Spirituality, the Aquarian Age and Beyond by Charlie F. Lutes

Entering Aquarius, Soul Development, the Higher Self and Spirituality.
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Charles F. Lutes was Initiated into TM© in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Charlie traveled the world with Maharishi 5 times while setting up SRM (Spiritual Regeneration Movement) centers for Meditation in his position as President of SRM. Charlie was made a Teacher of Meditation in 1969 in Kashmir, India in the Hotel Green View at Dal Lake by Maharishi.

Editor's note: The following Charles F. Lutes lecture is compiled from personal, hand-written notes, taken by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, Washington State Chair of “The Friends of Charlie Lutes”.
This lecture was given by Charlie in two parts on January 19, 1992 in Seattle, Washington. The text has been transcribed and formatted for publication on the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS)© web page.

Spirituality, the Aquarian Age and Beyond
by Charlie F. Lutes
Seattle Washington Lectures, January 19, 1992.

Early afternoon lecture.

Part One: Entering Aquarius: The Age of Spirituality

Charlie begins:

“... We are phasing out of the Piscean Age and phasing into the Aquarian Age, there is a vast difference as to how this applies. In the Piscean Age the earth was to be explored, all tribes were to be contacted. The Aquarian Age will bring 2,000 years of Heaven on Earth; great changes must come as this Age is the Age of Spirituality. This process of change takes up to 25 years to enter into the transition. It is a traumatic process, especially when the contrast is so great with Pisces being a Water Age, emotions ran rampant; mass greed, lust, selfishness, these are associated with the lower mind and emotions which are to serve a higher purpose, as the Higher aspect of emotion is sacrifice (of the lower nature for the Higher) exemplified by Christ and His Message. Christ multiplied fish, walked on water, turned water into wine; these are all use of the water symbol which is also Spirit manifest.

The Earth is moving into the 4th Dimension, it is a Spiritual reality and negative ways will not be able to remain as this tension increases; it's about purification and learning one's lessons. We need to learn the lessons once and for all, and leave our mistakes behind. Everything matters, as it is all about learning ones Soul lessons and attaining the Atmic Plane. The Solar Angel or Higher-Self, instructs one through Intuition.

Many on the Spiritual Path have had it hard this life; as we have learned our lessons over time and more Light is able to shine through. We are judged on the intent of our actions. The more aware, the more one feels, the more responsible. The USA is to lead the world into the new Age of Spirituality, to carry the Spiritual Mantel. All aspects of the Piscean Age will become focused at one point as we move into the Aquarian Age. Those who resist change will have a hard time as the focus changes to Spiritual life and Beauty of the world, working together for happiness for all as Spirituality becomes more important than money.

We grow through overcoming opposites; higher morality will return as we grow in the Divine via the opposites. We have been in the process of Involution, evolving in matter; now we will be moving into the higher vibrations of growth as Spirituality becomes the way of life. Spirituality has been communicated as 'holier than thou'… it is the opposite; as one becomes more natural, the more one reflects their true self. If you didn't have Spirituality, Maharishi's 'Word' would be meaningless. We infuse Spiritual Energy into inferior energy, we Transcend into Being.

Because it is a time of great change, it is also a time of Prophecy. The Book of Revelations talks about these changes and events like the 6th Seal, as do Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and I Am America. Scripture is written on different levels due to different levels of awareness. How well do we know the Parables? What is the Key? The Key is Symbolism. Principle involved in relative existence, everything is interrelated, not separate or separated.

Symbology is useful in taking something you understand to then better understand that which you don't. Example: all wars are about what goes on inside a person when we, individual and collective try to harmonize what goes on inside one's heart and mind. The principle is involved in relative existence, everything is interrelated, not separate or separated.

