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God is the source of Intuition, all Intelligence, all Knowledge.
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God is the source of all things and If we have total faith, intuition will guide us to a brighter future, a happier and peaceful life.

by John Hannaman
December, 2007

The Spiritual Science of Intuition

Intuition is from the Latin term intuitiō, intuitiōn, a looking at, from Latin intuitus, a look, from past participle of intuērī, to look at, contemplate, “to see within”. Intuition is knowing without reason, without facts. Intuition is God within human beings allowing to hear the small subtle 'voice' within.

To know what intuition is, one must know what the Law of Mind is: God is the source of all Intelligence, all Knowledge. The Law of Mind is the creative medium through which the Spirit of Conscious Mind moves. This Law is deductive only. It received the impress of thought and acts upon it totally and instantly, never rejecting it. Whatever I think, believe in, visualize, read, and talk about is automatically in the creative medium of my subconscious mind. This is my individual use of the Universal Mind. Whatever thought I think goes into the subjective state of my thought tends to return as an effect or condition. Spirit, Mind, is the only source of all creative thought and energy, and humans use creation. God is the Cause and whatever is created, as 'All' is the effect.

There is no such thing a “his”, “her”, “my” mind and “God's Mind”. There is simply one mind that incorporates in, and through, all Creation. There is nothing I can think or do without effecting Creation. Intuition is an inner knowing; it is a part of me that knows that isn't always in touch with a logical part of myself. Everyone is born with strong intuition but logic-based education diminishes the ability to access it. The more practice I have with intuition, the more reliable it becomes and the more I 'trust it'. Dropping my old survival walls, restraint, again learning to relax and follow God within myself. Good decision making is making a combination of intuition and wisdom: how, what, when, and where. Knowing with patience makes all things known. Intuition is the Truth manifest in thought if only we have the Faith. And discerning with critical thinking skills to analyze and differentiate between intuitive thoughts and instinctive emotionally based thoughts. Awe, the ability to look at oneself and all else objectively with love, illumination or “knowing”.

I always have choice, or volition to use intuition or over ride it by my own emotions, fears, feelings, and beliefs, my conscious mind. Intuition is never subjective, and intuition never contradicts itself. I intuitively people make decisions more quickly and effectively because I am more easily able to call on my past experiences and emotions. I have been 'taught' to suppress my intuition, repress my emotions, a race consciousness. Women are naturally encouraged to be emotional and are better to pick up subtle cues and making sound judgments based on their use of intuition. Intuitive skills can be an inherent, subconscious trait or they can be learned.

The Law of Faith

The Law of Faith states if we have total faith, intuition will guide us to a brighter future, a happier and peaceful life. To the extent that I have doubt, I allow the possibility of failure. To have total, absolute, and implicit trust in the Divine, the highest and best good is sure to happen. Faith diminishes all fear. Faith means I constantly listening to my inner guide and intuition. I have confidence as faith in myself. I am relaxed and free of stress and anxiety. Free from this stress, I am relaxed and attentive to this inner Voice, free from emotions, and self-concerns of “I”. Thereby being an easier person to get along with. Faith in Intuition gives faith in vision, it must succeed.

Not having faith in my own vision, is a time to trust in another person to hold my vision for me. It is their faith that ensures success; it is their faith in the Truth to move the Subjective Mind of God, my subjective mind. God and I are one. God has faith in me.

Photo of Ernest Shurtleff Holmes (1887-1960).

In Ernest Holmes' book “Can We Talk to God”, he states:

“We all wish to feel that the power behind everything is good as well as creative, an eternal and changeless Intelligence in which we live, move and have our being. Intuitively we sense that each of us, in our native state, is some part or manifestation of this eternal Principle, and that the entire problem of limitation, evil, suffering and uncertainty is not God-ordained, but is the result of ignorance.” (1)

Faith again in the Source of all intelligence, all creation of man is at hand and it is available to all. Once again, as Holes states in the above quote: ...we sense that each of us... is some part or manifestation of this eternal Principle...

