The Human as an Eternal Being by Charles F. Lutes

Mankind lives in two worlds at the same time.
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Charles F. Lutes and Ray Rousseau taken 1987 in Seattle, Washington; Photo by Diane M. Rousseau.

Editor Note: This article is taken from a lecture given in 1987 in Seattle WA, by Charles (Charlie) F. Lutes. The following text is taken from the personal, hand-written notes, Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and transcribed by Dr. Rousseau for publication here by the Institute of Spiritual Sciences.

The Human as an Eternal Being
by Charles F. Lutes

Expansion, Knowledge and Space

Man lives in two worlds at the same time, the material one around him and the mental, Spiritual worlds within him. He/she needs to work in Harmony with both of them. So, when she/he knows themself from within, they will also Know the Mysteries of life and the Cosmos.

In the coming Age, so many new inventions and innovations are coming into manifestation that the human will be hard put to acquire the Wisdom necessary to adjust to the new way of life -and not become overwhelmed.

Primitive man, ages ago, stood upon the shores of the seas and wondered what lay beyond the horizon. Today a new, much less primitive human, gazes upon the vast space and wonders about what lies on and beyond the Stars. Having conquered the earth's length, breadth and depth, man is now beginning to explore space. However, in order to conquer space, she/he must First conquer themselves, because space will Not tolerate the intrusion of anyone with destructive motivations or inclinations.

Knowledge, Wisdom and God

“No one can enter the Cosmos unless she/he is purified.”

Man has always been in pursuit of Knowledge, but has paid little heed to Wisdom. Now it will be the Aquarian who will explore Space and will have shed the selfish, destructive ways of the Piscean.
The Aquarian will be the selfless, Spiritual being who is searching for Wisdom. He/she will desire to become wise and Know the ways of God.

There will be no atheists left on earth to probe Space, for she/he is the one who first has explored Inner Space and has found Themself, God and Wisdom.

Man will unfold new scientific discoveries and is going to come face to face with Spiritual Science, which will be the Science of the new Aquarian Age. (Beginning in 1987) The human will learn to live within and when she/he does, the outer will take care of itself. [Note: Charlie spoke about the transitioning period of one Age into the next taking about 30-35 years. -DMR]

Harmony, Karma and the Cosmos

The one thing that manifests in outer space is complete Harmony. The Law of Harmony is one of the basic laws of Creation. Without it there is no peaceful living, mental calmness, and also, the lack of harmony causes ill health. Without harmony there is continual discord in life. The Law of Harmony also runs hand in hand with the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Karma.

The Law of karma is really the restoration of Harmony and Rhythm/Balance. So, in a sense, they are one and the same thing, and these laws, in turn, support the perfect Law, which is the Law of Love.

Man, to be in the New Age, must come into harmony with themself before they can Sound the “Keynote of The New Age” and be an integral part of the Great Harmony of the Cosmos. When this occurs, she/he will have Knowledge of Who she/he IS and what their Mission on Earth is. One will also know where they ‘came from' and ...where they are going. They will also Know that they are an integral part of a vast Macrocosm where the only Permanent thing is change itself. One becomes a miniature of the Great Becoming; he/she IS that Spark that grows into the Flame in the Eternal.

So, when one Knows themselves from Within, they will also Know the Mysteries of life and the Cosmos.

Charlie Lutes

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Copyright © 2020 Lutes-Rousseau Archive
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Transcribed here for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences, ISS
Edited for ISS by Ray J. Rousseau

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