Word Peace and the Deep Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Deep Meditation opens a storehouse of creative energy, peace, and happiness.
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Deep Meditation opens a great storehouse of creative energy, peace, and happiness that each person has within themselves.

Transcribed Dec. 2022
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Word Peace and the Deep Meditation
by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
“World Peace and the Deep Meditation”,
Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM), Pub. 1962.(1)

“For the forest to be green, all the trees that make it up must first be green themselves. War can–and will–break out in a world that is prepared for it: prepared by the presence everywhere of an atmosphere of anger, lies, and hostility, based upon man's weakness of mind. On the other hand, war could not and would not happen in a world peopled by individuals whose minds were powerful and at peace within themselves.

When, owing to the weakness of our minds, we allow ourselves to be provoked into argument and hostility–even if only over our ‘rights,' vanities, and prejudices–it does not occur to us that our quarrels could have anything remotely to do with the peace of the world. And yet it is the sum, the mass, of these infinitely small conflicts which, put together, help to make up a total atmosphere of tension and hostility. It is useless and infinitely dangerous to look to governments, politicians, and conferences for help in this predicament.

This is simply a rejection of responsibility and a declaration of helplessness on the part of the individual. It is precisely what we have been doing for the whole of the world's history, and yet war is still with us. The only change has been in scale, so that now our fear is a thousand fold more powerful than it has ever been before.

The statesmen of today, as of yesterday, however wise and prudent, however dogmatic and provocative, are not prime movers; they only react to the atmosphere of fear and tension in the world, just as we all do. If you go into the household of people who dislike and mistrust one another, you can feel the tension in it, even if the occupants are, for the moment, on their best behavior. In such a household, you will find it impossible to be at ease, because the atmosphere must have its effect upon you: at best, you will merely feel uncomfortable, and at worst, you will find yourself taking sides and joining in the conflict. The state of the world is simply that of this household reproduced on a vast scale, wherein individuals have become nations and families groups of nations.

If this state of affairs is to be changed, individuals must change. There is no other way.

Each man has within himself a great storehouse of creative energy, peace, and happiness. This is true of the highest and the lowest, the happiest and the most abjectly miserable. In order to feel the benefit of this storehouse, however, a man must have access to it; he must know that it is there, know how to reach it, and make daily use of his knowledge. Once this contact is established, the storehouse becomes a treasury of good from which coin can be drawn for spending in the ordinary activities of daily life.

There exists a technique for leading the conscious mind to this inner hidden treasury. It is neither difficult nor demanding, requires neither knowledge nor preparation, and can be used by anybody anywhere after a few hours of instruction. It consists of a particular form of deep meditation, and it is being taught every day to people all over the world. Its effects have been proved so many times and so continuously by so many people that they cannot be doubted.

‘Deep Meditation' gives a man peace with himself. It takes him behind and beyond the fears and anxieties which so easily and so often invade his mind. It allows him to rest, and while he is resting to draw strength from the innermost core and center of his being. Its effects begin immediately and are at the same time cumulative and increasing.

A man freed from his fears and anxieties will not project them upon others, nor will he be vulnerable to tensions projected upon him by circumstances or by other people. He will cease to play his small but all-important part in the maintenance of the atmosphere of strain in which we now live. He will, in fact, be making a contribution to the peace of the world the only way that he can. His contribution, furthermore, will be active and powerful– because a man without fear can no more help radiating peace and energy upon those about him than a fire can help radiating heat; and the energy that he projects is strong enough and constant enough to combat and nullify far larger amounts of its opposite. The influence of peace and harmony released from the deepest level of consciousness is infinitely more powerful than that released from the surface level of the mind, the thinking level.

That world peace should be lastingly achieved through the peace of the individual is the aim of the SRM, the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. (SRM was Inaugurated in USA, 1959).

In every individual, a twofold change is needed. First, s/he must cease to be a generator of disharmony and tension in order to stop adding yet more stresses to the atmosphere. Secondly, s/he must produce powerful influences of peace and harmony to neutralize the tensions already around him. The former object is achieved by improving the quality and strength of the individual mind. It is only within the weak mind unable to cope with its surroundings and circumstances that tension arises and becomes projected upon the world.

To be able to live successfully in the world of diversity and differences of opinion, one has to be properly established in oneself, to be wise and creative, peaceful and happy in one's own nature. In order to be like this, one must have a powerful mind; the power of the mind is the power of thinking, deciding, and acting.

Naturally, thinking lies at the basis of decision and therefore of action. Commonly, the source of thought is beyond the limit of the attention, but if a man is shown how to extend attention to reach the source of thinking, then his thought will immediately become more profound and more powerful. When the root is watered, every aspect of the tree begins to flourish. This is the most rational way to prevent the individual from continuing to produce tension and disharmony in and around himself. But, creating this situation in the individual will not, however, serve to remove the tensions already present in the world. What is the antidote to these? The tensions that have accumulated in the atmosphere since, say, the end of the last war have been produced by the superficially conscious minds of countless individuals. For seventeen years, these negative influences have accumulated, and to lift this great burden, a joint and powerful effort is needed. If anyone in the world started to produce influences of peace and harmony from this level of the mind, it would again take seventeen years, but this is far too long. We cannot afford to wait in jeopardy. Some more effective means must be Devised.

If the influence for peace and harmony of each individual could be increased a hundred-fold– this last is certainly the only possible solution, for then the world could be saved by a much smaller number of people in a much shorter time. Even if only one-tenth of the adult population of the world were regularly to meditate for short periods every day, and so produce these infinitely peaceful influences that arise at the deepest level of consciousness, it would take not more than a few months to remove the entire accumulation of tension in the world. War would be impossible for centuries to come.

Fortunately for our times, both these great objectives–the strengthening of the mind to stop it producing negative effects and its refinement so that it may remove the tensions around it–are achieved at one stroke in this simple system of Deep Meditation.”

Jai Guru Dev

- Maharishi

(1) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM; Published by The Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation, SRM -1962, USA. Transcription from Maharishi Tape Recording, 1962. Pages: 9-15.

Transcription by Diane M Rousseau LHD PhD

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