The Word and Soul Transformation by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

The first sound, “The Word”, was issued forth as a Vibration of Divine Energy.
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The Supreme Holy Spirit, is that which was given in The Word, by the Creator, who is beyond Name and Form.

The Word and Soul Transformation
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
April, 2017

A Natural Expansion of Consciousness

Brahma,(1) as the Eternal Light, holds the Divine Value of Bliss and brings this inner joy to all aspects of relative life. The Permanent aspect of the “living Spirit within” comes alive with the experience of daily Meditation as one “transcends all the fields of relativity”. The mind, over time, becomes an enlightened tool of the Self, which then ever unfolds Higher Truths and expands Consciousness infinitely creating a profound peace and energy that are added to life, for one's self and for the welfare of others. Ahimsa, harmlessness or non-violence then becomes the natural outcome of the purifying heart. For each time the source of inner suffering or pain is removed through Meditation, from the memory, body and mind, the heart becomes filled with Bliss and more happiness. This Spiritual Essence is of the Light of God which is found in one's Soul and is then constantly expanding.

This is the inner meaning behind the words “the support of nature”, for until one experiences God, one will continuously fight their own true higher nature (which is in Natural Balance) and will not have the full natural support of nature (as they are out of balance). This imbalance creates stresses in their life, in the lives of those close to them and in the lives of others they meet. “Balance” enables us to fully appreciate the Eternal Values that are encoded in Scriptures. Greater spirituality and insight come with the natural expansion of Consciousness and is essential for growth, healing and for transforming one's life. A life lived only from the level of the mind denies the soul the experience of inner development and this experienced knowledge is critical to all aspects of life.

The Mantra and Spiritual Growth

Meditating with the Mantra we naturally contact the Field of the Divine and “infuse” this into our soul, heart, mind, and body. The Mantra and Brahma together constitute Veda; this means one who practices Silent Meditation, by experience, reaches Enlightenment. A persons Eternal Spirit gains Truth from the experiences of this State of Reality also we gain Higher Knowledge by our direct experience of the Creator's Creations, The Bhagavad Gita,(2) or The Song of the Lord, expresses sublime love and devotion to God as well as giving deep insight into the nature of the Soul. The individual's Jiva or Atman (the soul destined to realize Self) along with the knowledge gained in life, life with all of its trials, duties, personal battles and tests, helps us to remove the darkness of ignorance and discover the Divine Nature of the Soul, the Living Spirit. We then become aware that there is Eternal Growth and Life, that there is Supreme Being or Supreme Spirit and that there are Divine Laws for the Soul as well as the Natural Laws of relative life so we may grow in Truth.

In understanding the Truth, we must not seek to escape life, but desire to learn to live fully, while consciously living “Dharma or Right Action”, according to both the Divine and Natural Laws of God. One lives in this world and gains appreciation for all of God's Creations as our heart unfolds with the Divine Transcendent Nature of the Mantra. The Spiritual effects and greater understandings will be imprinted upon one's mind, body, heart and our “Soul Consciousness” for continual growth and expansion.

“First Know God, and one will Know to Do Right Action” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1962, SRM.

“First ye seek the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matthew 6:33, KJV.

The Most Pleasing Name of God

The practice of Meditation, as taught by the Holy Tradition, uses an empowered Mantra (Sacred Ancient Encoded Seed as Divine Sound) and we can express this as the most pleasing ‘Name of God'. Over time the daily practice of meditation takes one past the natural state of Enlightenment on to Liberation, Salvation (or Moksha). This can happen when one is purifying oneself by “infusing” the Finest Waves of Sound, the Light of Spirit; the Sound from the Non-Relative Fields of the Divine Almighty. Science today may refer to this state as the Unified Field and here we must acknowledge that there are levels of “Unified Fields” that encompasses Non-Relative (Spiritual) and Relative Fields including Higher Realities that all co-exist beyond our perceptions of known space and time.

  • Jiva = Soul, Spark.
  • Mukti = Spiritual Path, Process of growth and Dharma,(3) or Right Action in daily life.
  • Moksha = Final Liberation as Soul Awakened as Flame, Spirit in Eternal Life.

