Realizing Our Own Spirituality by Charlie Lutes

We are here for the sole purpose to realize our own Spirituality.
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Charles F. Lutes

Editor's Notes: The following are a collection of topics Charlie addressed during a trio of afternoon and evening lectures given on April 13-14, 1992. Charlie's lectures sometimes spun into a freewheeling exchange of audience questions and Charlies answers. Consequently, these notes are not structured in a linear fashion but represent the spontaneity of Charlie interacting with his audience and is presented here in 3 parts. Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD. -RJR

Realizing Our Own Spirituality
By Charlie F. Lutes

Charlie Lutes Lecture Notes
Part 1 of 3

We are here for the sole purpose to realize our Spirituality. When everything is gone, what is left?
Spirituality! Spirituality has most always been communicated as “holier than thou”; it's just the opposite, its being Natural. CC (Cosmic Consciousness) is so Natural, that you will not know it unless someone tells you, as much of humanity (h)as become unnatural.

When the Earth was created, it was intended to be the most beautiful planet of all, but we've darn near ruined it. We have taken it as far as we could go. It has to be refurbished now; a thorough cleansing job now has to take place. Nature takes as much as She can... This is the only planet that all levels of consciousness function at the same time together. If you didn't have Spirituality, Maharishi's Word would be meaningless.

Habits are the hardest thing in the world to get rid of. In doing TM (Transcendental Meditation) you don't get rid of them (bad habits) they get rid of you through the Infusion of Being. The uniqueness of TM is that one transcends through the Door of Turyea. To transcend is the Highest Teaching of the Age. When we transcend, the mind turns 180 degrees. Without TM, one can come to the Door of Turyea, but we transcend it because we Infuse Being. We Infuse Superior Spiritual Energy into inferior energy.

One of the greatest problems one has is to learn to live with themselves.
Each person at birth was assigned a Guardian Angel. This being protects you from the assault of any fallen Angel. One Angel can call down the Power from Source, Almighty Father, and can stand off a legion of fallen Angels. One can ask their Guardian Angel for protection at any time.

We all have an Etheric sheath around us. Higher input passes through, lower input cannot. What breaks this protective Etheric sheath is lust, recreational drugs, anger, and rage.

In life, do what you have been doing and BE conscientious about it. You are judged on your Intent.
We are tied to the physical body through the nervous system, and now we are bringing it up, refining it to Cosmic Status.

Lucifer: Was a Prince of the Mind, and thought mind was all there was and was the most powerful. 1/3 of the Angels believed him and fell (200). He did not recon with the Seraphim, the Angels of Love at the Throne were more powerful and sent him down. He still has not been judged.

In the coming 2,000 years will be a Golden opportunity to gain Cosmic Status. This will be an individual thing, as one needs to respond to the Keynote of this New Age, which is Spirituality.

In asking for forgiveness: “Almighty Father, I did not know any better at that time concerning..., now I understand...” please forgive me”. The unforgivable sin is that which is against the Holy Spirit, against The Self, and one will have to live it out.

Jesus Christ taught what we call TM today to a handful. Every Avatar brings the Highest Teaching of the Word in the time needed for that Age. Christ's Mission was and is Salvation; Teaching the Word and to help save people from their sins. From the time of Christ to the Guru Dev, no one had learned the Word, what we call TM. Guru Dev (Shankaracharaya of Jyotir Math 1941-1953) was privileged to teach TM because he was Master of all 8 Systems. Maharishi being a Saint was free to teach TM to all. Others are restricted and tied to their Orders. One can only be Initiated once as a human being. It is a Spiritual Teaching of Liberation. Maharishi's first objective was to Spiritually Regenerate India, then the World.

Now is the time for the Lights to gather in. Lights are those who are Spiritual, Religious, and those on the Path.

Ray Rousseau (Vice-President at ISS) and Charlie Lutes; SRM 1990.

Charlie Lutes Lecture Notes
Part 2 of 3

Change in the world will come about the way Nature wants it to. Water is a great purifier. In Atlantis, 60,000,000 went down “in a day and a night”. Actually, the final breakup of Atlantis occurred over a 2-3 year period, but at the end, it happened in a day and a night. The Pyramids were built by the Atlantean's, who were Masters of Nature. The Pyramids were Temples of Initiation. All those not involved in black magic went to Egypt; those involved with black magic and those who used “powers” un-conscientiously went down. There is no formal “history” of this ancient Egyptian culture.