Examples of Symbology:
  • Birds represent Enlightenment. One must be twice born to gain Enlightenment. A bird is twice born, once in egg, second as a bird that can fly high.
  • The ground symbolizes levels of Consciousness in Scriptures.
  • A valley symbolizes a regular state of Consciousness.
  • An Island is isolation.
  • A Mountain is a High State of Consciousness. All Mountains have Spiritual qualities.
  • A lamb, the Universal symbol of sacrifice; sacrifice the lower self to get to Enlightenment and qualities of the Higher Nature.
  • Fish in a river symbolize the course of evolution back to God, also finer emotions, feelings.
  • Moon is Intellect, cold reflection of the Source.
  • Sun, the Life Giver.

Whatever you put out of equilibrium, you must sincerely put back in. Speech, Actions.
Karma follows one everywhere, except in Heaven. It then follows you back when you incarnate. Not all that happens to one is due to Karma. All levels of Consciousness are here at once.

When we are in the 4th Dimension, we will feel very natural and will not know the difference. It is natural to be Cosmic and unnatural to be ignorant of one's Self. People wake up one at a time. One is aware of Karmic Scribes, or Lipka Lords, who record all thoughts and actions, this they do from the greatest love to help us overcome our lessons and balance our Karma by leading more Spiritual lives as one attains Liberation. Grace is always there to help. Pray to Almighty Father for guidance. One is forgiven of sin by sincere reflection and repentance, “Almighty Father forgive me, at the time I did ‘................', I was in ignorance; I now know it was wrong and I will do better”. Any unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit, the Higher-Self, will have to be worked out on the physical plane; this is another reason why self-referral is important. It is also important every once in a while to reflect on one's life; Spiritual progression creates more changes as the old is left behind, that which no longer supports one's life and Dharma.

The earth operates on linear time vs. circular time, this is why it is hard to predict the time an event will happen. Spiritual advancement also changes predictions. New information on ancient Scriptures will be made more relevant as Spirituality progresses.

The Spiritual Will is of the Atmic Plane. Here a channel is to be made from the personality which opens as one chooses a Spiritual life. This is done by Devotion and by devotion to the practice of Meditation; as our true purpose is Spirituality. The Spiritual Power from the Atma is pulled down during Meditation, it pulls all the bodies into alignment through purification and balance. One should use this Spiritual Power to overcome bad habits such as anger, hatred, desire for power, greed and recreational drugs. One must learn to control the lower vehicles: the physical, emotional, astral and lower mental.

Per Maharishi we need '... the Spiritual Energy of Meditation to gain Spirituality'. This is why Spiritual people, over time, do not have the robust health of others as they are using the Spiritual Energy to advance. The more Spiritually one is focused, the more one is no longer driven for the desire for wealth or power; Maharishi said “we are meant to be comfortable”.

The higher end of the Causal mind is Intuition, Higher Beings speak to us through Intuition, Cognition, not in hearing voices. The brain is only the screen on which shadows play; one must go beyond this screen to see and know the Truth”.

Spirituality, the Aquarian Age and Beyond
by Charlie F. Lutes
Seattle Washington Lectures, January 19, 1992.

Evening lecture

Part Two: Spirituality, The Path of Salvation and Liberation
by Charlie F. Lutes

Charlie begins:

“… Whatever you put out of equilibrium, you must place back; Karma follows you everywhere except in Heaven, and then follows you when you leave Heaven and reincarnate. Karma comes through the Stars; we answer to them and the Karmic Lords. Regarding Transcendental Meditation (TM)©, very few paths bring ones Karma to the surface, most mask it off. Through TM Meditation, all Chakras purify and open, one faces their lessons and balances. Do not over meditate, do what you can handle; one is Infusing Superior energy, Holy Spirit into inferior energy. Religion is a necessity; it teaches about God and the do's and dont's of spiritual, moral and physical life. The object is to become more Spiritual. When nothing is left, all one has is Spirituality, one is to gain a Cosmic Vibration. We are children of God.

