Times are Changing by Gulab Kothari

Up to now, the lifestyles of many are inclined towards accumulating earthly wealth and power.
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In this universe, on this planet and at this time, the Devas continue their age-old battle to counter the base deeds of the Asuras.

Editor's notes: Our friend and college, Gulab Kothari PhD, has written and shared this piece for publication on the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) web site. Dr. Kothari's article was first published in the Rajasthan Patrika News, Rajasthan, India, where he is the Chief Editor. Dr. Kothari, has kindly forwarded this piece to Dr. Diane M. Rousseau for publication on the ISS web site. The version of the article as it appears here has been lightly edited and annotated for inclusion on the ISS web site. -RJR

Times are Changing
by Gulab Kothari
May 28,2020

Creation and Struggle

Creation is the struggle of Prakriti(1) and Purusha.(2) Purusha is both a divine being and a demonic force. One fourth of it consists of gods [Devas] and the three fourths are demons [Asuras]; they are more powerful than gods. The divinity of divine beings (devatas) is proved on account of demons. The devatas are always scared of them. That is why avatars are important. Krishna [an avatar of Vishnu] says, “In order to protect the virtuous, destroy the wicked and establish the rule of dharma(3) on the earth I incarnate in every aeon.”

In this universe the wicked will continue to indulge in base deeds, the devas(4) will continue to find a way out and along with this the wickedness will also continue to be punished from time to time. The sun, a form of Purusha, is the soul of the universe. It assumes the gross form as it reaches the earth – the land of death. The devas (supraphysical energies) live where there is light. The demons live in darkness. They run away as the sun lights it's path of orbit and tropics. The same situation is created when the rays of the sun fall on its path of orbit – Kranti Vritta. As soon as the sun moves ahead, the darkness keeps itself ready to engulf the region. Darkness alone is the realm of the activities of Laxmi.(5) An owl cannot survive in light. The alliance between demons and Laxmi nourishes only the demonic propensities of darkness.

Wealth and Power

The lifestyle today is inclined towards Laxmi [the aspect of accumulating wealth and power]. All grievous wrongs are at their nadir. The sole purpose of learning is to earn wealth instead of being blessed with light. The need to protect the virtuous goes on increasing. We should look at what is happening in the world today from this point of view only. Whatever may be the language of science and politics basically it is Prakriti that is showing it's might. Ordinary persons are unable to see the losses of industries. The attention of humanity is focused on the migrant workers. They are returning to their homes on foot. One cannot bear to see their woes and suffering. They are hungry, have blisters in the soles of their feet, are sick and have no vehicle. In spite of all this, they are not relying on the governments which have announced relief packages of lakhs [a hundred thousand.] and crores [ten million or one hundred lakhs] of rupees. They are thinking that their elected representatives have deceived them. Is politicizing human tragedy a form of democracy?

Those who have set out for their houses will not return even if the states seal their boundaries, they will reach their homes sooner or later. They have faith in God. Even the souls of those who breathe their last on the way will accompany them to their homes. The strength of this country is not the body and wealth but mana (heart) which the power lacks. In the circumstances of today those who are in power will not miss the opportunity to fulfil their selfish ends. It has already become the talk of the town. Even the rations of those who have left the towns is being taken away by someone. Many kinds of fake bills, particularly in the name of treatment, are coming to light in addition to many other unthinkable things that are happening. The politicians are not worried in the least that people's faith in them has been shaken.

Changing Times

The results portend something bad. Those who are on roads do not want to stop even in this state of distress and predicament deplorable plight. Those who are at the boundaries their states are becoming victims of politics. No one is bothered about those who are dying or delivering children on roads. Even those who have not yet started their journey have begun to threaten and huge demonstrations are being organized in industrial cities advocating for allowing them to return to their villages. What is surprising is that instead of taking them into confidence, they are being lathi(6) charged. The salt is being rubbed in their wounds. They have become foreigners and terrorists in their own countries. Will they not spit venom against the government? On the one hand they have lost their jobs, their homes and are now being hit with lathis instead of helping them to get food. It is happening in a country where the government is by the people and for the people. Today which section of society except the government is happy. Who is grabbing lakhs of rupees of relief packages?

