Knock and it Shall be Opened to You by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

The gift of an incarnation on this earth gives the greatest chance for growth.
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The greater reality of Truth is that we Are All Sons and Daughters of God, sharing this Journey Home.

Knock and it Shall be Opened to You
Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD
June 18, 2019

It is a great Gift and Blessing to have an incarnation on earth; to know and experience God is the destiny of all beings and to be in a world of opposites gives one the greatest chance for growth. One cannot judge the lessons another Soul goes though; the more one expands, the greater the understanding seeing any one as a sister or brother on the Path. In this understanding, we allow others their own growth, path, and through love help each other, extend the hand, for in the greater reality of Truth we Are All Sons and Daughters of God, sharing this Journey Home.

There is Karma on a personal level, collective level, global level and Soul level; there is accountability and Balance, and there Is a loving Divine Presence that transcends the idea of form or gender called the Absolute, Almighty Father, Divine Mother, Father Mother God, The Supreme Spirit, Supreme Being or Supreme Source of All. There is Grace that forgives when one asks, there is Love that comes and heals the hurts, there are Angels who administer, and Guardians who are ever ready to help if asked.

Within each individual, the conscious “spark” (Atma) waits inside the Soul (Jiva) sometimes for many lives pass before the Soul stirs, and chooses to wake up and desires to Know “Who Am I”, contemplates, seeks, questions, and this desire touches the Heart; the Soul and a Divine Desire is Born to Knock at that Door (Atman) The Kingdom, we all come to and in the Silence, See it Open… Once experiences begin, one's Soul ignites and the Divine Flame one Is awakens, seeing the true light of day and Realizing in Awareness, their return to Oneness In God, to Bliss, to Infinite Love and greater strength that is there within to persevere, to Love and give Hope to others.

The Ancient Rishis and Mystery Traditions understood the Nature of the Divine, in Sound, Light and Vibration; the Divine Sounds of God or Mantras are known as “The Lost Word”. One “transcends” the mind into Being, into the Soul through the Mantra. This process of Meditation of Transcendence brings the direct Infusion of Divine Bliss as the Holy Spirit; transformative, it subtly brings the soul, mind and heart into Union, into Balance; bringing inner peace and unfoldment of the Divine that increases everyday. Meditation practiced daily will continually expand ones Consciousness and this will reflect in outer life bringing Fulfillment as only ones own Soul and Heart can know.

Spirituality as Science shows that Love (Spiritual Energy) is a Supreme Force, and this force is not the emotional or lower nature of love, nor is it held to space or time, but is that which is One with Consciousness, One with Spirit, and is Life Supporting and lives In the Spirit of Devotion and Compassion. This as a Supreme Energy in Intelligence and Love creates and sustains life while expanding the Soul, and through Infusion comes the ability to Know ones Soul, Spirit, and the Supreme Being due to the direct experiences and unfoldment over time.

“The Supreme Being, while in any manifested form remains UN-manifest. This is the experience of one who understands the Kingdom within”.
- Charlie Lutes.

One through experience perceives and cognizes other dimensional realities and the Divine from transcending the limitations of the relative mind while Infusing the Power, the Grace, through the Mantra, the “Lost Word” into the Mind, Heart and Soul.

“Through this Meditation, I connect you to the Powerhouse, to Source, to God”
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1964, SRM Lecture tape transcription.

Once Being is experienced, this understanding expands, creating living “Oneness” as Divine Wisdom (Sri Vidya, sk.) Continues to grow; deep compassion from Awareness knows “all” (totality) are evolving to a greater degree. One becomes a Conscious and willing active participant in the Care of Life and a loving Instrument for the Divine.

The Unified Field understood is Fields of Realities of Understanding, of Being; each level is a Field or Vibration of Creation, and it is Experience, Love and Wisdom Realized that continues to unfold greater Truths of one's Self and Shines the Way.

This Knowledge is ancient and has been known and is found in all Scriptures and Ancient Texts which are Encoded and open to one's Spiritual Eye as one expands. Encoded in the pages, Truth opens to the Soul. This is realized and held by all those who out of Love Study with new Eyes, hearts swell that they might share…Words that are Living to an Awakened Heart. The Truth is Alive and Lives as a Reality of Being for all who hold the Sacredness of Life in their Heart, Soul, Mind and Spirit. One need never leave their Religion or Faith.

... “through Meditation, one came to Know their own Faith through greater understanding”
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rishikesh, 1967.

In Faith, Hope and Charity, the experience Realized of Inner Unity is not partial to any religion, gender, nationality, or group and literally dwells anywhere a Spiritual Loving Heart is.
The Lights connect through subtle Spiritual Love, quiet, seen and unseen, with the softest desire from the Soul for all to Connect in the Divine - In the River of Loving Light that flows to all, as each adds their Love to Life.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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