Kundalini is the Symbol of Life Force by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Enlightenment, that pure awareness of pure consciousness.
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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, circa 1967-68.

Editor's Notes: Maharishi on Kundalini; the following is a transcription of a lecture given by HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at Lake Louise, Canada in 1968 on Kundalini. It was transcribed and submitted to ISS by Acharaya Surendra Parihar. -RJR

Kundalini is the Symbol of Life Force
by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Transcribed by Acharaya Surendra Parihar
Jan. 5 2013

H.H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi begins:
“Chakras are the mile stones on the path of Kundalini. How many have experienced during meditation sometimes some movement along the spine, there is something coming up and down, something like that? This is movement of Kundalini. These movements, like the energy impulses we have talked in the morning, flowing like that, like that, they are the signs of release of stress and strain.”

“And have you noticed some times when you are meditating, that breathing becomes much refined and it flows equally with both the nostrils? Otherwise generally it flows either from the left or from the right. But during meditation, when it becomes very refined it flows from both. When the breath flows from both, then it is called Shushumna.”

“There is a very fine hole deep inside the spinal column. Very fine, much thinner than the width of the hair. Maybe one hundredth of the width of the hair. Such fine spine and when the nervous system becomes freer from deep rooted stresses and strain of which we talked in the morning (using a board) See, this is the spinal column. And at the end of the spine is the Kundalini. Kundalini is the symbol of life force that is present in each living being. Higher state of consciousness depends on how much this Kundalini is awake. It is said to be on this end of this.”

“And this column is said to be Shushumna. And as the body becomes purer and purer, this germ of life, it is like a serpent, it becomes awake. In all the creatures, the small, small insects and birds and animals and man and angels, in every living being, this germ of life is present at any time along the spine you may feel some movement of energy. It is physical, you feel it, up and down movement. These are the movements of this germ of life. It becomes awake.”

“What happens is, this very fine path of air is blocked, may be some block here and some block there. If it is blocked, then in our system of meditation, when the mantra becomes very fine, very fine, then breathing becomes very fine. And when the breathing becomes very fine then the breath permeates the system. Absolutely very fine breath, it is able to pierce through the whole body. And then the air starts passing from this very fine hole, very fine passage. When the air passes from here, then if there is a block here, then the pressure is created here. And due to that pressure, the body may rock this way or that way. The whole body may even do like that. All this is just due to the air pressing through the fine hole and finding its way up.”

“Movement, any kind of movement may happen here or there. And along this path, there are certain chakras or what they call it, centers, one here and one here and one here. And each center is like that, may be two petaled rose or four petaled rose or six or eight or twelve, like that. And when this Kundalini, the germ of life, travels from here through this and the passage is clear, then each of these (chakras) become upward like that. They turn over. And a turn over means, the passage is clear now.”

“And by the time all these six Chakras open up, then the whole passage is clear. And the Kundalini then comes here, resides here and this gives clearer experience of Being, very clear, pure consciousness. And that is called enlightenment, that pure awareness of pure consciousness fills the whole thing. There is a system of practice which is called Laya Yoga. Laya means absorption. The Kundalini finds its absorption in all these centers, here and here and here and eventually here in the cortex, the thousand petaled rose, a thousand petaled lotus.”

“And by the time Kundalini comes here, everything, the whole thing becomes full of light. Full of light means full of awareness. Light means not this light, but pure Being. And when this whole area becomes aware of Being clearly, then it is Cosmic Consciousness. Then the Being is never lost irrespective of our engagements during the day or restfulness in the night. It remains permanent. And this is what is called the state of enlightenment.”

“As Kundalini becomes more and more awake, the soul keeps on coming to higher and higher species. Coming to man's species, it comes to a level of wakefulness, that it can rise up and it has then this whole path to bring it to this region, where Being will be permanently established in the very nature of the mind. This whole area of the nervous system becomes enlightened.”

Audience question: “Do you know when you have it?”

Maharishi answers:
“See, you feel the up and down march of this. Sometimes it goes up and down and up and down. When the whole thing is clear and the whole nervous system is completely free from stresses and strains, then it never returns. It gets there and gets absorbed. You experience the up and down march of this thing and you experience when it is permanently established in the whole nervous system.”

Lake Louise, Canada, 1968

About Acharaya Surendra Parihar:

“I love to practice Transcendental Meditation and T.M. Siddhi. My interest in Vedic Science and Vedic Astrology developed when I found my Guru Maharishi Ji. All these years I have been exploring the inner world and have developed and experimented with techniques taught by my spiritual teacher. It has helped enhance my consciousness.”
“Having been exposed to the two diametrically opposite cultures (India and the West) has led me to scrutinize my experiences and observations. Since that time, I have dedicated my life to guiding people all over the globe... twenty-nine countries so far for this great cause.”
“The only thing I really wish to do with my life is to inspire someone. I want to touch someone's life so much that they can genuinely say that if they had never met me then they wouldn't be the person they are today. I want to save someone; save them from this cold, dark and lonely world. I only wish to make a change even if it is a little difference to their own realm of existence. I wish a positive world around everybody”.


With Love and Light,

Acharya Surendra Parihar
New Delhi, India
January 5, 2013

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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