Spirituality and the Unified Field by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

The reflection of the Unified Field in one's life is one of beauty, wisdom and truth in the highest sense.
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The highest aspect is reached through devotion to the Almighty which merges into Supreme Unity or Oneness.

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Seattle Theosophical Society
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June 1, 2008

Spirituality and the Unified Field
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Higher Consciousness

The higher one's State of Consciousness, the greater is the awareness of a person, and their natural ability to perceive messages or have mystic experiences. For example, a person who is in a Divine State of Grace uses Divine Bliss which gives an experience as well as the ability to go into higher states of consciousness and expanded development. The reason telepathy and clairvoyance come into play is due to having empathy which is a feeling of deep connection for another. We can say that when a mother, father, husband, wife, child, friend, or loved one “feels” an impression or “something of a different nature of something right or wrong,” their attention automatically goes into deeper realms and perceives finer levels of understanding. This experience is out of love and compassion for an individual, individuals, animals, nature, one's country or the whole world. Animals have this natural ability too and by understanding that Grace is all around, we can understand that the Divine sends messages when needed, those who are developing their spiritual nature can receive impressions from the many coded levels.

Due to spiritual development, we can also receive Divine Directives from the Higher Spiritual Realms; this is a higher form of telepathy and usually gives one a complete thought or picture of an event or message out of time for a higher purpose other than for one's own welfare. How many times have you heard someone say, “God showed me or told me to do this or that”? Divine messages can be understood as a wave or energy sound frequency due to the transmission of a thought-wave (which is a subtle sound or vibration of light and color depending on the purity of the thought and feeling) due to an inner request we send out. We can receive these subtle impulses and know intuitively what is needed, how to help, inspire, or even know how one is feeling and cognize what is to be done about what has been sent to us. God indeed does send answers in many forms, however it is in Silence when we receive the purest directives.

Today this understanding is referred to as the Unified Field, or the field of the Divine of all possibilities, the Almighty. It is unified love and intelligence, a projection from the Divine Almighty, it is infinite in its nature, and it is Divine Bliss in pure intent and intelligence which is different than one's intellect. It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional, contacted by the degree of one's awareness and spiritual development. The highest aspect is reached through devotion to the Almighty which merges into supreme unity or Oneness.

A reflection in one's life of higher consciousness is beauty, wisdom and a desire for truth in the highest sense, the knowledge one gains is not dry, it brings the source of creative love into all fields that enhance all aspects of beauty and manifestations of beauty. This is the field where one will get divine inspiration, vision, and perceive the beauty in Universal Truths and the ability to bring knowledge to help humanity due to contact with God. This higher aspect of the Unified Field does not hold knowledge that could be misused by the receiver; love is the key which reaches this divine level of knowledge and wisdom. All outward projections are seen in refined art, music, literature, science, architecture, agriculture, and in the caring of nature, animal welfare, and the needs of humanity.

We can project a message, we can comfort by thought, to any distance that which is needed. This is a gift and it goes out to those that we “feel” due to love and caring. The factor is mutual love, is of God, and cannot be misused without consequences. Intuition is the subtle and pure form of telepathy, higher than clairvoyance; intuition gives the Divine guidance or cognition that simply “knows” the truth about any situation regardless of space or time. This aspect of intuition is due to an advanced state of Consciousness where Oneness is the lived true reality.

To have random thoughts enter into one's mind or affect an area by negative intent or misrepresent another is not God's Will. It must be remembered that the sender sends a part of themselves out, if the thought is not of a pure nature, it will pollute the atmosphere and broadcast a lower frequency affecting the collective. This is a grosser and lower form of telepathy, it is from lower physic development and this misuse of spiritual abilities though limited is often used to control, manipulate, and mislead others. It is usually done without the understanding of God's gifts and how they must be used in accordance with Divine Will. It is best not to “seek powers” until one has spiritual integration which allows them to develop naturally, because misused powers are held to the laws of Cause and Effect or Universal Laws which use the power of discrimination which is a Divine gift of inner vision gained through wisdom.

