The Integrated Life and the Kingdom Within: Part One by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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As time passes and the ages come and go there are rounds of civilizations that rise and fall. Through Sacred Scriptures, the “Word”, and with Prayer and Meditation, the obscured pathway to the source of Creation and the Kingdom Within is revealed.

The Integrated Life and the Kingdom Within: Part One
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
September 2018

The Way Showers

Expansions in knowledge and new discoveries in science reveal the urgency for a return to, and integration of, the Spiritual Truths. From ages past, the Hindu Rishis, the various Mystics, Rabbis, Spiritual Masters, Elders, Christian Theologians and Clergy… all spiritual Teachers, were entrusted as Custodians of the Spiritual Truths. They were charged to share the Wisdom that was carefully received, and then passed down, through the Ages, while keeping them pure. This knowledge was realized through direct experiences and cognized through the Divine Revelations that were brought to Earth, to Terra, by those “From Heaven”, The Good Shepard's, who guided humanity in the beginning to the Eternal Divine Truths and Spiritual Sciences; this in accordance with Divine Universal, Cosmic and Natural Laws. Every 2,000 years, in each Cycle of an Age, Higher Knowledge is Revealed and there is Progression in Spiritual Advancement. This is why all the Scriptures have relevance and are crucial to mankind, as they are also Divinely inspired by Celestial events that have expanded humanity's understanding of the Soul, Evolution, and how to we are live as well as the planets destiny.

Extensive research in ancient Languages shows that long ago there was only one Language. The Spiritual Truths were revealed in Secret, in the oral traditions and it is was kept in symbolism, cuneiform texts, sacred writing, sacred geometry, mathematics and was often hidden in artwork and the refined harmonics of Spiritual music. All factually recorded, waiting to be first sought, and then seen, in the study and findings of archeology and by the study of ancient texts, waiting to be found by those seeking to Know the Truth. In the early Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt these “truths” were recorded for those who truly sought the truth and then lived by a moral Code. These individuals showed a sincere “Seeking from their Soul” and this was also expressed in their outer life. These early initiates were seeking an innate awareness of Knowledge, knowledge recognized and realized from inner Truths and revealed in their personal development of the “Inner Life” and the study of the Secrets of previous Ages.

An experienced Teacher often guides a student to their own inner revelations which arise from their own in-depth discoveries and from direct experience of the Spiritual to the Natural Laws as well as the many Planes of Reality, from the physical to subtle High Realms, Densities and Energies. Spiritual Knowledge is multi-layered and it can be passed on orally or in written form, along with the importance of proper techniques. Using all this knowledge along with insight into Cause and Effect through time and from the trinity of Soul-Heart-Mind, to Transcendence, to Divine Mind, to Divine and then the Celestial Realms: all this then directly impacts one's ever-expanding Consciousness.

The Lost Keys

Time passes and ages come and go as rounds of civilizations rise and fall. Humanity, over time, then lost some of these “Keys” and consequently much of their connections to Source Truths and their understanding. Understanding in often further obscured by confusing cultures, languages, man-made laws, and even the proper understanding of historical Truths. Truths that mass migrations, wars, and time had often left obscured. All this confusion then created even more division. It is recorded many times that after events such as war, territorial conquest, political upheaval, religious turmoil or a mass population migration, the accepted history is often re-written by the most recent conquerors or ruling parties. We also find this confusion in some beliefs as the Illuminators of a land and its Spiritual History were not sought to show the seven layers that range from the relative to the Spiritual. These Scriptures and Sacred Texts are (the Esoteric and Exoteric) are layered in surface knowledge, then encoded, from the physical to the Subtle Realms. This explains why, since the beginning in the First Round of Civilization, the Knowledge of Eternal Truths were entrusted to the Wisdom Keepers to be the Custodians, the Good Shepherds, who kept the Knowledge primarily Secret. Only given out to the Initiates, Adepts and shared with the Illuminated to preserve the Sacred for those souls who seek “The Truth”.

