Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Speaks with Mother Divine

Maharishi wanted all initiators and meditators to be aware of this message from Mother.
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“Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Mother Divine”
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Editor's notes:
Some background on the documents.
The existence of a hand typed copy of Maharishi's talk with Mother Divine was well known among the early Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) trained meditators. Many years ago the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) was gifted copies and we then subsequently posted scans of the eight hand typed pages in 2006 on the ISS web site. These documents were created decades before the internet and were not originally intended for publication, so, in 2020, in order to make these scans more accessible and easier to read, we transcribed these original documents into a Word format. The original scans comprise the rough draft and unedited transcript of the tape-recording Maharishi had made of his Mother Divine experience. The experience itself, and the authenticity of the scanned pages, have been corroborated by both Charlie and Helen Lutes, as well as several other people who were with Maharishi and the Lutes' in the very early days of SRM. The original documents are included as a reference and the scans presented here are direct copies from the personal archives of Charley and Helen Lutes. In preparing this transcription, we have made a few spelling edits, but we generally refrained from addressing grammatical and contextual inconsistencies to preserve purity of Maharishi's original transcription and to avoid any attempt to interpret his intent or meaning. -RJR

Shortly after founding the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) in 1959, Maharishi sought out and contacted Mother Divine and pleaded with her to alleviate the misery of humanity. Mother Divine encouraged Maharishi to continue with his spiritual plan to gather as many Individual Lights as he could, and by these collective Lights, it would then be possible to destroy the darkness in the world for a temporary period of up to a few thousand years. Maharishi wanted all SRM Meditation Guides [Initiators] and all meditators to be aware of this message from Mother.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Speaks with Mother Divine

[Mother Divine Temple -1-]
For the last two days I have been feeling very guilty at not having gone to Divine Mother whose Radiance has been invoked in Shankaracharya Nagar last year in Summer when I started to invoke the radiance of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Mother Divine from all Beacons all the seats of these Gods spread all over India. From Kashmir there was the Radiance from Lord Shiva – Amanat and on the days when we invoked the Divine Radiance of Mother then was Luka Pavani – the Temple is here and my heart is always with love for Divine Mother ever since I had the first sight of her eight years ago when the first International Peace Camp was in Pahalgan, in Kashmir and this was the year before the starting of the S.R.M. So drawing the Divine Radiance from here Shankaracharya Nagar and always holding Mother in my heart and mind, wherever I have been in any part of the world for the last six years, six times going around the world, but at every important occasion Luka Pavana was in my heart, and with such love and Divine Radiance she had been blessing all the time that it is simply impossible to describe. Now having come to Shrinagar, and when about three days past and I did not go to pay my homage to her and my respects, and all that is due. In my heart and my mind I was feeling all the time very guilty and since yesterday when we went Phalgam, and on the way I wanted to have her version, but because it was very late we just came back down here could not go. I was feeling very very unhappy inside. This morning, to-day, it started with Divine Radiance of Guru Dev, I was instructing Mrs. Black, describing to her the principles of Initiation, and in that I gave out a very great secret of which I had not spoken to anyone so far, and with that the entire atmosphere around me was simply filled with impulses of the Divine, with

Mother Divine Temple -2-
to Luka Pavani this morning, but I was all the time on the way feeling guilty and suspicious how She was going to take it now. I would say it was crime not to go to her, having remained here four days. Then the moment we arrived here at the Temple the news came that the Punjari had gone to the market. The Priest is out of the Temple and the nearer we went we saw that the Temple was locked. It was no surprise to me, for, if I could afford not to go to Her in four days, living here so near, She could well afford to keep the door locked. It was just. But then I waited for a while and I was thinking. Fortunately the door was not completely shut, the solid door was open, and the door which is only to prevent thieves entering, it was locked, so I could have vision from outside but I did not go in front of her because I was just trying to have the feel of the atmosphere, what it was all about, knowing full well that that was the morning time – see, it was about nine or ten a.m. and that morning time the Priest is expected to be there worshiping Mother, that was the time he was out, so it was not a co-incidence. I knew what was behind it, and then I began to feel, I don't have and Pandit with me who would really sing the Praise of Mother and ask for pardon and try to please Her some way or another, and I was looking here and there, and what I found was, within two or three minutes some Pandit was found standing in front of the gate. I called him and said, do you know Bhavani Strotrum. Now, Bhavani Strotrum is the Praise of Mother usually sung in this temple of Stuka Bavani, so I said do you know how to recite. He said, “I know in Kashmirie, will that be all right?” I said yes, fine, Kashmirie wil be alright, and do you know anything in Sanskrit? He said, “Yes, but I usually pray in Bhavani in Kashmirie.” Then I put the flower on the gate and prostrated to Mother. There was absolutely no response, flat neutrality, complete. I said, “alright Then, I made from my side, I had to do it, I said, “Ma, don't You see