Corona [COVID-19] has appeared in the form of a cure. In other countries too the migrants and laborers are more or less facing the same situation as their counterparts in India. I do not know what will happen in other countries but I do foresee a phase of a big change in India. Disillusioned with the robbery of the government, the unemployed educated and migrant laborer appears to create an alarming situation. The politics of votes has already fragmented our country. It is only after corona that we will be able to gauge the immensity of the harm done to the country. Prakriti has come out to do justice. Predictions have been made up to Diwali all over the world. Times are changing.

A New Direction

The policies of the government also tell us a different story. Relief packages, conflict between BJP and Congress, imports-exports, performance of banks, the plight of retailers, neglecting agriculture and animal husbandry (subjecting farmers to deceptive tricks by insurance companies), dominance of bureaucracy, GST, installments of debts, the mentality of levying new taxes and an unprecedented disconnect from the people are being discussed afresh. The policies are not meant for the upper class. The leaders and bureaucrats have become ‘above the law'. The low-income groups are starving, half of the population is below the poverty line and every section of the government is bent on harming the middle class. This time the industrial world has also been entangled in this peculiar situation. The governments are arranging for the return of the migrants. If they go home in such a fiercely agitated state of mind they are not going to return easily. Even after Diwali there is no possibility of their coming back. By the time they return the slums will have turned into concrete buildings. A new form of the country will emerge by the beginning of the next year. There will be new energy, new direction and new speed. The old contractors of the country will bid adieu. The country will again reach the pinnacle of success with a new technology.
-Gulab Kothari PhD.

(1) Prakriti (Sanskrit) means “nature”. It is a key concept in Hinduism (also relevant in Jainism and Buddhism) and refers to the primal matter with three different innate qualities (Guṇas) whose equilibrium is the basis of all observed empirical reality. Prakriti, in this school, contrasts with Purusha, which is pure awareness and metaphysical consciousness.

(2) Purusha (Sanskrit) is a complex concept whose meaning evolved in Vedic and Upanishadic times. Depending on source and historical timeline, it means the cosmic being or self, consciousness, and universal principle.

(3) Dharma (Sanskrit) noun, in Vedantic religions the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order, the religious and moral law governing individual conduct that is one of the four ends of life.

(4)Deva (Sanskrit) “heavenly, divine” is one of the terms for a deity in Hinduism. Deva is a masculine term; the feminine equivalent is Devi. In the Puranas and the Itihasas of Hinduism the Devas represent the good and the Asuras the bad.

(5) Lakshmi (Sanskrit) is the consort of Vishnu and the Goddess of Spirituality, good fortune, wealth, fertility and prosperity. Lakshmi is also an important deity in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Lakshmi has many aspects, but is commonly seen in two forms: SriDevi and BhuDevi, both of which can appear at the side of Vishnu. SriDevi is of the Spiritual Nature or Akasha, non-relative Spirit Energy, behind manifest Prakriti, or all material Creation. BhuDevi is the representation and totality of the relative material creation, worlds and energy, called the aparam Prakriti, (aparam: (Sanskrit; from apara, meaning “lower”) in which she is of the physical and Mother Earth. It can be argued both forms are inherently neutral in Source. The Devas (Spiritual, Good deities) ask for her Grace, Blessings and Support, and the Asuras (bad deities or demons) seek to take advantage her respective energies for their own ends.

(6) A lathi is a long heavy wooden stick used as a weapon in India, sometimes by the police.

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More about Gulab Kothari

Gulab Kothari PhD. is an Indian author, journalist and the editor-in-chief of Rajasthan Patrika, an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper published in a large number of major cities in India.

The Patrika Group also has a significant digital presence, enjoying the patronage of over 28.54 million unique visitors per month. Early in 2015, Rajasthan Patrika launched a Delhi-based English language news website called Catch, see: catchnews.com.

Dr. Kothari is known for his contributions to Vedic Studies and was conferred with the Moortidevi Award in 2011, for his book “Mein Hi Radha, Mein Hi Krishna”.

Gulab Kothari has written numerous other articles and a number of his books are available on Amazon India at: Gulab Kothari Books.

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