Spiritual Truths are found in ancient Sacred Texts that predate modern Science. Science is always evolving and refining a newer understanding of the Spiritual Truths and this is often shown evolving humanity's outer progression, the refinement of Soul expressions and expansion, refined thinking, creativity, and with greater insight into more practical ways to live and care for each other, for animals and the ecology of all life and the planet as a totality. Many then desire to understand the mysteries of their Soul, the Realms of Creation, and the Cosmos. This brings an understanding as to “true balance” and why Science progressing without Spiritual Integration in Consciousness Expansion, in morals, in ethics and respect for life… will often lead to imbalances. With enlightened guidance and higher knowledge expand and taught in Education we can then incorporate this greater Wisdom so that it unfolds the soul resulting in peace that is realized “within” by everyone. The Wisdom Keepers knew Nature carries great Truths of Spirit and how we must learn to live with Nature from inner and outer Balance which is required for all life to flourish.

Esoteric knowledge reveals that hidden or secret (often called occult) knowledge. This is simply the story of the unfoldment of the Soul on its Eternal Journey in Spirit and growth and in mastery of the physical life. This is the external Exoteric aspect that relates as science; the outcomes of inner realizations that are lived and mastered over time as expansion occurs along with Arts and Sciences: it is that which serves humanity in inspiration and discoveries. This clearly shows the Progression of the individual and their natural expanding Consciousness as service to Humanity as a whole. Oneness is experienced in successive levels: first in Feeling the unmistakable Connection when in and out of Meditation and Prayer, Knowing that, as cognitions come, they reveal from inner Fullness in the Soul the overflowing Love that feels, that needs to be of Service and felt as a Divine Calling. One's place is to continue to be of service from the Soul, Heart, Mind and the Divine Directives received from our own intuition.

The Truth Behind the Myths

Eternal Spiritual Truth and its knowledge is the Esoteric Truth, this then refines the inner Soul along with its lessons in Progression; lessons which are to be found in the Divine Laws and all leading to expansion and to the Exoteric outcome contained in Natural Laws. Found in symbology, parables, encoded in the Mysteries, Scriptures, and Sacred Texts, they reveal greater Truths behind the Myths as Consciousness continues to expand.

“Pisces: Attaining Truth and Balance”. Watercolor by Diane M. Rousseau, 1987©.
The Sign of Pisces symbolizes the Age of Son, the Incarnation of Christ. The two fish represent both the higher and lower nature as swimming in opposite directions and tied together.

Each Time Period or Celestial Age reveals greater Truths. Pisces was the Age symbolized by two fishes representing the true Balance that must be acquired as the Knowledge of Spirit in Matter. The two fish are bound in the waters of Creation, until the Realization comes that matter cannot exist without Spirit, and the Soul did not create itself, but is a Spark of the Almighty sent forth in Eternal Growth as a direct Child of God and who then Awakens and grows In Higher Realities. Through Self-Mastery, the Higher Self transforms the lower ego gains dominion over the lower nature as one chooses Divine Love, Divine Law and Thy Will.

We are now in the 2,000 year long Age of Aquarius. This Water-bearer pours forth an unending supply of Spirit (represented as Celestial Water) from the Celestial Spirit Vessel, the Nourishing Spiritual Food for Soul Life in the Age of Air and Communication, as all that was previously realized now becomes lived. We are now living in the Age of the Holy Spirit, where Enlightenment is Natural, where Spiritual Gifts are seen, where each day more Truth is understood and revealed to the entire planet and of the Cosmos.

In Scriptures and Shastras,(1) it is written that Divine Truths must be preserved and kept Sacred, they cannot be bought, traded, or sold, as they were gifted to all Humanity. The Spiritual Power is retained in the purity when held to the Edicts that were passed down by the Wisdom Keepers who maintain Divine and Celestial Contact. Wisdom is then realized as the inner life unfolds in experiences which give us insight to revelations of the Truth; Truths which are written and now lived as they are born of Being from Knowing, incorporating right action from a Higher Truth gained from Full Realization, Para Brahm,(2) in experiential understanding and coherence.

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

End of Part One

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(1) Shastras: (Sanskrit) denotes the Holy Knowledge of Scriptures.
(2) Para Brahman: (Sanskrit) The “Supreme Brahman” as Brahma is both Divine and Non-Relative. Para, means beyond the material realms of Brahm; denoting The Divine Realms, and the Supreme Creator as Cosmic Spirit of Godhead.

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