When we take the responsibility for finding and creating our own happiness, we find we automatically have the energy for personal challenges available to us by tapping into the Unified Field or Grace. This field of unlimited energy that comes to us is known as Spiritual Energy, Prana, Grace or Chi and is experienced as cognitive thought that is based in bliss; this energy is only limited to us due to our state of consciousness and is felt and maintained by a stable natural state of peace within. We enter this natural state when we are functioning in coherence, which is right brain (intuition and abstract) thinking and left brain (linear and logical) thought processes of the brain simultaneously.

Thoughts Have Energy

By understanding that thoughts have energy, we know a thought stored in the memory holds that energy in the subconscious mind. The mind stores positive and negative thought as memory-energy that has been imprinted in the cellular structure of the brain over time. In our daily experiences, we add either positive or negative thought imprints by our emotional and mental identifications. It is by the release of these thoughts that hold energy which is stored in the subconscious mind that we can have immediate access to higher energy. By freeing stored energy, we are able to access the unlimited source of divine energy more easily and become a greater conduit. Energy of and by itself is neutral; it is by our imprint by either a positive or negative feeling that we bind our energy to the matter in the brain cells which affect our body. We can agree then that to achieve self-healing, we must relieve the stored energy held in the brain by going to the source of thought itself and in a systematic way, stabilize and maintain inner balance which directly relates to how our state of mind affects the body.

In the process of healing the mind from buried or blocked energy, the brain is then able to create new pathways as chemicals are released into the bloodstream which begin to heal, soothe and restore balance in the mind and body. The process of Self-referral is a unique and natural state of consciousness whereby, through objectivity, one can witness their thoughts as they begin to bubble up while being in a relaxed state. This state enables one to be able to achieve a witness like observation and allows one to choose to act on or review the thought. This state is not achieved in contemplation because the mind is using energy and is engaged in analyzing the thought processes while functioning on surface levels. This unique state is achieved during the process of transcendence which unlocks thoughts stored in the subconscious.


Photo of Allan W. Watts, (January 6, 1915 – November 16 1973).

In his book, “The Meaning of Happiness” Alan W. Watts states:

“When understood, the full acceptance of what you are now, of your present state of mind, whatever its nature, shows you have been making that full acceptance all along, though you never knew it; it shows you that whatever your experience may have been in the past or whatever it will be in the future, nothing in yourself or in the whole universe has deprived or can ever deprive you of that freedom. Before this realization you seem to be confronted by a barrier standing across the path and dividing the road of freedom from the road of bondage; but as you pass through that barrier it vanishes, for it never existed and the whole road was free.”

In the natural process of self-referral, we have the ability to build on this freedom, inner strength and peace within. To do this, we must look to experiencing the very source of happiness itself; the living Spirit which is the unlimited state of unbounded awareness in science known as the Unified Field. This is achieved by the daily practice of meditation and maintained because one is able to transcend the mind by plumbing the depths of the subconscious and releasing the energy that was held by the thoughts. The Spirit or the conscious “I” is pure awareness and is always watching from within in a state of peace and rest. Meditation is then called “restful alertness” as the mind transcends the deep levels direct into the source of happiness which is the Spirit or Self.

Most often, experiencing happiness is sought by applying the mind to something outside of oneself instead of seeking to feel and experience ones true natural Self within. One living spiritually lives day to day life while the mind is engaged and naturally functioning in a positive way in union with the heart. Natural mystical experiences result from this higher development, Spirituality can be seen as living in a natural way and one's personal religion can be understood as a reflection of their love and understanding. Maintaining happiness depends on a positive constructive attitude that engages the mind, body and spirit in daily activities. Meditation, known as Yoga or Union, blends the Soul with the Divine Intelligence of the Spirit and then uses the mortal brain in an unlimited way. For every release of energy stored as a thought in the brain, an opening is made to the unlimited aspect of one's Self. The more energy available, the better able one is to pursue their dreams and enjoy life with greater ease and wisdom.


Photo of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taken in 1975.

In his book, “The Science of Being and the Art of Living” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi states regarding meditation:

“This is the simple way of making use of the almighty power of nature. In losing oneself and gaining the power of the Almighty, one's life finds its fulfillment. From this springs ideology of devotion and surrender. The basis of it all is that the life of the individual is both relative and absolute. The individual is already in contact with absolute Being; only this contact has to be brought to a conscious level.”

