Respect: Wisdom Education by Tito Lange

Cultivating positive and respectful energies will produce positive growth.
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Every energy cultivated by a person will grow to its maturity and, in the process, strong character energies arise by which that person will be identified.

Editor's notes: The following is an excerpt from “Who Are We” by Mr. Jansenius T. (Tito) Lange, Jr.(1). This article has been adapted and edited specifically for the ISS web site by permission of the author. We thank Mr. Lange for allowing us to include his insight and wisdom among our contributors. -RJR

Respect: Wisdom Education
by Tito Lange

Self-Development Wisdom Education and Character-Development Wisdom Education are educational blueprints for human beings who choose to cultivate their respective Human-energies and life style…
It is in the virtues of such wisdom principles that I created specific wisdom education, as needed, in the form of Academical Courses, for teenagers and adults' human beings alike. This vision to educated teenagers to the spiritual and human-energies wisdom was revealed to me at a very early age. This is my motive for creating “Self-development Wisdom Education” and “Self-Development Wisdom Institutes” as the means through which I can teach such wisdom; since we all are their creations…


”...We ought to educate all teenagers to the fact that “Respect Energies Wisdom” must guide and guard their mind's decision making process along their journey of making commitments. Otherwise they are never going to experience “Joy and Contentment” while pursuing any success in life…”

What is Respect?
Respect is Energy.

There are Respect Spiritual Energies and there are Respect Human Energies. The practice of bullying happens when there is a lack of respect. The cultivation of a person's Respect Energies is a journey. That journey begins with the continuous cultivation of Respect Spiritual Energies, knowledge, wisdom, principles, understandings, disciplines and manners. The virtue of Respect Spiritual Energies is the development of Respect Human Energies within us.

We all have heard the word respect being used by people as the gestures displayed to other people. However, from a spiritual and human approach “to respect” is not a transferable energy. Respect Spiritual Energies were created by love to serve people as guidelines for fashioning their respective spiritual and human freedoms. Respect energies are the energies that draw the perimeters for each respective person. Love looks for the strengths of our respective character energies before trusting us with its spiritual responsibilities.

Having the presence of respect energies within people is the beginning journey of preparation work, to develop and nurture free and complete respect energies within a person. When, within the person, the Life and Love spiritual energies do not have the highest priority, there is darkness. Unless you have a clear understanding of the limits of your spiritual freedom while going through your physical journey on earth, you are not yet a ‘Free person'. No person is born with respect energies already existing within them. Respect must be cultivated by each person before a respect energy presence can be developed and be active within that person. Every energy cultivated by a person will grow to its maturity and, in the process, strong character energies arise by which that person will be identified.

Spiritual-energies Wisdom

When a Teenager has not yet been exposed to Respect Spiritual Energies Wisdom Education, that teenager's mental decision making process cannot be guided and guarded by the wisdom of respect. Teenagers are depending on adults and their communities to encourage them through Human Development Wisdom education to correctly choose how to activate their own minds. Within the teenager, when there is not the presence of respect energies, there also is not the presence of Life energies. Where there are no Life Energies, there are no Love Spiritual Energies.

As much as the practice of teenage bullying hurts its victims, we must never to lose the sight of the fact that the bullying teenager is a person whose inner existence is in darkness; it is the lack of respect energies within their own inner existence needed to guide and guard a teenager's decision making process that causes teenagers to intrude into their fellow teenager's respect perimeters. It is the lack of strong conscience energies within them that causes teenagers to insult their fellow teenagers respect limits, without understanding any impact their own actions may have on fellow teenagers. It is only through the constant practice of Respect Spiritual Energies Wisdom that a person can cultivate respect energies themselves. Each spiritual-energy has its unique spiritual-energies wisdom.

Mind Energy

All human energy has its unique mind energy. It is of great importance that we do educate about our respect energies. These may include: Moral, Social, Human, Spiritual, Confidence, Belief, Faith, and Value energies wisdom education. This enumeration is just to name a few human and spiritual energies, and their unique characteristics that contribute to the guidance of respect energies and to the unique mind decision making process.

Because your respect energies have mind energies of their own they have the abilities and capabilities to make their own decisions. Your intervention, or conscious knowledge, of what Respect Energy is doing at any specific moment may or may not be under your control. Without the wisdom of human or spiritual-energies to guide and guard the mind decision making process, your respect energies may make mistakes that can be costly to you. Remember, you are the leader of your human energies on earth. Each energy which you choose to cultivate during your physical journey on earth, will become part of your character energies, by which your Majesty will be identified for the rest of your days on earth.

We create laws to punish teenagers who do not show respect in their actions. We may be neglectful as a society to withhold the wisdom of Respect Education from teenagers; thus, waiting for them to make mistakes so we can then punish them. For hundreds of years mankind has been doing these same practices... and not any of them have worked.

My own self-created ‘Vision' to build online institutes to be called: “Self-development Wisdom Institutes” and to offer ‘free' Human-development Wisdom Education to all teenagers worldwide. Respect Energies Wisdom Education would also be one of the character-energies wisdom courses that would be offered to all teenagers. Teenagers, who cultivate respect energies within them, would not have an interest in bullying their fellow Teenagers in school, nor in his or her neighborhood.
-Tito Lange

(1) “Who Are We”, Self-development Wisdom vol.1, Chapter 1: by Tito Lange. Xlibris publishing, March 2005.

More about Jansenius T. (Tito) Lange, Jr.

Mr. Jansenius T. (Tito) Lange, Jr. is Founder/President of Self-Development Wisdom Institutes. Mr. Lange is a modern philosopher; a published author/writer, Key Note public inspirational speaker and creator of “Character-development Wisdom Education” and Founder of “Self-Development Wisdom Institutes”.

He has appeared on network television (NBC, ABC and CBS) and various radio programs. His “Wisdom Education” is an educational blueprint for human beings who choose to cultivate their respective Human-energies and life style. Character-Development Wisdom Education is an educational blueprint for human-beings who choose to cultivate specific character-energies within them.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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