As we become more Spiritual, “powers or gifts” will be there and will not become corrupt, since Spirituality, Being, the Holy Spirit is there. The human had to go through involution to gain Cosmic Mind, Spirituality. TM is based on direct experience, not on faith.

Fear paralyzes, it is totally destructive.

All Avatars come through Lord Vishnu, the Office of Christ. Lord Shiva is “the death of death”. Transformation.
Buddha: One who gained (gains) Ascendancy over the mind. Christ brought Enlightenment and Salvation.
Christ will Return.

You can build a thought-form and the thought-form will control you. TM (Transcendental Meditation) breaks up the thought-forms on the subtle as we Meditate, breaks up their power, and energy.

The Fourth Dimension is Awareness of all sides at the same time plus a new Light Spectrum. The Fourth Dimension is also the dimension of time. It was created for the Third Dimension, in the Fourth is where all rectification comes about. It becomes Cosmic and does not die (non-relative) In Cosmic Status, the Past, Present and Future merge.

Since 1987, time has stepped up and will increase. Keep your mind on that which is important and vital. Earth is meant to raise its Vibration. The Suns rays are stepping up the earths Vibration. Keep your mind on the Spiritual, this is an important period in time, place emphasis as much as possible on the Spiritual in your life.

Changes have been taking place since 1850 and will continue until 2025. From 2015-2022 is an important time during this transition. All planets in our Solar System are affected by this transition. From 1960-1980 the Pisces Age turned into the Aquarian Age. In the Aquarian Age in the beginning there is so much confusion, because we are still in the shadow of Pisces. This is when the “beast” in the human heart must be Mastered and conquered. Armageddon is also fought within each individual. Now, we must Master our lower emotions. Only Good conquers evil, the way of “passion” is going out. You cannot have Heaven on Earth with such disparity between countries, all must come up.

You cannot run away from your problems; if you run you will become weak, and they will overcome you. The problems become intensified until you learn how to deal with it. The more lessons you learn and choose to learn, the more Spiritual you grow. You cannot solve problems except by rising above them, and seeing them.
Do not interfere or try to solve another's (personal) problem (unless asked for help) as it is Soul growth and may rob them of the lesson. Animals are innocent and require our help, they have no karma and should not suffer.

Ishwara is Almighty Father.
There are three aspects to Creation:
Sattva; binds humanity through merit, virtue, goodness.
Rajas; binds humanity through Religion.
Tamas; generally, binds humanity, stagnation, stress.

TM, through the Spiritual ability to Transcend, releases you from all restriction, bounds, releasees the binding of wrong doing from the nervous system; as we become more Aware and Spiritual our nervous system refines. The watchwords of the New Age are Spirituality, Light, Color, and Beauty.

The outer personality changes each lifetime, the Soul holds the memories. This is true until we gain Cosmic Status, as we gain through refinement of Being our permanent personality, keeping soul memories. As one thinks in their heart, so they are; this is why the heart as it purifies becomes the teacher of mind.

The new awareness of this New Age is one of sharing. Veils will be lifted as one Spiritually progresses. New Age changes will be augmented by geological changes, which are necessary. We will evolve rapidly. When people share a common denominator, they share, this is Spiritual. There will be millions of higher beings that will come in. Negative thinking cannot cure anything, one MUST always have Hope; the Invisible cure.

All humans are combinations of virtues and vices, in Spirituality, one no longer allow their vices to overshadow virtues. One must gain self-mastery. The answer to your problems lies within your Self. A person is right when they have right knowledge, right principles, and Inward Knowledge is the only true Knowledge. Pure Consciousness assumes the form of the physical, which is the bondage. The more subtle in awareness you are, the more you are evolving. Truth once seen shines its own resplendent Light. Wisdom is gained by Experience, Knowledge and Understanding.

Humility is the last great lesson. We realize our limitations, see yourself, as the human has self-will and can rise above, this is Spirituality. Always be yourself, be true to yourself. No one has the right to dictate to another's soul. Spirituality is being one's Self and rising above and Mastering one's lower nature.
The human being is the lower self.
The Solar Angel is ones Higher Self. What we truly are.

Jay Peters (Secretary at ISS) and Charlie Lutes; SRM 1990

Charlie Lutes Lecture Notes
Part 3 of 3

Earth was made to be the most beautiful planet in existence. It is the human being that was given Free Will, all other beings are of a fixed type and do not have Free Will. Free Will entails an inner knowing and awareness. The Soul of the human makes one overcome and learn the lessons of Soul evolution. Soul is that part of the Higher Self that came down to bring the human into Cosmic Status.

