Soul, Heart, and Mind. In Meditation, due to the Power of Transcendence, one expands in love, through The Name and The Word. This practice of meditation also helps all of nature by placing positive thought as energy waves into the atmosphere.

The Mantra is a Medium as well as the Active Word, the Supreme Light of Paramatma,(1) Holy Spirit, Shekinah Esh,(2) entering the Soul, to experience Oneness going beyond Transcendence: to God. One is United with the Infinite Divine, from Soul to Heart, Heart to Mind, to Body, to Atmosphere; while each cell purifies and holds more Light, as Inner Transformation takes place. The Inner light refines one's being, and begins to reflect more light each day in life, greater self-Referral reflecting Higher Values Realized, to be lived in our outer life as one continues to Refine. From the experience of Realized Peace within, to Peace without, the Glory of God “in Wisdom” is Known, experienced, realized, and lived in actions more in life.

Paths of Devotion

  • Prayers: Hearts Reflection.
  • Thoughts: more thoughts based from gained Greater Light, discerning, finer, more positive.
  • Words: reflected from gained greater Wisdom.
  • Actions: reflecting greater Love.
  • Divine Love: reflecting Grace and greater Creativity, Service and the Light of Inspiration and Cognition.

Kundalini (Sanskrit) is the Divine Feminine Energy located at the base of the spine. It is awakened through Love and God; the Soul as a Spark becomes a Flame, as The Fathers Love, through Spiritual Fire, Descends into one's Heart, Being, and one is Born Again of Spirit. All Chakras(3) are normally somewhat open, however, it is through the subtle body that the Light stimulates them during life. The Spiritual or higher aspect does not fully come into play until Devotion is present; this can be through prayer, “bhakti” (devotion) to God, Love expressed through care and devotion for a parent or loved ones, care of nature, of animals. It is by these conscious actions the heart continues to open more fully. Prayer, attention to Right Action, Meditation, Devotion, Selflessness, and study of Scriptures is essential to open and culture the heart more fully.

The surest Way is Devotion to the Almighty; as when we are in Devotion and surrender to God, the Light flows from Above and down into all our subtle centers and Soul, directly inside the heart. The Divine Mother rises, as She knows Her Beloved is being Prayed to, as the Greater Light descends from above. Divine Mother rises in 2 ways, one is through the culturing of the heart, and the other is finite as a force by concentration of the mind; though mind power does not last, as it is not due to purity, Consciousness, Love, or contact with one's Self. Devotion opens the Door to Infinity. God Is Love. One's heart becomes more cultured and surrenders to God, as one cannot force contact, as it is through Love that Contact and the experience of Oneness is Made.

Unconditional Love is Born of Inner Union, of the Paramatma's (Holy Spirit Fire) decent and the rise of Kundalini. This is a most natural Meeting inside the Heart, in the Spark of the Soul; now growing to a Living Flame; Soul, Heart, Mind, and the Illumination in our Higher Mind and Spirit are united in Eternal Growth. Unconditional Love grows and expands from this direct experience, as Love flows outward to others and life more each day, wanting happiness for all, as there is a natural expansion of both our relative Feelings, and our inner Seeing - of others as “one's very Self”. Mother Kundalini then grants Spiritual Gifts from a surrendered heart to God, and for all God's Creation as they are never misused.

The result is, One's Awareness opens to the Unbounded as Truth is revealed more to the Soul each day; the Mysteries of Life unfold. Out of Love for all Creation, a Child of God is now no longer separate, we join in the Family of Light, the Brother-Sisterhood of Divine Life, The Whole World is our Family along with All Universal Creation.

Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

(1) Paramatma, (Sanskrit) the Supreme Holy Spirit, From the Almighty Supreme Being.
(2) Shekinah Esh (Hebrew) the Divine Presence of God felt and experienced as Holy Spirit Flame, Shekhinah – the Holy Spirit.
(3) Chakras (Sanskrit) Centers of Energy within the subtle field of the body that align and work with the Soul in Spiritual development, culturing of the Heart, finer Thoughts, and biological energy. They are filled with Light as one Meditates and Prays.

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