By direct experience we can understand the personal aspect of divinity as living beings and through cognition, know we are connected to the source of the Divine. We can aspire to the greater aspect of our Self which is Spirit and through love, and experiences of happiness and joy find that our appreciation of life and of God begins to become devotion. This can take the outward form of appreciation to a loving parent, mentor, Teacher, Spiritual Guide or Nature; devotion then can be understood as an active aspect of love due to the cultivation of the heart. Art and Music are intuitive expressions of creation, these forms become devotional while one is expressing them as divine love in crystallized or moving beauty. One by his or her love of research can realize the Divine by viewing the Macrocosm of the Universe or see the Microcosm within an Atom. It is spiritual energy that sustains and holds the power of life, and this energy has intelligence; what separates us from other kingdoms is that we have the power to know the “I” in our consciousness and appreciate this very power as Being, giving us the experience of unity in intelligence and unlimited happiness in God within. We are children in the body of the Almighty. All life has consciousness, all life has feeling and intelligence, it is this divine energy that exists in all life only subjective and bound to the relative form.

Once our minds begin to become free from the burden of the stored energy due to painful thoughts and stresses that are held in the body, we are able to live more in the self-referral state of awareness. In this way, before we bury another painful memory, we have greater mental ability to understand both the positive and negative aspects we experience. By self-referral, we consciously begin to be the witness in our life and can actively heal our past by living in the present and are then able to dynamically change our future. By reflecting on our thoughts and actions with new spiritual energy, we learn to discriminate on what is best for our personal growth. Knowing this, we can make the necessary moves to rectify a situation that has the potential to hurt or cause pain to ourselves or others. The Unified Field contains unlimited intelligent energy and each time we choose to be “happy” or do positive action, we release the thought which frees the energy, we are then able to use our minds in more constructive ways with greater energy, intelligence and happiness and our spiritual development becomes a natural state.

An example of active self-referral is to overview a situation before it happens. Think about the consequences and how it will affect our life or that of others. What good if any will come of this action? Another example is to review a situation that has happened and objectively see our part. All of us know how powerful the words “I care about you” and “I'm sorry I have hurt you” are when said with full intent and feeling. These words said from a sincere heart go straight to the Soul. Here the “logical” mind has little sway, for the heart fully engages the receptive brain and in full coherence one is then healed by love which is divine energy in the intent. In that moment both parties are in unity, both experience healing and joy, both have tapped into the Unified Field of the Universal Mind by the living Spirit within. Even if one is not able to address the situation directly, the pure intent of the heart in thought purifies the nervous system which then is able to heal the body by the freed blocked energy that was held in the mind and soothe the body and soul.

Photo of Thomas Troward, (1847–1916).

In his book, “The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science” Thomas Troward states:

“As our consciousness of unity becomes more perfect so will the life-givingness of the Spirit becomes more apparent. But in the realm of principles the purely Affirmative and Life-giving nature of the All-originating Spirit is an unavoidable conclusion. Beauty is not yet universally manifested for the same reason that life is not, namely, lack of recognition of its Principle; but, that the Principle of Beauty is inherent in the Eternal Mind and is demonstrated by all that is beautiful in the world in which we live.”

In other words, we know by becoming more conscious in knowing our Self, we automatically add to the beauty of creation with our positive thoughts and actions. We directly experience that we (all are Spirit) and therefore we realize that all life is intimately connected. In knowing our Self, happiness begins to become an automatic experience of consciousness in the Unified Field, with greater ease positive thoughts flow and unlimited energy, creativity and greater intelligence becomes available to us. Our Spirit is then naturally drawn to beauty, love and all the positive aspects of life and in our thoughts and actions we co-create a better world for ourselves and others and peace becomes a living reality.

Cycles of Time

Currently in the civilized world, there are still so many injustices being done, so many people being killed, so many dying without thought, so many stories of continued suffering due to natural disasters, the continued problems of hatred, acts of anger and problems of those living in need and neglect. Why is it that for some, until something happens in their own “backyard,” they will not feel it at all? Apathy is the greatest form of ignorance. Every time something happens to anyone, anywhere, it affects all of us. This is true for suffering anywhere, starvation anywhere, abuse and neglect anywhere, animal cruelty and the misuse of nature, anywhere.