Mother Divine Temple -3-
so much, all the time, suffering increasing in the world and you are safely secured within the lock and don't you think something should be done for all the suffering humanity. She had a quick response to it and with such fullness, full of Love and a smile and, I would say, a joke of Love behind it, and she said, “Is it not right to be safe behind the lock and not allow the misery to come I, oh!” And then I knew everything was alright. Not coming for four days was not a very great damage or insult or anything because she is so full of Love and that expression, that very expression that She did not try to be safe within the lock allow the misery to come in because I complained the misery was increasing in the world and You are safe here, but she said, “Is it not right to be safe.” It was such a marvelous Love pouring out from Mother. I said “then I became a little bold and I said “But is it proper for you to hold such an attitude that lets the world suffer and you have to be safe and secure, does it fit You Ma?” And then she said, “But don't you see, I am here to maintain the Cycle of TIME.”
There is S _________ and W __________ and G __________ Kaluga and the CYCLE OF TIME has to go on. The man was perfect at some time and then became a little less perfect and now the CYCLE of TIME demands suffering in man and suffering should increase and that's why the conduct of the people also goes that way, that brings them suffering and my concern is to maintain that CYCLE of TIME. In your talk of this little bit period, where the people are suffering and you see, during the talk, one thing I am speaking during the talk, the whole elaborations was not there. There were hints like that I'm just giving out the full version of those hints. And she She said I am just sitting here to see that the CYCLE of TIME is secured, and from that level this is the time for the people to suffer. Then I said, because She spoke from the Cosmic level, I launched a complaint from this present human level and She spoke from that level of Eternity, concerning the whole time and there was no answer left I could make another appeal saying, “No, no, how You say like that, and that You are so powerful

Mother Divine Temple -4-
and what I heard from the Pandit who started to recited the Mantras in Praise of Mother, that I said, “Look here, here is Your Grace and You are so powerful and so Almighty and so Knowing and can do anything. Don't you think something can be done like that?” Then she said in a very compassionate manner, as a Mother pleases a child, she said, “But the CYCLE of TIME means that there would the DAY and there would be the NIGHT and in the morning the Sun rises and by mid-day it becomes very bright and by evening it becomes less, and light becomes less and by mid-night it becomes pitch dark, and now, the people have to start suffering and gradually suffering increase.” Now, this is the CYCLE of TIME she presented from her side and again there was nothing for me to say, and then I said, “No Ma, you are ALL Powerful and You should do something, and You can do something. I don't know what You can do but something must be done because that much I know, You can do something.” In the meantime the Pandit was reciting the Prayers, recited some glory of Mother, Her Power, that time she killed some demon at that time she some demon – that in Her Praise and I said, “Look here, You have doing something to neutralize the dark periods of Time by killing these demons and do You think this action of Yours was something out of Your Cosmic searching of time which You are holding to-day fast – and that was very good for my part. The recitation from the Pandits helped me very greatly and then I said, “Look here, You did that time that thing, and I must say ------ I just hinted at what he say, and this is Your Praise, and this is Your history. Then She said – what She said was – Ah! Then She came up in very great glory, and then she put the whole thing back to me. What she said was, “Ah! see, I killed that demon, the approach was individual because to, even at the dead of night, in pitch dark, a bright Star falls and it illumines the whole space, but for a little while like that when the entire atmosphere becomes saturated with Tamas with wrong influence then I killed that demon because that was the powerful generator of wrong influence in the atmosphere. By killing that I destroyed

Mother Divine Temple -5-
that generator of wrong influence in the atmosphere. Now YOU are doing the same thing. All this increase of happiness an suffering in the world is due to the generation of wrong influence from individuals. Now, what is necessary is to kill the generator in the individual ad what is the generator of wrong influence in the individual lower level of consciousness. Then raise the level of consciousness of the individuals and the generator of wrong influence will be destroyed and then You will create the same thing.” I said that if that programme is underway MA, don't You think you should do something? It won't be possible to do anything more than approaching the individual, destroying the generator of wrong influence. She said, “Just now You pointed out to those Pandits reciting all the history what I have been doing from time to time it was destroying the individual generators of wrong influence and I had to do it because those generators were very powerful, very powerful demons indeed, very rich indeed, no one else could possibly destroy them, but now there is no such demon in the world but the little bit, small demons present in every heart which leads the people to wrongdoing and producing wrong influence you raise the level of consciousness and that would be done so that you are doing already, so go ahead.” Now, what made me happy was the support and the acceptance of the S.R.M. The acceptance of the S.R.M. from that Divine level and philosophy analyzed in the light of the Actions of Divine Mother from time to time to eradicate the generators of wrong influence, but, it made the circle complete. It started because I launched the complaint and prayed for Her support and rescue for entire humanity. Presented just the entire suffering humanity to her and I had nothing in my mind of S.R.M. or anything – absolutely nothing, I just presented the whole as you present a bunch of flowers, the whole human suffering I presented. Now look, this is the situation you are doing sitting quietly under the locked safe and secure, and then in the end She came down to that point and said, “Now, here individual approach, destroy the generators of wrong influence and the light will shine.” But by the angle of that Star falling and lighting the entire atmosphere, the dark night she enlightened or put forward one principle that, time she said that when the whole