Bhuddhic: 1st Spiritual Level.
In TM, the Higher Self takes over; now one gains Cosmic Status. The human birth is the most difficult birth, in no other birth can you gain Knowledge of the Truth.

It will be 400 years until the world knows Maharishi's Status. Maharishi said this to Charlie in the 1960s.

No lesson is given to you by the Lords of Karma (Lipka Lords) that you cannot overcome. Do not get caught up and overwhelmed by a situation, have a positive mental attitude, “I must go through this and see it through”. If you feel Good about something, it is in your script; if you feel bad about something, it is not. Use your intuition. In your Seed Atom (on the subtle in your heart) are powerful forces, and these contain lessons of past lives. All your lessons are there, located in your heart. We are now to be guided by our Soul, not the stars once one becomes an Initiate.

In the innermost core of the human body is a spark of fire, which gives the temple of individuality its Spirit. Poise, Balance and Self Control are always needed on the Spiritual Path:
Adept: One who Masters a Path
Avatar: From the world of Angels, one who un-stymies evolution, advances evolution.

Parental Control
From the time of birth to 14 years the child can be molded, once you come into your Emotional Body at age 14, it is hard to change. The first 7 years after birth the child lives on what the Mother gave it during pregnancy. At 7 years, one gets their own Vital body, our vitality. Say to a child what they are going to do, do not ask them. By voice and actions show them that you love them. Never argue or be angry in front of a child. The Mother in pregnancy should think balance, should keep a positive attitude, read spiritual books, listen to harmonious music, seek beauty, and think happy thoughts. Meditation is a boon in pregnancy due to the Spiritual power of the Mantra.

Previous earth life or lives -
Worldly pursuits, material pursuits, dominated. Then one awakens to Spiritual life.

Solar Logos is in complete control of our Solar System. In the Universe, the Universal Logos is in control. The Cosmic Logos is in touch with the Soul Logos. The Consciousness of the Monad is centered in the Solar Logos.

Our Mantras are the “most pleasing Name of God”. They come to life in Initiation, in Spiritual Power. Until awakened (in the Initiation process) they are known as the “sleeping Word”. If the Mantra is given out with improper intent, it goes back to sleep. This is why Initiation is so important. It is a Spiritual Technique.

The Lipka Lords, Lords of Karma operate through Love. They create the destinies of each person; they help balance our Karma. The Records of one's life is in the Subtle Realm. Our thoughts, intents and actions are recorded by a Recording Angel in “The Book of Life”. This is in a very high and remote Place on the high Spiritual Inner Planes. Every person who leaves this world has an appointment with the Lords of Karma. The first 3 days after death you review your life, from the last day, the moment of death to one's birth. One reviews how and what lessons they learned, and what they still need to learn, this is gone over with the Lords of Karma. Prior to birth, our destiny is written in the stars. There is no fatalism in karma. One is given the ability from their Soul to change their circumstances.

The Elohim are Higher Beings in charge of human evolution. The Planets Neptune and Pluto will only affect Spiritual growth. One's Conscious and Soul is the same thing. The Soul comes in the fourth month of pregnancy, this is very important. At conception, Mother, Father and ones (the new life) Soul is present.

One of the Truths of Life, most people are not ready for Spiritual evolution, however, after 1987, this has changed as we enter the New Age. Aquarius is also the sign of Spirituality. Each Soul at some point feels or knows the truth of rebirth, and then wants to know higher Truths and God.
Always Trust the Spiritual in yourself. The main role of the female is to maintain her femininity and be equal with men, she holds the Spiritual. There can be no double standard in this New Age, there should be no competition between men and women. The Female will be a great force of Spirituality in the New Age. She will lead men to the right path, to their higher nature. Her strength is in Spirituality, gentleness and creating beauty. There must be Balance in this New Age.

Know your Intuition. Too often impulsiveness is mistaken for intuition, impulsiveness is based on emotions, not in subtle feeling. Intuition cannot be commanded; it comes as a complete thought in a flash. Intuition gives one clear insight. God is Love. Heart is when Purursha comes into existence. The more subtle, sensitive, the more aware one is in consciousness. Place your attention on Spirituality, be with like-minded people. If one has Faith, firm belief and trust in their Spiritual Path, you will be sustained and kept on the Spiritual Path and be given assistance. One arrives in Spiritual life at the point of recognition, of Realization, they know.

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Charlie Lutes Lectures; Rousseau Archives.
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