During this period of Kali Yuga, most of mankind is in darkness and tries to find the answer to darkness in darkness itself, i.e., indulgences of the lower mind such as substance abuse, power struggles, prejudices, inciting fear and ostracizing others as well as neglect. It is proof that despite the current idea held by some that “everything is ok,” the pressure of suffering in this world still continues, still touches everyone, it is in the atmosphere and seen in nature and in the collective consciousness can affects us even on subtle levels. There will be no outside intervention as humankind's responsibility is to BE that intervention for themselves, which in turn will affect the destiny of the entire planet.

Sat Yuga is a time period of peace as well as an individual experience; it is Divine Awareness due to one's Spiritual realization of God, it is the knowledge that one IS the Light within that is IN everything. One must go where the Light is to find the answer to darkness; this Light is within one's own Being. Realization of this is not an intellectual understanding, it is due to direct cognition; each person, each animal, each life form holds this precious Divine value. How can one “hurt” or forget part of their own Being, their own Self or what makes up the body of God which we understand as the Almighty Source or Spiritual Energy?

Unless each person understands their own real spiritual value as divinity, they will not know right action, right speech, right thinking or see, feel or care about the value of others. They will continue to be prejudiced and limit the unlimited aspects of God in themselves and each other; they will continue to create more disharmonies in the world. Thoughts are things, and the value of each thought will manifest in either relative or non-relative divine realms. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said in the 1960s, “First one must realize God, and then one will know to do right action!” The Almighty in Divine compassion and mercy always gives humanity hope. Spiritual Teachings are enlivened and passed down throughout time, Eternal Truths that are universal.

Christ, Krishna and the Kingdom Within

From all we know the Light within is Consciousness, it is the fire in our hearts which makes this Light of Consciousness Divine by expanding the inner spark within our heart into eternal status and unlimited growth. The lower mind can never know the higher, it is only by raising our consciousness to our natural divinity that we can transcend the lower mind. The lower mind, the animal man, is the only aspect of us that lives in the relative. This is due to the fact that Spirit is non-relative and one transcends relativity by becoming a conscious Being while living in this world and integrating their consciousness in relativity and leading a practical life.

How does this inner Light once experienced heal the world we live in? Through our expanded inner light and cultured heart, we perceive with greater awareness infinite intelligence and through our spiritual understanding appreciate the divine value of all life. Each person, the animal kingdom, nature and eventually all are understood as our global family, our family of inner light. This love branches out encompassing more of life and in our inner unity, the planet becomes surrounded and is held as precious, is felt and known as totality, is held in the Christ Light (That which is Anointed in God) the inner and outer sunlight of Divine Love also known in the Gita as Krishna, an embodiment of Divine Love and Wisdom. This is the Atman as Divine Love and Intelligence descended as Truth; the Golden Light of God, the Living Christ, it is by our heart that we are seen by God. Jesus Christ said, “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things will be given unto you.” Meditation is the “Key” to the kingdom for all creation began in the Divine Mind in Silence.

The Kingdom “realized” enables each person to go out and BE that which nurtures, loves and knows through their divine understanding that the hand they extend to others is due to God's hand which is always extended in Divine Love to them; this is Grace. God sees feels and hears through us and witnesses the truth and true intent behind all our thoughts and actions. The Almighty, while in all manifestation remains un-manifest, unseen as the Divine Energy and Intelligence of Spirit. How much suffering will we see or have to witness before each heart finally sees and knows that they are the ones who are here to bring Heaven on Earth; that they are divine and are meant to BE that?

The reflection of the Unified Field in one's life is one of beauty, wisdom and truth in the highest sense. The finer levels of the Unified Field do not offer knowledge that could be misused by the receiver; love (Sri Vidya - Divine Wisdom) is the key which reaches this finer level of knowledge. Knowledge based in Divine Wisdom is knowledge that has been gained from direct experiences. These are experiences of higher realities, higher beings, and due to a cultured heart and through perseverance, then unfolds their higher nature. One holds Truth as a high standard in their own being, knowing that this will also attract truth and give greater wisdom in all aspects of their life.

