Consciousness, Totality and Love by Diane M. Rousseau

Spiritual Science and the laws of Cause and Effect.
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The Grace of the Spiritual Sciences, the physics of the 'Laws of Cause and Effect', are that each of us is given the opportunity to “save” themselves.

Consciousness, Totality and Love
by Diane M. Rousseau
December, 2005

Consciousness and its expansion through spiritual evolution is the destiny and reality of all beings in this universe and all of the multi-universes. All beings are destined to grow and evolve through spiritual evolution as do all the planets themselves grow and evolve. The Grace that was given are the “Laws of Cause and Effect” which are spiritual, personal, national, global and universal.

All thoughts affect the totality and subtly go out into the Universe(s) affecting the tinniest energy particle to the densest level of gross expression. Akasha (1) or space has energy. All energy has intelligence and each form expresses the degree of intelligence within it. Beauty and refinement are higher expressions of degrees of Spiritual Intelligence and show advancement of Soul Consciousness.

The Grace of the Spiritual Sciences, these Laws of Cause and Effect, are that each person or being is given the opportunity to “save” themselves from ignorance by living in accordance with these Laws. This is an awareness of knowing one's place and Soul responsibility and understanding their purpose in life. By conscious intent, one lives in a way which supports nature and all life and is productive on spiritual, physical and evolutionary levels. This is the deeper meaning of, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

In physics, these laws operate as forces and they operate with precision. So true for each being; a chance daily to change their destiny and by living in accordance with these Divine Laws, create better today's and futures. Any person having a higher experience (or dimensional experience) knows these Laws even operate on finer levels of existence. If you think of these as lessons in a school, you will understand the necessary education needed for soul development with this planet given as a Divine dispensation as a planet of learning. The lessons once learned give the soul the Grace to graduate into higher and more beautiful world(s). The greater degree of development, the higher the world and the finer the body of Light or Glory. This earth has been given a chance to transform since 2003 into a Christ Conscious or 6th Dimensional world. This transformation is not only due to the changes in consciousness, but intercessions made by Great Beings who came many times to intercede, re-establishing the Laws of Love and Truth for the benefit of all humanity

To say there are no Laws is to deny compassion and the Divine right of unlimited growth and to say that there is no accountability is to deny the rights of those who either cannot speak for themselves, or do not have the power to change their circumstances. Accountability, responsibility and action are loving duties of those who have experienced and understand the Divine Nature within.

'Temple of Wisdom'
Watercolor by Diane M. Rousseau;1981.

It has always been those who through the heart of compassion have understood the learning mechanism of this world and see it as an opportunity for higher growth and education. There is Karma, there is accountability and there is a loving Divine Presence that transcends the idea of form and gender. Called the Absolute, called Divine Father - Divine Mother, the Supreme or Source.

Past the dimensional realities of the lower universes, this Supreme Being is beyond duality and is in a place governed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Many dimensions below have lesser Hierarchal Beings who help govern this Universe and the many dimensions of existence. Past duality or relative levels are the Lords of Light, the administrators of Love who serve the Throne Worlds or Solar Worlds of this Living Eternal Light.

Any Being in manifested form is a vibration and a unit of intelligence. Until love or the activation of the higher Chakras (2) this Supreme Love (Christ) that gives the Peace that passeth understanding is only intellectualized. It must be experienced and once it is, love goes out to help others understand that they too are Divine Sparks that must unfold the Living Fire in their heart and experience The Kingdom of God within. Until then, God can only be understood as “mind.”

All science shows that love (energy) is a supreme force and this force is not the emotional or lower nature of love, but that which has consciousness and devotion. This supreme energy/intelligence/love creates life, and has within the ability to know through the Spirit the Supreme Being due to the direct experience within.

God, or the Supreme Being, while in any manifested form remains UN-manifest. This is the experience of one who understands the Kingdom within. Also, one understands through experience other dimensional realities that transcend the limitations of the mind. Once Being is experienced, this understanding creates “oneness” and Divine Wisdom (Sri Vidya, sk.) continues to grow; as will the deep compassion and awareness that knows “all” (totality) are evolving to a greater degree. One then becomes a conscious and active participant as an instrument for the Divine.

This earth is a school, a planet of Divine dispensation. The thoughts, feelings and actions due to one's intents affect all in this Universe. This is the greater connection. Down through time, this has always been known. Anyone anywhere in this world can have this experience. It is not partial to any religion, gender, nationality, or group, but literally IS anywhere a spiritual loving heart can be found.

Meditation is the Key to this Kingdom of God within.
Prayer is the sweet communication of a loving heart to All That IS.

(1) Akasha - Sanskrit; a term for either space or æther in traditional Indian cosmology.
(2) Chakra - Sanskrit; literally wheel or circle. In Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body.

Text Copyright © 2005-2016 Diane M. Rousseau
painting Copyright © 1981-2016, 'Temple of Wisdom', watercolor by Diane M. Rousseau.

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