Merging into the Age of Aquarius by Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, PhD

The Age of Aquarius: the age of the Holy Spirit, Salvation, Illumination and Liberation.
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We have entered the age of Aquarius and for the next 2,100 years this will be a time when the Sacred Mysteries of the past will now become available to all that seek the Truth through Sacred Scripture, Living in Right Action and practicing Deep Meditation.

Merging into the Age of Aquarius
by Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, PhD
April 18, 2018

The Soul's Relationship to God

God and the individual's Soul relationship to Him and the Kingdom within us is very important. This is every Souls Destiny. it is vital and Important knowing that, the “Lord within,” when Awakened, reveals the deeper aspects of the Scriptures and ancient Spiritual texts. In Hebrew the meaning of Adonai Elohim is the “Lord God,” it is a respectful way to say YH'VH, which is the four-letter Name of God first mentioned in the book of Genesis. When the infusion of the Ain Soph, Being, the Paramatma, or Supreme Self as the Holy Spirit occurs, this enlivens the Soul In Holy Light to see, grow, discern and discover the Greater Truths.

Adonai Interna , “which means the Internal Lord . ‘Adonai' is the Lord , the Internal Lord, the God within.” - W. E. Butler, 1978.

Now, and down though the ages, many Beings incarnate who carry the Divine Flame and come to Illuminate humanity as well as fight negativity by “placing back” the Ancient Spiritual Truths and Love. Opposing this Spiritual Truth are the fallen beings or fallen angels, those bound, who do not want humans to know of their own inherent Divine Nature that is meant to Awaken and unfold; these fallen beings are the ones who have interfered with humanity. Now however, revealed through Adonai, Scriptures, and the Guidance and lessons of the Way Showers, is a new age and new level of growth; we are unfolding Soul, the Nature of Truth, as a Timeless Living Spirit, now Awakened or Born Again, part of the Infinite, the Absolute, the Almighty, The Supreme Lord. An Awakened child of God. We become the, “Bene ha Elohim”, the “sons of the Elohim”: the Sons and Daughters of God. The Lights.

Age of Aquarius

We are currently in the Age of Aquarius (for the next 2,100 years) and many are born into this age with previous life memories. Some of these souls were Initiated in previous lives, became recluses or retreated to a cave and some became enlightened through their Spiritual practices and through service to God. It is important to understand the Soul is part of the Seed Atom, which holds these memories, and the lessons learned along with Spiritual Knowledge gained from previous incarnations. This Age of Aquarius is an exciting and interesting time period as we have left the age of Pisces, a sign often symbolized by the two fishes representing the Sign of Pisces, or the Age of the Son, Logos, which came in with Lord Jesus Yeshua Christ, a little over 2000 years ago. He left the Christ as Spirit here and the Way and changed the planet by bringing In the Word and Salvation. This change is not a sudden merging of ages, it is very gradual, as the evolving changes bring purification and lessons when the Higher is chosen over the lower nature. It started slowly in the mid-1800s, and in 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence, a Clarion Call went out, a Celestial Sound as a Wave to Awaken the planet and this Energy brought in new Celestial Spiritual Light and Grace. Then began the integrating of “The Christ” into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Holy Spirit, Salvation and Fulfillment in Liberation to all. Living “The Way”, as the Soul teaches the Heart, that teaches the Mind, from the Awakened Spirit Within.

The Age of Aquarius is a time when the Mysteries of the past become available to all that seek the Truth, to all who will awaken, to all who come in Self-Realized and go forward in God Realization and to Teach. It is a time when a push comes from the Awakened Soul, (often referred to as the Call of the Lord) which is no longer content to live just for itself because one is now able through inner experience to realize the real Self in the Essence of Life. Devotion is Born from this realization, carried forward in Love and Devotion of God. Some souls “come in” already Awakened or self-realized, devoted from a previous life, seeing the Beloved in Truth, a Teacher or a Master and often not fully remembering or knowing the relationship was set long ago to be played out in this life where the student is now directed and encouraged to stand on their own two feet. Jesus Christ brought all Teachings Together and forward, so that all could live and Know the Word, The Truth, and The Will, Love and Light of the Father. Trinity of Trinities.

Through Divine love, we are as a collective and individually seeing the Truth flow in outer life while unfolding the Lord that lives in our own heart. This experience, and those that come through Prayer, Contemplation and Initiation in Meditation reveal the Truth to the Soul, Heart, and mind. The True Light reveals and awakens the Light within and the Holy Spirit reveals the Kingdom and the memories, experiences and cognition's that are fueled by the Holy Spirit to the Soul. These experiences of Cosmic and Higher Realities, and seeing in the past, when needed, is to understand the present as well as cognize the Future and create “what can be” that is of the Divine.

