Prayers, Affirmations, Meditation and Scripture by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Sincere Prayer originates from the Heart of Compassion and Love.
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Heartfelt Prayer is an expression of Divine Love and is an appeal for Divine Grace, Meditation is a Divine infusion, Positive Affirmations are focused thought statements and Sacred Scriptures are the guided pathways to Higher Consciousness.

Prayers, Affirmations, Meditation and Scripture
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
August 2018

Prayer is a sincere supplication of the heart speaking from the depths of love, from the Soul. It is made in recognition of the Divine within and to the Divine from deep appreciation. It is the soul requesting from selflessness, asking for Wisdom, Guidance, as the request is based in Thy Will, what is best to help in one's life or for another, or help for all life, help for a world, for all Creation and for all beings. Prayer has many levels and through surrender and love it is Unbounded. It echoes from the Soul united in Heart to the Divine... so it flows. The Heart is the very reason it cannot be limited as it is not from the mind, Love is behind it... one is Praying to the Almighty Supreme Being and not to themselves.

Affirmations are entirely different from Prayer. Affirmations are a mind command and they create a new overlay on an existing thought or habit, or are often used to reinstate a desired result. Affirmations are also different in vibrations and energy as they are based on the nature of a thought in Time. The intensity of a mind command or statement is what gives it energy because as a “statement of thought” it is limited in reach. This limitation is due to the fact it is relative and has a life span in time. It has a limited amount of energy to support it and so must be repeated periodically. Sometimes, because of our own Nature or circumstance, some affirmations have little chance of becoming a reality or happening in the relative field in the time requested. However, an Affirmation can be powerful in its own way as it is a formation of a focused thought of Positive Intent that becomes a subliminal mind command.

Meditation, when using a Mantra, or a Sacred Encoded Name is a Divine Infusion from the Divine Supreme. Its very Nature is Eternal and it places the Soul in Divine Resonance so that it transcends the mind and relative field. In Silent Radiance, the Divine “Speaks” to us in our Meditation, straight into our soul. When we Meditate with a Mantra, we are Infusing the Supreme and Transcendent Light, the Golden Glow, which is sometimes seen emanating in the subtle realms. It can be seen as radiance around one's head, or coronal Light. This then is Transformative, Purifying, and Illuminating, opening Consciousness in Higher Fields through direct experience, revealing finer understanding from these continued experiences to be known. We are then more able to retain levels of these experiences to be incorporated into our lives as well as expressing Creatively in Beauty in so many refined Ways.

Scriptures, Sacred Texts and Sutras,(1) contain Divine Revelations and are guided pathways to help us reach the Souls Higher Reality. They are often encoded in Sacred Languages, and when read, they release a Resonance of Truth to the Soul expanding Consciousness, and at the proper time, if given in accordance with Spiritual practices and Teachings, they reveal Higher Truths. If not taught or used correctly, they can be misused and become a curse, as they become part of the lower ego's desires. The danger is that they are not unfolding in a natural way due to a lack of Spiritual development or of realization of the Soul or responsibility including the consequences of their misuse for material gain.

Heartfelt Prayer is an expression of Divine Love and is an appeal for Divine Grace. Divine Grace is the Light of Love from the Heart of God as Supreme Energy, and, as a “Vibration” it transcends all relative fields and all situations. Prayer from the “Heart of Compassion and Love” emanates from the Soul's Home and one becomes a Living Spirit in Awareness. From Being integrated, one never loses this expansion as it is Earned as a Virtue, and through Love it is Grace, from the Eternal Almighty Supreme Being.

Meditation is the finest Transcendent Reality, it is when the mind is quiet and God Speaks.
Prayer is the Hearts supplication, an appeal for Divine Grace and it is when we speak in sincere love to God.

Diane M Rousseau LHD PhD

(1) Sutras: Sanskrit, are an ancient vedic Spiritual texts found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism literature and philosophy.

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