Our Personal Connection to God

Currently there is talk of using machinery to perceive God along with continued use of drugs to alter perception to feel God and use spiritual gifts; this is based in ignorance and can never develop a lasting true connection. Science will never be able to duplicate one's connection to God, it would be like visiting Heaven but not being able to stay; for the experience was not earned and appreciation and love within one's own heart would be missing. The mind is a tool and a synthetic mind connection to higher psychic power is dangerous, for one would not have the ability to feel truth or understand the Laws of Cause and Effect. Likening spiritual gifts to merely activation's of brain cells or the use of powers without any understanding of spirituality is misleading and sadly takes one away from their true divine nature; for what is to be said for the responsibility one incurs due to lack of understanding or misuse; or more importantly, the state of the Soul when the body dies? Mankind is responsible for the making of these mental ideas and tools, regardless if one believes in the Divine Universal Laws or not.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, February 18, 1836 – August 16, 1886.

In the book, “Words of the Master” (selected precepts and compiled by Swami Brahmananda) Sri Ramakrishna states:

“If the mind of man be always turned toward God, he will steer clear of every danger,“ [also], “One who constantly thinks of the Bliss Absolute becomes full of Bliss.” [Further Sri Ramakrishna says], “There is but one God, but endless are His Names, and endless the aspects in which He may be regarded.”

We can see that by one's own inner illumination and devotion to God, the ideas of separateness dissolve over time and one will know Unity. In Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's lecture on Indian Philosophy in Rishikesh, India 1966, Maharishi states:

“Knowledge about life forms the basis on man's behavior. Patterns of behavior in different fields collectively presents man's culture in a given time and place.” [Maharishi adds that], “Man creates his culture on the basis of how he behaves, what he does and what he accomplishes”.

Establishing the standard code for man, Manu (The Lawgiver) presented the structure of Eternal Truths and gave expression to this Universal philosophy. The ancient texts, the Vedas are the Spiritual Sciences of life and include all values of life.

When we look at the uncovering of the sacred text, the new scientific knowledge and advancement, why then today do we see such a lack of understanding? Due to the nature of time, most of humanity loses the knowledge of their true nature unless it is reawakened by spiritual practice and one returns to the source of knowledge and the deeper meaning of the Scriptures. Without this knowledge of truth, politics and religion become the soil to further create separation instead of returning to the “source” of truth within one's own self. Healing suffering must be approached by looking at the “cause of suffering.” While we can address the fundamental needs of society, we must ask ourselves why these problems exist and affect new changes by cognizing the source of the problems. By looking at the source within ourselves, we change the problem on the level of the solution, thereby effecting further positive changes in our environment that directly benefits the welfare of others on physical and subtle levels. Positive thought creates positive action, positive actions change negative situations, releasing negative energy that is held in the mind as well as the body and environment.

Meditation infuses Pure Energy, the lost Word being the Mantra that holds the power of the Almighty when passed down correctly as written in the Puranas. The Word, the Power of the Logos is living; it is both Almighty Father and Divine Mother. Going to the source within one's Self is the key to understanding all scriptures and mysteries.

“Unless the Word of God is written upon one's heart, one will not understand the true meaning of the 'written' Word” -Diane M Rousseau.

The more dependent one becomes on outward sources, the more misled and lost they will become. There will be little or no understanding of the Laws of Cause and Effect, self-referral, inner awareness, higher realities or the proper use of energy. Spirituality is our natural state of consciousness, it is not supernatural, it is awakening to a mystical state of greater realities beyond this plane of existence. We know that Eternal Truths in Scriptures are relevant in all ages of humanity. These Eternal Truths must be experienced as one unfolds because the Truth held in the Spirit will reveal the truth in relative life. Called the Absolute, the Almighty, Being, the experience of the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, Source, the Great Spirit, God is Truth and Truth in purity and love is Eternal.

The return to Spirituality while combining Science will demonstrate the practicality of life. The Unified Field of the Absolute has many dimensions to it and each unfolds as states of higher consciousness are realized. This is not an intellectual understanding; it is cognition due to direct experience.

