Charlie F. Lutes: Postscripts by Diane M. Rousseau

Charlie would often talk about subjects not in his formal lectures.
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Charles F. Lutes, World President of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement.

Charlie F. Lutes: Postscripts
by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

Charlie would often talk about subjects, ideas and experiences that were not in his formal lectures during meals, car rides and the times before, between and after actual lectures. Typically, these were moments when there were just my husband Ray, our friend Jay Peters and I with him. At the time I wrote many of these discussions in my journal. Here are a few of these moments from the October 26-27th,1985 series of lectures hosted by “The Friends of Charlie Lutes” in Seattle Washington.

Charlie told me that one's personal relationship with their Teacher is very important, it is kept quiet and is one-on-one. Several levels of knowledge are shared and this is so that, one (the student) will learn to stand on their own.

I asked Charlie about the Siddhi's (Spiritual Powers) and he said, “Most people are not ready yet, one must be Spiritually prepared. One cannot make them (the powers) work, they unfold when the time is right. Spiritual powers (will) come naturally, on their own, through Devotion to God and meditation. This is why it is so important to have the one-on-one relationship with one's Teacher. The Teacher takes the responsibility for guidance. One should not desire powers; these Teachings are given as one Spiritually progresses”. He was repeating an earlier warning given that day during the regular lecture, “that the acquiring of powers without mentoring and guidance and without the necessary Spiritual preparation could be very dangerous for one's evolution'.

Regarding Comets: “…they come from deep space and they bring in a very high vibration. Comets are Celestial Messengers, pay attention to when they come, meditate more to be in alignment with Cosmic and Spiritual Energy. Comets bring great changes which cause people to un-stress and this affects the whole of nature and the planet. This is also true for meteor showers, but to a lesser degree”.

Charlie said, “As we advance our Inner Experiences continue and over time our Spiritual Energy increases and balances naturally. We balance our Inner Unfoldment with our outer life and this is why reading the Scriptures is so important, for understanding, as the deeper levels (of the soul) unfold. We begin to understand through our Spiritual expansion the layers embedded and encoded in the Scriptures as they are reveled to our Inner Eye. The Teacher increases one's Spiritual Knowledge and Vibration; this Relationship is a Scared Trust, one of love and mutual respect.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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