Divine Mother Temple -6-
space is dark in the dead of night it is not possible to eradicate the entire darkness but is possible to for the individual homes to be in light here and there isolated for - in small spaces darkness cold be relieved but when I pressed on and pressed on and then she says, “It does happen that in the pitch dark a bright star falls and it illumines the whole space and that She made reference to her own actions of killing those demons in different times and accepted the principle that She can do something about it. But later on she said there no demons to-day for which She had to come out herself so that the individual; hearts that are in darkness could be enlightened. Raise the level of consciousness and the wrong influence will cease to be generated and that is the way. So what actually made me happy was the acceptance of the movement and the clarification of the entire principle, that, and that from the Divine level. Even though this aspect of the whole dialogue made me very very happy inside and completely contented with, but there was some corner of my heart there was that warmness that said “AH” – this is Divine Intelligence, not doing anything, making happy. She didn't do anything but just took some corners here and there and laid out the whole situation that what ever you are doing is alright – I don't have to do anything. Nothing like this defining Eternity. This is how Gods know and how to get away from the issue and She placed the whole thing in front that everything was done and everything was fine. You go ahead with what you are doing. Then in the end I said what I said. What I said with reference to my guilt was, because I had to speak it out to her when I found she was so responsive and even though she intended to teach a lesson by closing the door and locking the whole thing, even then She couldn't contain Herself, She had to come out! And then I said, I am very sorry I have nothing to give a reason except I was lazy and I was wrong, and all the time I was feeling to come but couldn't come. She said, “No, these things are small things, don't worry about them.” It was a very great good thing to-day. It started wit the radiance of GURU DEV and that GURU DEV radiance was spoken out in DIVINE RADIANCE. The whole ay was very delightful. It was a very fortunate day. And then, I decided to go tomorrow morning and do some regular Puja to Davie and sit by her side. There is nothing more to talk to Her, just pay our devotion to Her and just be in Her presence sometime. Very GREAT day.

Divine Mother Temple -7-
Such instance that, again, in South India, particularly in the Temple of P __________ M _________ See, that was __________. So this is The Divine __________ Now, this conversation lays open the whole situation. The TIME is, that the suffering has to be but the possibility is that by our efforts we could create a situation that for a thousand, or a few thousand years this simple technique of realizing the burden of evil in human society and all that could be alleviated, this principle of neutralizing the whole influence from the entire atmosphere is true in the Divine consciousness – it is in our consciousness so it is the Truth of Cosmic existence that the individual pollutes the atmosphere. The individual having risen to higher consciousness can undo the pollution and this from time to time has been this principle, has been worked out on the Almighty level and, again, as we are doing today – it has been done in the past by the individual of certain generations the polluted atmosphere can be purified it is a different world of this Gods, Divine God, a different world altogether. It has been all about human life, far away from this human level, totally different and such a concrete and realistic principle of Divine Communion – Is the central point of Indian culture. Communication with the Brahma – Omnipresent Life of Braham by quietly BEING IT is ONENESS and this direct communication with the gaining Braham Chitty and gaining Absolute consciousness and this is on the Omnipresent level of life – on the Unmanifested Eternal level of life. That is one central point of Indian culture. Another which equally important, rather more from the point of view, is the direct communication with the world of Celestial existence with the world of Gods with direct communication with higher forces of nature, Almighty Power of Nature which concerns itself with Cosmic life, with Cosmic evolution, Cosmic cycle of time. Something on the [on the] Eternal level. That is another central point of Indian culture. This is the spirit of India. Other things are on the surface but underneath all Indian culture, all Indian religion is this reality of direct communication and the practice of Transcendental Meditation which gives them that easy access to Braham Chitty of the Unmanifested sphere. So this lossing of the act is a different thing but with the Grace of GURU DEV we lived that life which was the life of Braham. At the same time, life of direct communication with the Celestial field of life with all the

Divine Mother Temple -8-
Gods direct a life which was a true Incarnation of Indian culture – a true interpretation of Vedic wisdom and a true embodiment of __________ with His blessings we are so fortunate as to know __________ from Gods themselves Very fortunate to have this recognition of our work from the Divine level. This is the strength of the SRM and this is the glory that every Guide has. A very great thing. A very. very great thing and impossibility of the world to-day that is so vivid and so concrete with our life. Something that to-day's world could never accede to or never believe in and that is the reality of our Daily routine. It is very fortunate, extremely fortunate, and all Glory to GURU DEV - He just keeps leading us this day here and that day there and we sit very very fortunate. Let all this message of Mother reach all the Meditation Guides and if possible all the people in the WORLD meditating.


2020 transcription Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS).

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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