Self-Realization by Charles F. Lutes

One's consciousness has to be expanded to embrace the Divine, Supreme and universal view.
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Photo of Peter Rousseau (at left) with Charlie F. Lutes.

Editor's notes: The following submission is from notes taken at a lecture given by Charlie F. Lutes and were generously transcribed and submitted to ISS for publication by Mr. Peter Rousseau. -RJR

by Charles F. Lutes
June 14, 1981

It is the Atman that enjoys the change, division and duality; it secretly controls its own changes, but it seems to be controlled by them. Again, the Atman, Monad, the Soul. It enjoys change, division and duality; it secretly controls its own changes but it seems to be controlled by them.

It enjoys the oppositions of pain and pleasure, good and bad, wealth and poverty, but it seems to be controlled by them; and it appears to be the victim, and does uphold and possess the action of nature.

It is the Purusha, The Self, that stands back from the changes and the movements of nature and remains calm, cool, impartial, pure and indifferent as a silent watcher, and does not participate in the activity but remains above it on a summit not immersed in the ocean of activity, or the ocean of cause and effect. The Self is like the blue sky looking down upon the restless ocean of life. The Self containing and enjoying both the stillness and the movement but is not limited by either of them.

It is the Brahman, the All, the Indefinable and the Unknowable; It is the Higher or Supreme Self that has to be fully realized in both the relative and the absolute. It is the human, the mental ego sense that creates all distortion of the pure or of the Self and it does this by the division and limitation of the Self. This is brought about by the Divine Purusha identifying itself with the changeable formations of nature, and the separate body, the individual life and the egoistic mind. All of this to the exclusion of the sense of reality of unity with all existence. This condition becomes a fixed habit of our understanding due to our being affixed to the wheel of necessity, the wheel of birth and death.

It is the slow diminution and final disappearance of this condition that brings on the condition of Self-Realization. Self-Realization means just this; the Realization of our true self as we really are and as we have always been. Thus comes the dawn of the beginning of Wisdom, Perfection and vision of the Oneness. The first dawning of Self-Realization is the sense of unity with other existences in the universe. This is the first dawning of Self-Realization. It is the sense of unity with all other existence in the universe. It is the beginning to sympathize with others; the widening of love and compassion for others, and the impulse to work not for self gain but for the sake of others and asking for no reward. Most everything that is done on this earth is done with a reward in mind. However, we still see what is called a pluralistic unity and perfection; and this is when we see one matter, one life, one mind and one Soul playing in many, many forms. When we see this we see matter to be only a play of life, and life a play of the mind. The mind immersing itself into substance. The mind is a play of Truth, or a causal idea representing Truth or Being variously represented in all mental forms.

Truth is a play of the self-manifestation of the Supreme Unknowable. Then we perceive the Soul in all bodies to be this one Self or the Supreme Self, Sat-Chit-Ananda; and we see this multiplying itself in individual bodies or consciousness. This then is the wisdom or the vision of all existence in the Self and the Self in all existence; and this is the foundation of perfect freedom, perfect joy and peace. As Self-Realization increases, all hatred, fear, greed and repulsion disappears, as this goes with the consciousness of separateness and not with the consciousness of unity. Vision, however, is not sufficient; one must become what one inwardly sees. The whole inner life must be changed in order to perfectly represent in all parts of the Being what is understood by the intellect and what is seen through inner perception.

Perfect equality of the Soul must be established. That is, repulsion and attraction must have been removed. Truth has now been permanently established, or the perfect knowledge, by which the Being eternally self-existent manifesting itself in the multiplicity of the universe. One's consciousness has to be expanded to embrace the Divine, Supreme and universal view and not only that but to live in that realization. So Self-Realization is the full realization of the Transcendent Self as one's own true Self or Being. Now, I think maybe we understand a little bit better about what Self-Realization is. I think that is fairly clear and pretty much to the point.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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