Spirituality is Prosperity by Peter Rousseau

What constitutes true prosperity in the fullest sense?
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Spiritual Science tells us the Eternal Divine Spirit alone is all that has real, eternal, everlasting value; to find true Prosperity: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven”, Jesus Christ.

Spirituality is Prosperity
by Peter Rousseau

The Science of Prosperity and Spirituality

In beginning a discussion of what constitutes prosperity in the fullest sense, it will be helpful to analyze for a moment the two aspects of life; relative or material existence on the one hand, and the values of Spirit on the other. These represent the two fullness's of life, the relative and the absolute.

The material aspect of life is characterized by constant change. Everything in relativity exists in a constant state of becoming, indicated by the replacement of existing forms with new ones. There can be no permanence of any kind therefore in the material creation. Everything exists as a phenomenon only, ephemeral and evanescent. This is the nature of matter, and it does not change. For this reason, mystics have always described matter as ‘maya' a Sanskrit word meaning literally ‘that which is not'. Matter has no real existence because reality demands permanence, and this cannot be amidst things or objects that are continually mutating into new forms. Prosperity, therefore, in the material sense, must be built upon a tenuous foundation at best, a foundation of insecurity which could crumble at any moment, leaving one suddenly destitute and suffering as a consequence of one's attachment to matter. Based upon these simple observations, reason would dictate that a life based upon the accumulation of things in the relative phase of life would be foolish and shortsighted.

The values of the Spirit

The values of the Spirit on the other hand are; wholeness of life, all wisdom and bliss consciousness, eternal Life. When the fullness of Spirit has been fully infused into the nature of the mind, through the repeated experience of deep meditation, the source of happiness, power and prosperity within becomes a permanent feature of one's life. The source of all that is contained in consciousness; intelligence, knowledge, energy, power and happiness now becomes captured in one's individual awareness and is never lost. You see, the values of the Spirit are eternal and never changing, in stark contrast to the eternally changing nature of all values and perceptions in this world. It is for precisely this reason that Christ Jesus exhorted the multitudes to store up for themselves treasures in Heaven, where neither thief draws near nor moth destroys. The Christ was here referring to spiritual treasures which never leave us because they are assimilated into virtues and capacities which thereafter become the permanent possession of the evolving Soul, destined to grace one's countenance for all eternity.

The worlds of matter are only a temporary home for us, as we evolve attributes and qualities which can only be acquired from such an existence as this provides. In the distant future, our evolutionary home will no longer be physical in the sense we know today. The physical world and even our physical body will be gone, and we will reside on a new globe, ethereal or higher, not physical, and we will be shrouded in a vehicle far more tenuous than the one we presently possess, allowing far more of our Divine powers to manifest than the current model can accommodate. Then, we will be far more prosperous than we could ever imagine in our current estate, because more of our permanent nature as Spiritual, not physical beings will pulsate in our magnetic field.

The Kingdom of Heaven

So, be prudent, and store up for yourself treasures in Heaven because as Christ said, “for where your treasures are, there also will your heart be.” There is that area of life, the Kingdom of Heaven within, and it is of transcendental nature that knows no change. It is timeless and placeless! Once established there, one has become time and place. There is then, no place to go because, being omnipresent, one is already there; one has indeed become time and place. It is in this omnipresent life that one lives on in perpetuity always devoted to absolute pure goodness. This is Atmananda! Perpetual bliss, wisdom and power focalized within oneself as a fully regenerated son of God. This is ‘Jivan-Mukti, the liberation of the individual spirit from the age-old confinement to the prison house of the physical body; and it is this achievement that guarantees that one will come back to the physical world no more, that one will have gained liberation from the eternal wheel of birth and death and the countless troubles concomitant with that life.

The Christ said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (KJV); and this is the formula for developing more abundance for oneself in both aspects of life, relative and spiritual. He said, in effect, develop spiritual power and you will in the process dramatically increase your ability to attract and sustain more in the material realm. He did not, however, address the issue in its own domain. He introduced a higher principle. He said, “seek the Kingdom of Heaven within” as a pretext to the enhancement and glorification of all values of life material and Divine. We must seek out the permanent sphere of life, not the changeable; the absolute aspect of life, not the relative, and then, as promised by Christ Jesus, “... and all these things shall be added unto you” (KJV). Spirituality is the true and only prosperity, because it is only Spirit that survives the grave. Remember, you are the Light; that is the mystery of humanity. Seek not to reflect but to become the Light Eternal.


In Light and Service, delivered April 12, 1993
by Peter A. Rousseau

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