In the Vedanta Tradition sound is a multidimensional Vibration, and this perception gives insight into this most important understanding of how the Mantra said in Silence, effects Consciousness in terms of Soul purity and expansion when applied to the relative field. Sound was the first impulse that came up from Bliss as the purest thought from the Supreme Being. This First impulse is known as Primordial Sound, the “Word” which holds the Sacred Vibrations of the Divine or Spiritual Essence; this means the Word or Mantra holds this inner Divine Value, Knowledge and Potency.

The Word and Creation

In Scripture we can relate to this Verse as follows: “In the Beginning was Brahma and the Word Was and Is (Non-Relative) Divine with Brahma”. Brahma “Created” from the Source (Unmanifest) of His Infused Thought, the Sound, “The Word”. The Mantras we use for silent meditation are at their most powerful when used Unspoken. Used as a Silent Divine Language they contain both the Divine Non-Relative Spiritual Powers of Creation as well as the Knowledge of the many Relative Fields of Creation, or “Unified Fields of Creation”. Then, Paramatma,(4) or the Supreme Holy Spirit, is touched beyond Name and Form.

That first Sound was issued forth as a Vibration of Divine Energy (Love) Intelligence and Intent and due to its Divine Character, it is also seen in the finest spectrums of Light. This Divine Light and Intelligence holds the Value of the impulse of Pure Energy and contains the Divine Directive behind the many manifestations in the relative Fields of the Almighty's Creations, or “Unified Fields of Creation”. These Unified Fields of Creation denote each level of densities, experiences of refinement of consciousness and the evolution of Form and Spiritual Potential.

The Trinity and the Infinite Realms

The Trinity Contained in the Supreme Being gives deep insight into the degrees of Spirit encased in matter in the physical reality. There are three principles of Creative Energy in the Vedas and these are referred to as the “Three Gunas”.(5) Each guna has its own characteristics that interplay with each other and the physical world. All of these three gunas are present in everyone and everything, it is their proportion that differs and these different proportions then cause all physical matter to respond differently.

Individually the three Gunas are called:
  1. Sattwa (Goodness, calmness, harmoniousness).
  2. Raja (Rule-Action, passion, activity, movement).
  3. Tamas (The “lower nature”: ignorance, darkness and inertia. (One must Purify their lower nature, remove the darkness of ignorance).

Of these three, Sattwa is Pure and is of Divine Energy that can only manifest as a positive aspect in gross physical reality. It must be understood that the three Gunas are only subject to the relative subtle and physical aspects of reality and are not of Divine Reality, which is Transcended, Non-Relative, and of Permanent Status in Infinite Realms.

The Ascent of the Soul

As Primordial means the beginning or Source, the primordial Source of all Creation is then Divine Sound or The Word, The Light. Divine Sound when expressed as the Empowered Mantra, goes through levels of dimensions of reality, from the Non-Relative Divine to the relative material universe; Pure Consciousness in Spirit is experienced and understood as Divine, as one due to this Infusion and purification of the Soul, Heart and Mind transcends and touches God, The Supreme Creator through Transcendent Love; The Golden Light. Here is the descent of The Holy Spirit combined with the Ascent of the Soul, the Marriage in Consciousness of Soul Awakened now as a Flame in Spirit which influences the relative physical field in the most purifying and constructive ways that help the individual and on the Subtle, all life, in radiating the resonance of Divine Love. The Soul Transforms though this Process as one is Born Again of Spirit while living, and goes forth in Thy Will, for Thy Purpose, more aware and from deepest love.

Diane M Rousseau LHD PhD

(1) In Vedanta Brahma is the creator god, a member of the Trimurti along with Vishnu and Shiva.
(2) The Bhagavad Gita, often just referred to as the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu holy scripture that is part of the larger epic called Mahabharata.
(3) Dharma: [noun] an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law.
(4) Paramatma is the Absolute Atman, or supreme Self in Vedanta; Paramatman is the “Primordial Self” or the “Self Beyond”.
(5) A Guna is a “quality, attribute, property” in Hinduism and Sikhism.

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