Knowing through God

I thinking as the innocence of a child, being open and receptive in consciousness to all, to God, intuition easily flow through me. As I grew older, this innocence became internalized into myself as myself. Facing the traumas of life, of opinions of others, living my life to conform, to be accepted by the opinions of others. Somewhere along the line, I soon realized I was not living my life, but being a puppet to the wishes and praises of my parents, my peers, and their world as I perceived it. I was fortunate, I turned to God. Hiking out into the high mountain desert of Northern Nevada recharging myself in a great cathedral of Nature. Knowing through God there has to be a greater realization of being, of me. I found my independence; my center was in, though, and with God. I was told while I was in a transcendent state, a “near death state”: “I am here to learn, to love and to serve”. I held this knowing in my consciousness ever since. I relied on the “centering” I learned so comforting during meditation, relaxing and letting the answer come through me. Sitting in the silence to make all things known within us is just what I must do. The absolute reliance on this is the most important thing I can do. All problems occur in my life when I just consciously thought; using my own reference for logic, caring, and being is when I always got into trouble. Whatever I do comes from the heart: I find peace, harmony, joy, and happiness. Intuition also requires logic, through logic is patience and timing is wisdom. There is always a particular, perfect time and a place for everything. Intuitively, I have learned also there is always a meaning, a purpose, and a future to consider in all thoughts, feeling, and actions. What is in harmony, peace, love, and what is done as being responsible. Intuitively, I know all must be done for the highest and best for all concerned, including myself.

Ernest Holmes stated in his book “How to Use the Science of Mind”:

“Everyone in this field should reserve portions of his time for deep spiritual meditation. The upper part of his mind must be kept in a listening attitude toward the Infinite that he may become a transmitter of peace from the eternal reservoir of Life to eternal things and events and to those whom he seeks to help. He must ever seek to be spiritually alert, always keeping some part of himself in a listening attitude toward life that his consciousness may become a transmitter of that which is beyond human thought.” (2)

Intuition can be possible through dreams, meditations and awareness. The simplest way is to still my mind and listen to that small voice within. There are as many ways of meditation or connecting with intuition than there are individual expressions of God. Suspending the constant chatter of one's thoughts to let the “voice” come through is the goal. God is ever quiet, patient and subtle. I have learned to rely on meditation since 1970. First listening to soft, string music to suspend my conscious mind, then the soft voice came through in my mind. Many times, I became depressed, put a stack of hymnal records on my stereo, and lie down for a nap. I would awaken energized, bright, and alert, knowing all I must do.


The ancients Vedic and Hindu Brahman class men used a special mantra in their meditations that is a “frequency”. Before light, before there was “creation”, there is the “WORD”, or FREQUENCY. Learning to use a 'mantra', one does not concentrate on the 'mantra', but from It. Opening myself up to what must come through me. It is interesting new scientific evidence has been found that meditation harmonizes or balances the left side and the right side of our brains. Looking deep within myself, I gain self-knowledge, understanding of my conditioning, thought patterns, belief systems, where they came from and what they are. Looking deep within myself, to become a free thinker rather than a “victim” of external influences. Without self-knowledge, being objective is impossible.

By using intuition, I obtain greater spiritual insights; I feel to energize my words; I go deeper into and have more powerful meditations. Even being “awake” and aware, I have been clinically diagnosed as being totally asleep while meditating (during an EEG exam). I instinctively know what I am being 'told' by others; I become a better listener; a better resonating with another person; and a natural receptivity with others.

Ernest Holmes stated in summation so eloquently:

“Who would know God, must be as God, for He who inhabits eternity also finds a dwelling place in His own creation. Standing before the altar of life in the temple of faith, we learn that we are integral parts of the universe and that it would not be complete without us. That native faith within, which we call intuition is the direct impartation of Divine Wisdom through us. Who can doubt its gentle urges or misunderstand its meaning”? (3)

Love is light is knowledge. To love I must know, and to know I must have light. And to have light is to love. And to have knowledge is to love. The three major tenets of Love are compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. I am Blessed as the Light of Love (Christ) and Truth of the Almighty blesses me now and forevermore.

And, so it is!

(1) Ernest Holmes, Can We Talk to God, pg. 133
(2) Ernest Holmes, How to Use the Science of Mind, pg. 17
(3) Ernest Holmes, How to Change Your Life, pg. 121

Copyright © 2007 J. Hannaman

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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