A New Heaven on Earth by Charlie F. Lutes

The unfolding of the New Age of Aquarius and a new Heaven on earth.
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Photo of Charles (Charlie) F. Lutes. Photo courtesy of Vincent J. Daczynski.

Editor's Notes:
When we (The Friends of Charlie Lutes - Seattle) would bring Charlie Lutes up here to Seattle, Washington to speak, he often would address the coming of the New Age of Aquarius. Charlie would always stress the importance of Spirituality and our part in helping to create the World we wanted Now. For in creating a better Now we create a better Future for all. The following Lecture was given by Charlie Lutes, around the late 1980s on the coming events, specifically, the New Age changes that started around 1987 along with the process of Inner and Outer personal and planetary Transformation that would begin to take place.
Our sincerest appreciation to Mr. Jim Conroy in being able to share with you the following transcription from audio tape of this Charlie Lutes Lecture. -DMR

A New Heaven on Earth
Unfolding of the New Age of Aquarius
by Charlie F. Lutes

Charlie Lutes speaking ...

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The Process by which the New Age is making itself known to humanity…

The unfoldment of the Age of Aquarius, the unfolding of new powers, new understandings, new capabilities and the unfolding of a new type of human...

Also… it is the Solar Logos who is adopting His consciousness to receive and adopt a new characteristic of Divine Energy. A change on His part affects all life within, that is to say all life within the solar system. So this, in turn, is passed on down to the Planetary Logos, causing the Earth to respond to this new Divine Energy and benefit to this new Divine outpouring of a new Consciousness, now to be experienced on this earth and in turn this will affect every human on this earth.

The Consciousness of mankind has and is now being prepared for the outpouring of these new energies and the development now offered to him. There will be a new Consciousness, an intuitive mental awareness attuned to a higher level of knowing and power unlimited by space or by time. By this the human will have his creative faculties greatly enhanced. Man for many centuries has been locked into the ‘emotional-mental' awareness, an awareness very much concerned with concepts of separation, time and space, limitation, and greatly limited from creative powers.

Now is the time for the unleashing of far greater creativity along with the expanded Consciousness. However, because of the scope of the new powers which the new age Consciousness now offers to humanity, these abilities can only be exercised within an environment of Love, Selflessness and the sensitive dedication to an awareness of God and goodness and the wholeness of life. Humanity without such a Consciousness of love and a sensitive unfoldment of discrimination is unable to know and live ‘Truth in Life'. One would be on hopelessly lost in such a new world. So humanity must now be truly ‘born again with the Spirit', or ‘of God', both being the same.

So those who cannot measure up to these requirements will simply fall away from life on this earth, not to be punished or being ‘weighed in the balance and found wanting' but to be held out of life for a time or to be placed on another earth that does not have the new energies now being released on this earth. Too many humans now have the desire to destroy rooted deep in their psyches, and this will be totally unacceptable for the New Age of Heaven on Earth, so they must now go to some other place.

So only those that have their psyche rooted in Love can handle the new energies or vibrations that will now cover the earth from pole to pole. So now there must be an unfolding and an actual blossoming of such a Consciousness of love and Truth on this earth. The new birth of the Spiritual Being who seeks to express this through the physical body, so the body must now have attunement through mental desire and practice and not to be lost in the energies of materiality and negative motivation of selfish desires.

The fall of man was the original alignment of his Spiritual energies with these forces of materialization so that he would be able to enter into the physical experience and learn from knowledge and experience in such a medium of creative density. The secret all along has been not to become too entrapped in the realms of form and matter. So that, at the time, when ‘the trumpet sounds' one would not be too locked into density so that he would not be able to grasp and receive the new energies which will stimulate higher and higher faculties that lift one back into the realm of the Spirit as the Master of Evolution - and not to suffer the fate of one who is lost in devolution and too focused on matter and too focused on density to be able to respond to the clarion call of the New Age.

Photo of Jim Conroy, (unknown) and Charlie Lutes.

The motivation is not to be locked into that. Now it is the one who has the higher qualities of an uplifting Love, Truth and clear wisdom who hears the call and responds. The Earth's Logos raising His vibration has created a new mold of life and power and light for everyone on this earth. Those who respond to the ideas of Love, Truth and Wisdom will release these creative energies by living a life attuned to these ideals. So a new way of life has now begun, and it remains for all to behold and to marvel at the wave of love that now sweeps the earth and creates a Heaven here on this Earth.

Those who have silently prepared by the practice of Transcendental Meditation or Devotion to Christ or to God will now lead the world into peace and to prosperity with love for one and love for all. One for all and all to share. To be of service is necessary. When this happens then truly the deserts will bloom and man will again certainly walk and talk on this Earth with God.

This is the New Age; this is the New Convergence - Harmonic Convergence.

Written transcription by Jim Conroy, for publication by the Institute of Spiritual Sciences from a lecture; 24:36- 30:07 – tape time.
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