Source of Thought by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

If we look into the idea of global mind, we must also look at the “Source of Thought”.
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While some units of energy have a life span such as the Sun, the Universe also draws upon unseen energy that sustains the entire relative field.

Source of Thought
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
March, 2014

If we look into the idea of global mind, we must also look at the “Source of Thought”...

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Source Energy

This expresses a new cosmology uniting relativistic science with the quantum field. An Electron(1) could be looked at as self-sustaining point of energy, encompassing dark matter as part of a field of infinite space or non-relative Source it draws upon or comes from; much as a thought has life and energy, yet comes from the 'Source of Thought' that science is starting to seriously consider. I am not a mathematician, but I love this subject. While some units of energy have a life span as the Sun, the Universe also draws upon unseen energy that sustains the entire relative field. An Electron is like a microcosm of relative and non-relative energy as subtle and gross wave properties that can be affected in the relative macrocosm.

Thoughts - we know we have thoughts, but how do we prove or show the evidence of the origin of the subtle energy that creates the matter that creates the brain, that inspires the mind to create the thought? Here is where experience gives insight and will direct new technology that will measure the energy field of a thought or intent as it leaves the person, for it will be composed of Primal Energy, which directly relates to the persons level of understanding or Consciousness. It will have an energetic signature that one will be able to identify with geometry and it will have a life span. In other words, one will see the positive or negative reality they generate and how this affects the Collective and Nature as Finite to Infinite Intelligence.

Collective Consciousness and Global Transformation

It can be agreed upon in theory that an Electron, in a sense, has freedom and it will affect the atmosphere by intent. In Infinity this would relate not to intellect, but to the Intelligence that governs the Collective and has its basis at the Source of Thought or the governing Source Matrix that energy and matter draw upon. Energy does not die - it is a constant; it is matter that changes form and density based on expansion suggesting a choice which directly relates to Consciousness. Just as an Electron excites as attention is placed upon it, so too is the energy that is behind the life of a thought. It is then the value of the thought which has the life span, not the Source of Thought, Soul or Spirit, which is the Energy that is behind it that can be accessed. For that is Infinite and so shows how our ability to connect with the Source of Thought, the Self, is the basis for true and lasting Global Transformation and changing the Probable Future. As the thoughts enter the Collective Consciousness, they are transformed as they are picked up by each individual which again affects the collective and changes the environment; the 100th monkey effect.(2)

Each Unified Field of Energy has Electrons partial to that Field, so each is as a Wave, a frequency that changes matter to finer and finer density levels or gross densities based on the quality of the Wave, or, the quality of the Thought. The Quality of the Energy, or Level, one is able to tap into also shows how long a life span a thought will have. The Global Mind then is relative unless the Source of Thought, which has its basis in the Non-Relative, Divine Field, can affect it from each person's ability to tap into the Self. This Self, the Source, Infinite Spirit, in which is Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Love or Energy, Infinite Intent or Will and which is reflected in us as we Awaken; unbounded and unhampered by the surface or collective mind that sees only what is material or what can be measured.

Global Consciousness

From here we can more clearly see the value of who and what we are as Individual Consciousness' (which constantly expands as we Meditate, an Infusion) and how we affect the Collective Consciousness. This then directly affects both the Present and Future, for as we expand how we think and what we think, the Power in the nature of the thought increases. Humanities' progression or stagnation - including education, technology, health, life span and Nature as an Intelligence - is directly affected by us. We realize this as we expand in our unity and strengthen our connection in Source through direct experience and understanding in the Supreme Source of All. Thoughts are Enlivened as they become magnified, transformed and from finer levels the Global Mind expand, not from the relative field, but from one's Spirit. This is the unification that was known of long ago; that Science and Spirituality were One. Through Infusion of the Divine, we see and witness a quantum leap in the Global Consciousness from each individual enlivened Spirit.

(1) Electrons have a charge and a surrounding electric field and participate in numerous physical phenomena such as: electricity, magnetism, chemistry, thermal conductivity and in gravitational, electromagnetic and weak interactions.
(2) “The hundredth monkey effect” is a circumstance in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.

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