Deep Meditation

When Maharishi came out to give the world Deep Meditation, now called Transcendental Meditation©, the Word (Mantra) was given to “Revive the Spirit,” as said by Guru Dev. The Word, the Sacred Name, held in the Sacred Mysteries, held in monasteries, ashrams, and sacred places, and was rarely given until the candidate had proved their worth. This is part of the Knowledge of this Time, as it is destiny and most natural for the Soul to awaken and see the Truth and understand the Unity of Spirit through all the divisions. From this understanding, service to others, to all life is most natural. Aquarius represents brotherly and sisterly love, a recognition of the timeless Soul and Spirit, the Waters of Life as Light and the duty to care for each other, children, animals, and the entire planet. It is the personal responsibility that is awakened from Soul Knowing. There are those who came in awake and they are scattered in all faiths, their common understanding is Love and God, as this is the Age of Aquarius, an Age of Unity, a realized Balance of Soul and Life now applied.

Charlie Lutes: Meditation and Spiritual Regeneration

Many have thought awakening was meant to be easy, effortless or trouble free. Along this line is a story Charlie Lutes told. It was after Charlie had been Initiated by Maharishi and spent some time with him, that Charlie found out that Maharishi was now going to be gone for a few months. Charlie took Maharishi to the airport and Maharishi made Charlie promise that he would meditate both morning and evening until he returned. Just before Maharishi entered the plane, he reminded him, “Charlie, you have promised me.” Charlie said, he thought to himself that he could do almost anything for just two months, so he said, “sure.” Charlie related that Maharishi was gone 22 months!

Charlie said the levels of purification of the soul, heart, mind and body that he then went through over time was not always easy, and Charlie wondered what he had gotten himself into at times. One morning after another stressful, sleepless night, Charlie said to Helen, his wife, that he had just about had it with this meditation. Helen, Charlie said, smiled at him and answered, “you will have had it when you finish it!” Then at last, after being gone for nearly two years instead of two months, Maharishi returned. As he walked towards Charlie at the airport, he smiled broadly, and said, “you have done as I have asked you, you have done as I have asked you!” Charlie said he felt he did not notice much difference in himself. But then, he said, “…. three days later, all Heaven fell in on me!”

Charlie was then made World Governor and Global President of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) by Maharishi in 1959. The SRM movement is a revival of the Spirit, of God and all the Sacred Teachings, to know from experience and with respect and love, including all Faiths. In 1957, while in in Rishikesh, Maharishi described SRM as a “Spiritual Universal Regeneration”.

From the Light Within

The mind is as a bio-computer and is temporal, it assimilates knowledge gained from life. It stores these memories, the thoughts, our dreams, and experiences that we gather from our daily physical life. The abstract fundamental nature of reality, the Meta-Physical, however is from cognizant knowledge gained from the Soul and Higher Mind, and it's contact with the Spiritual Realms and Higher Truths. This knowledge is gained through the Transcendent; transcendence into the Soul beyond Space and Time and this is tied to the eternal Reality of the Soul, and Knowledge of Eternal Life. From these experiences' realms, dimensions and layers of revelations, the Soul experiences, intuits and cognizes “In Spirit,” and so gains insight into what true Balance means. From this knowing, the Spirit and Spiritual Truths now guide the Soul from the ‘Light Within' to outer the material realms.

Outside in manifestation, Inside as Light, as Souls, All are Children of God, the Supreme Being, the Most High and all are connected as Divine Sparks, Lights In The Eternal One. This helps us in understanding Eternal Life, Higher Realms, the Self, and Creation itself, all life and life forms, the duel meaning of The Return of Christ. The Christ (Adonai), Lord within, the Risen Heart or God Consciousness, becomes Through Divine Love, Truth, and Unity, expanding in Brahm, Living Cognitive Creativity, in Atma, the Knower or Silent Witness to Know God. From Knowing, to what is revealed, which now becomes Known, and, the Celestial Reality. The Scriptures unfold with greater Realization, and the Prophetic Return of the Lord Risen in the heart and of The Lord of Lords Return with The Hosts of Heaven as several fulfillment's of Prophecy. Of Jesus Christ's Return, Charlie stated, “all Will See Him,” as this is also an Event that the world is preparing for.

The New Age and the Coming Kingdom

The Age of Aquarius in understanding is the Age of Grand Planetary Awakening, Knowledge available and experience of the Holy Spirit, Love, Higher Perception, Akasha, Air, Space and applied in planetary expansion, which by its very nature also brings catalysts and purification, as changes due to the rising of Divine Vibrations is inevitable.

The poles shift from mind to heart and Soul in Spirit, from an Age which prepared the world for the Light of God, and this is seen reflected as each Soul awakens and rises, and takes their place in Loves Unity. The Soul awakened in the Heart now guides the Mind – the Heart is the new North, through the Spiritual Grace and Light, and, the East, symbolized in the Rising Sun, the Light from Above that falls In upon one, the Holy Spirit, Paramatma, igniting the Inner Sun or Flame in one's heart. The Soul, Heart, Mind, Higher Mind and Spirit become One, in Knowing Thy Self, one unfolds and Knows God.

The Soul in its Revelations reflects the Divine, reflects Truth more and more daily as the Enlivened Spirit Within, individually and collectively, this manifests in outer life as Love and Balance, Truth and the Sacredness of Life is elevated and restored. This is the promise, the full potential, now to be realized as the Heart unfolds in Unity, the Age of Aquarius.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will BE done on earth, as it is in Heaven.”(1)

Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, PhD
April 18, 2018

(1) Matthew 6:10, KJV

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