Spiritual Science, An Opinion by Shirlee Hall

The higher senses, feelings and levels of mind exist in the subtle field.
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The physical or Natural Man is only a temporary covering for the true reality of the Spiritual Man created in His image before known time and space.

Spiritual Science, An Opinion
by Shirlee Hall

Could it be that seeking is not necessary if we but stop and listen to the wisdom intuition, which speaks within? This suggests we have a hidden alter where all answers are seen, heard and felt according to our understanding.

Using physical and mental health as an example, suffering need not be a part of our physical reality. Mistaken interpretations have taught otherwise. Listen to the inner heart speaking. Is there an unfulfilled longing to be a conscious reflection of perfection both within and without? There is no reason why we cannot be oneness personified. Isn't our purpose meant to lead to the fullness of life? Instead, false opinions have been directed toward us and turned into beliefs.

Falsity destructs what the Light has originally constructed if misinformation and repetition continue. There is another composition or body besides the one we view in the mirror. It is called the Spiritual Man. The physical or Natural Man is only a temporary covering for the true reality of the Spiritual Man created in His image before known time and space.

Having lived in subtle dimensions of Light prior to physicality, the true heart understands reality although partly forgotten living in matter. The knowing and wholeness disappear in the confusion of the conscious mind and emotions living in separateness. There are spiritual beings in density that understand that they are Light individualized. Light can expand and does through will, wisdom and love. They know that there is a subtle field outside of Spiritual Man that is the in-between realm assisting in a conscious connection linking the physical and spiritual energy.

The Spiritual Self

This field cannot be found in physical matter, only in spiritual matter. The higher senses, feeling and levels of mind exist in the subtle field. The Natural Man is able to access his Spiritual Self through the subtle field of Radiant Light. Simply said, we are two in one. As we spiritually evolve and individual Light expands, the Natural Man and Spiritual Man become a conscious living perfect being.

Knowing true identity, Pure Awareness deliberately expands and uses Light frequencies for health and happiness. It desires to serve by encouraging and living as an example to assist the struggling Natural Man who remains stuck in the ignorance of density. It matters not the religion, or no religion. What is important is the conscious understanding of true identity. If an individual chooses to awaken and consciously live in matter as a Spiritual Man, there are proven steps that will assist in his quest.

Once it is realized that hypnotism has taken place through lifetimes of false opinions, programming and beliefs that harm and cause a sense of separateness, it becomes possible to deconstruct the image of the false identity. The identity can be remolded to its original strength, beauty, purity and power. The courageous choose to deliberately take on the challenge of rebuilding the Temple anew.

Hidden past history in the subconscious is the challenge. As we fully understand that we are true and radiant divine beings who are free to use wisdom as a tool, the mind becomes our friend. Obviously, the mind can be changed. Cleansing begins. Our strengthened will as a Spiritual Man has the capacity to direct the levels of the mind and persuade it to work for us rather than continue the battle against the Real Self.

It is always a good habit to observe our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. What do they reflect? Are they conditioned reactions attached to our energy as a result of harmful opinions and beliefs that we have naively accepted as truth? Firsthand wisdom is available to the conscious mind when we understand that the Light and inner power of the Spiritual Body is already perfect. Since it is already perfect from the beginning of created form in the subtle realms of Radiant Light, it is our choice as to whether we continue to live in a hypnotic state or awaken to the essence of our true nature.

One of the ways this simple description can be evidenced is proving what we really are. This means removing the conditioning surrounding suggestions that were directed toward us through family members, clergy, medical establishment, books and anything else our mind and feelings have been exposed to and automatically accepted. Discover what is actually true. Question everything.

What does the Spiritual Man use as power? Genuine power is beyond physical form, feeling and mind and yet all these are used intelligently and hopefully as unconditional love by an evolving entity. Spiritual Man strives to be his true Self while in concretized matter. He can be successful, eliminate suffering and be his original Self in physical form if he consciously awakens as a living truth. The 'Second Birth' in my understanding is the arousal and activity of the Spiritual Man as a consciously aware Natural Man, eternal and divine energy in action. He chooses to do whatever is possible to be an example of an authentic aliveness while appearing as a Natural Man.

Conscious Natural Man

Conscious Natural Man will eventually learn his true identity as spirit and rise in consciousness. Why not be fully healed and exist as balance and peace in physical matter now? Simply being aware of how repetitive programming has separated us from the core of our being is a good beginning. A disciplined habit of self-examination, thinking deeply, meditation, prayer and not assuming that what you hear, see and read is necessarily true. The joy of discovery using the openness of mind and the integrity of heart to awaken to the Radiant Light is a definite trigger toward wisdom understanding and freedom.

I have observed from a child the Light of truth regarding creation through the spiritual senses. To view the frequencies of Light whether rock, plant, animal or man as a constant reminder of our true nature is a blessing to say the least. Even non-living material objects have their own light blueprint. Obviously, all light images and conscious intelligence are not identical. The intensity depends on many factors such as form, vibration, exposure, and level of desire.

Unconditional Love holds the fabric of Living Light together as physical and material manifestation. Mind changes, Light dims and expands and Love is the creative Force behind, before, above, below and within. This is how I view the True Life and everlasting identity of consciousness as it acknowledges, expands and embraces the reality of Being. Everything exists within it. What appears as hidden is meant to be revealed.

In respect, gratitude and peace,
Shirlee Hall

More about Shirlee Hall

Shirlee Hall is a published author of five books which include:
“Trapped: Visitor from Heaven”
“The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls”
“BE-Embracing the Mystery” and My Own Tree'.

She is a professional speaker, Wisdom Teacher, Spiritual Consultant and Work Shop leader. Since childhood, Shirlee has gained Higher Knowledge and Spiritual Healing from firsthand experiences with the Divine Radiance and luminous beings.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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