A Letter on Labels and Truth by John Hannaman

We can have loving respect and care for the welfare of all life.
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We can create a better world by living as Divine Instruments who serve the Will of God.

The following Letter was written by my dear friend John. It is heartfelt and calls out for all to embrace Unity and Oneness in their lives. It is my joy to share this with you and show through someone else's eyes, how tolerance and love will always reign supreme. Let there not be the soul who feels unloved or judged as not worthy of love, and let instead the Light of God be seen shining within each heart; and each soul seen as always worthy of our love and kindness. Each of us is a Divine Spark in the Body of God. Knowing this, we must acknowledge that we have the power to heal the pains of this world and truly create Unity.

We can have loving respect and care for the welfare of all life, and we can create a better world as living Divine Instruments who serve the Will of God.
Love and Unity,
Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, President
Institute of Spiritual Sciences

A Letter on Labels and Truth
by John Hannaman
October 1, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A realization came to me today after meditation to stand on what I have learned long ago, and struggled:
An acquaintance came up to me stating emphatically that he is “straight”. Another person stated he is “gay”, another stated she is “bisexual”, they are black, white, Arab, Sioux, Chinese, or they are this, or they are that ...

How sorry I feel for them. When I thought they are all human beings. How many friends have I known in my lifetime whom are insecure and afraid of being authentic including myself, and live a life of shadows, I lost count. Fear, the basis of all anger and hatred. Fear of what? That which heals everything: Truth?

We are all one!

So, lying to ourselves and others digs us deeper into our own hell or pit of despair, separating us from our very own GOD.

I pray that a new world comes NOW! That we all have the strength and courage to be who and what we are, and we all live a life of Truth, Reverence, support for one another, and above all Love! How free we all would be! This is Heaven! Truth runs through all Religions, just minor human interpretations separates them. So too are the differences with all races, creeds, philosophies, perceptions, and judgments, these are caused by our own brain thinking. Therefore call for us to learn to think from our hearts, the God center. The heart has the exact same cellular structure as the brain, but never misguides us, (Fact).

Meditation is GREAT!
When entering this sacred space or brain in the heart, enter with the Mantra, this will drop you instantly to the center of the heart: The Christ Center, The God Center, or the Holies of Holies. This is the Source of Peace, Love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness and Joy; all that which is positive and uplifting.
Prayer works!
When coming from this center, emotion is the slingshot!

GOD is Life:
Life is Immortal!
You are all Divine!
Acknowledge it! See “it” in all others!
GOD is Love!
I give thanks for this, and so it is!

Love and Blessings Always,
John Hannaman

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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