States of Consciousness

These concepts of states of consciousness each have their own unique signatures:
  • Cosmic Consciousness - Inner illuminations of higher strata. Having awareness in waking, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendence states. Awareness then experiences higher realities.
  • God Consciousness - Self Realization; Knowing one is a cell in the body of God. Celestial experiences, divine cognition and subtle experiences in multidimensional states.
  • Unity Consciousness - Unified Field; Experiences of being part and connected to all life, the union of the heart and mind. Once the heart is awakened in Divine Love, one cannot help but feel for the welfare of all life, be of service and desire happiness for others.
  • Brahman Consciousness - The ability to create from the Divine levels and using Wisdom and with understanding the Laws of cause and effect, also known as Kriya Shakti, Divine Wisdom is selfless use of Divine Energy due to Devotion.
  • Atman Consciousness Pure Being - The divine spark is now the Living Flame, the expression of being a “Pillar in Thy Temple,” the living manifestation of the Word, the aim of, “ I Am That, Thou Art That, all This IS That. Aham Brahmasmi, All Creation is Brahma, all are Light.”

One knows that they are an awakened cell in the body of God, being one with the divine unity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine known as Sri Vidya, Divine Wisdom which understands divine love and goes past the transcendent while expanding in unlimited consciousness. God is known within one's own heart and one understands more deeply the importance of Spirituality, the value of Science and one's place in the Universe. Mystical abilities become a natural part of one's life and one is able to take this divine infusion out into the field of action we call life which can often be experienced as a personal battlefield. Once we can see the answers within, they then gain dynamic spiritual energy to help all aspects of life.

Science combined with natural spirituality taught in Schools, Institutes and Universities will cross the boundaries of culture, race and religions bringing a new spiritual and scientific understanding that is based on direct cognition of higher realities. Human destiny will change as a result of expanding consciousness and we will see a return to family values, changes in political structure and appreciation of one's chosen religion due to the self-realization taking place within each individual.

Healing and the Ancient Spiritual Knowledge

As humankind moves into the future, while understanding the spirituality and science of life, we will more greatly appreciate, value and enjoy the diversity of all creation and each other, while we experience within the divine unity behind it all.

To help heal this world, one need not become an activist; one only needs to “activate” their own healing by facing themselves to be able to help others.

Healing comes in several ways:
  1. Dispelling the darkness within one's own heart.
    This is accomplished by several proven methods. Meditation, Prayer and self-referral, which is seeing the true feelings which bubble up in one's heart revealing stored subconscious stress. The energy released from the mind and body erase the energy of pain from the past and changes the future. Expressions of joyful energy can be released through creativity in Art, Music, Singing and Chanting which enhance devotion and add to appreciation of life and give greater loving energy to relationships.

  2. Once an action is realized or faced which caused pain or is causing pain to others, the person then makes the necessary moves to rectify this situation.
    The words “I'm sorry” are powerful and both parties benefit from this. For the one who was hurt, their heart melts in gladness to hear and feel these sincere words, and the one who did the action(s), because their heart is no longer poisoned with the memory and held energy of anger, guilt and self-hate.

  3. If one can think of healing themselves in terms of releasing blocked energy, chemicals are released for healing from this thought and are even seen in the bloodstream which soothes the dis-ease and disharmony within one's self, restoring balance in mind, body and soul.

  4. An aspect to remember: The Omnipresent knows all, sees all, therefore whatever we think is hidden, really is not.
    Regardless if we call God the Almighty, the Great Spirit or Nature, it is all the same. We were given the power as humans to know “Thyself” and as Lights, be the change that affects all.

  5. Once the heart is released by the individual's own healing of themselves, the desire to help others becomes automatic for one intuitively taps into the unified field, the infinite storehouse of knowledge and Almighty's Grace.
    Reaching out to those who ask for help, offering in the many ways we can, always the heart is open; for to give in love is the most powerful feeling and shows the greater reason for creating harmony and doing service work. Giving and service to all of God's creation is seen, all of the Higher Beings assist those who care for the least in God's creation. Once love is felt within, one cannot help but give so others feel this love - to heal the suffering out of love for loves sake as the Light within us is the Light within all beings.

A Few Examples of this Ancient Spiritual Knowledge:
  • In Ancient Egyptian text, the symbolic heart is weighed against a white feather which tells of the purity of one's mind as the heart was considered to be the place of thinking and where motive and the truth of one's life and character in judged as to the worthiness to enter Heaven.