We must master emotions, discipline your emotions: the key is balance. Only the human being has free will in the Universe; free to choose to improve, to choose right from wrong. Humans are given the ability to have a more direct relationship to God. Before you incarnate this life you are meant to live, to learn lessons, this is run off before you like a movie; this explains the feelings and intuition of Deja vu. We are under the Lords of Prakriti, or ‘Lords of Karma', while a human being. The Higher Self or Solar Angel is not in bondage, it is Immortal. When one “awakens” from the dream, they gain Cosmic Status.

If two people really love each other, they will find each other, even if they are born on opposite sides of the world. Real Heaven on Earth begins with the individual, it is beginning to manifest. A lot of things have to happen, the earth has to be cleaned up first for it to truly take place.

Once you step on the path of Spirituality, you can shorten and bypass the number of lives you have to live out. A person lives 777 lives in a Manvantara or Cycle of Time; the last seven lives are Spiritual. You are sponsored before GOD when you are Initiated. The human being today has a complex constitution, this is due to the physical vibration of the Mental Plane. Intuition comes from the Higher Mental, moving from 6th into the 5th Plane and beyond. The human Soul development and mind began in the Lemurian and Atlantean Epoch. Now the heart must soften; heart and mind must be in Balance. Know Christ.

The Societies that lack unity, lack Spirituality, start to collapse. Where intellect dominates, the Higher cannot come through. A New order of Balance and selflessness must prevail. We are at the crossroads and cannot turn back. Material and intellectual life without Spirituality will not sustain progress. The intellect is cold, it lacks adhesive power and moves towards divergence instead of unity. Greed, lust, jealousy and dry intellect create lack of balance. If humankind does not make the change, Nature will make the change. One must work and live from the Wisdom of the Soul. Do not opt for powers. Without Spirituality, one goes off the path or to the negative, or to the left side. Always go for the Spiritual. One must always be mindful of one's thoughts and actions, and their cause and effect.

The Do's and Don'ts of Life. This New Age is the Age of Truth. The Soul of a human wants to go home and gain the 'Cosmic Mind' after learning to balance emotions. We must discipline our emotions... do not get carried away. The object is to become Natural, which is Spiritual. Religion is a necessity of humanity, and this is understood as one progresses, to learn the do's and don'ts of life and knowledge of the Soul.

One has to have a human body to evolve and gain a Cosmic Vibration. One must get rid of all that which takes away from their Spiritual growth. Taking on a body localizes and brings focus. We are sons/daughters of God, Children of God. Heaven on Earth is beginning to manifest which also means 'what is not' must and will leave; this is part of the change. A lot of things have to be cleared up as Truth will rise to the surface. Think about cause and effect, it will make a difference before you act. Do not be reactionary.

A new order of balance and selflessness must prevail. The intellect is cold, it lacks adhesive power and will not sustain progress. The choices are being made as we are at crossroads to progress or not. Each person must work from the Wisdom of the Soul as the personality becomes one with and serves the Higher Self, God; must learn to live in the Now. Be as positive as possible, as the heart must soften in thought, word and actions.

Spiritual Science:
  • Spiritual Science will be the New Science of the Future.
  • The Laws of Karma = The Laws of Harmony and Rhythm.
  • Perfect Law = The Law of Love.

Communication between the Higher Self and lower body is difficult. Spirituality begins one on the path of Salvation and Liberation. Those who are born with, or come to Spirituality by intent, are high Souls. It takes discipline, patience and perseverance, until the old lower self and bad karma are eliminated. The personality comes out of the ego, now, the personality comes under the control of the Higher Self. This is what happens in TM; it brings the lower personality under the control of the Higher Self. We develop the Higher Mind through the Causal Body, Right Thinking, Right Action. Higher Truths of the Universal Mind are reflected into one's mind. One is more independent and discerns lower knowledge. The Ego is one's true individuality.

There is no substitute for experience. Spiritual Science will be the Science of the New Age. Keep the Light Burning!

The whole world must move into Spirituality. Nothing is more important than God Knowledge.”

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
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