  • In the Hebrew faith, the Divine Law clearly shows accountability and the “why” in all areas of life as well as held in the traditions and in the importance of family life in Gods eyes.

  • For the American Indian, the Great Spirit in Nature and life is honored, one is grateful to live on this Earth; honor is lived in courage, truth and in appreciation to all life.

  • For the Aborigines, the Truth is the Spirit which gives insight and personal expansion a means to love and live life in harmony with all that is, living in the now of life.

  • For the Hindu, the Laws of cause and effect that show ones actions will return to them and how much easier to face lessons now in right intent, for the Lord is Love and Truth and Ahimsa or non-violence and the right to happiness is given to all sentient beings, which all contain a spark of God. This awareness gives the key to happiness now and in Eternal Heavens.

  • For the Christian, who was given two Commandments: To love the Lord thy God with all Thy Heart, Thy Soul and all thy Being and to love thy neighbor as Thy-Self. God, the unseen manifest in all Creation as Light and Love incarnate, one who abides in love abides in The Kingdom of God which experienced is the key to eternal Life.

  • For the Buddhist, who understands that all life including a blade of grass has a Spirit and the Eternal Spirit lives in all creation which is ever evolving. Nirvana then a state of Being in the Spirit which is infinite Bliss.

All the above plus the many faiths I did not mention have a higher meaning behind them and in the deeper meaning you will find the Golden Rule: “Do unto others that which you would have done unto you.”

To Heal the World

Until the small aspect or lower self of the personality gets out of the way, self-healing cannot take place. The greater purpose of life is to know God within and know that we are of one humanity. In this realization, you would see an end to racism, to bigotry, to hate in all of its forms in thought and action which leads to war, genocide, apathy and selfishness, which is blind to pain and suffering including that which is done to animals and nature.

The Spirit within IS in all of us, regardless of how one wants to express their love for God, it is the same. Faith becomes known in the heart regardless of religion...because it is lived! Once this is put into practice, healing will take place one person at a time. There will be respect for another's chosen faith, out of the deepest understanding love will affect the collective consciousness and all nature and life will be treated with greater kindness, each individual will send out a greater love which is more than personal love. A global sweep of forgiveness for one's self and others will move across the planet and bring together all thought to repair and heal this world. We will become real brothers and sisters in heart, Spiritual Beings and Children of Light...

“Blessing of Earth by the Divine Mother”; Watercolor by Diane Rousseau, copyright © 2009.

Ten Steps to Mystic Unity

  1. Remember all life is sacred and so are you!

  2. Thank the Creator with love every day and divine love will return to you on all levels.

  3. Remember when you give to others and nature, God sees and gives to you in all ways.

  4. Animals are little brothers and sisters; love them as children just like you, see the light in their eyes and Gods Angels will protect you.

  5. In our Higher Nature, God works and speaks through all of us.

  6. Pray for the good of all life; Nature will pray for you and Grace and protection will be yours.

  7. Be happy for others when good happens to them, for the energy of happiness affects all of us on all levels of being.

  8. See the Sun as God's Grace, Blue sky and Stars as God's Creativity and Happiness, Rainbows as God's Art, Rain as God's Blessings; And life as proof of God's Love for you and all creation.

  9. Know you belong to a Global Family of all colors; and like the Rainbow; all are beautiful in the images of God's Art; each one is special and loved.

  10. Tell the truth always, be kind and honest, these are the things that will Bless your life with contentment.

“Peace then will be our global gift which we have finally earned”.


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The Whole Thing, The Real Truth
1977, Thomson Press, India, By Prem C. Pasricha
“Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is one of the direct disciples left behind by Jagadguru Bhagwan Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Sarawatiji Maharaj of Jyotirmath, Badrikashram who passed in 1953. Maharishi was with Guru Dev for 13 years.”

Maharishi's Lecture on Indian Philosophy
1971, transcription published by SRM, The Spiritual Regeneration
Movement Foundation, USA

Words of the Master
Thirteenth Edition January 1962, By Swami Jnanatmananda
Udbodhan Office, Selected Precepts of Sri Ramakrishna

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