Cycles of Time and the History of Root Races by Asiananda: Parts Two and Three

A mega-cyclical view of Indian History and the Theosophical idea of H.P. Blavatsky's Seven Root Races.
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A paper situating the 'Aryan/Non-Aryan Origins of Indian Civilization' within a Mega-cyclical view of Indian History - A subjective, intuitive attempt to address the Theosophical idea of Helena Blavatsky's seven Root Races and humanity's present stage as the Fifth Root Race.

Editors notes: Professor Asiananda was a college and good friend of Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and of The Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). The following is a paper he presented at the international conference on 'Aryan/Non-Aryan Origins of Indian Civilization' at the University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth) 23-26 June 2006. The lecture is presented here in an adapted format by permission of the author. Professor Asiananda (known to his friends and close acquaintances simply as “Sebastian”) passed in 2008; his keen intellect, generosity and quick laugh are very much missed. -RJR

Cycles of Time and the History of Root Races
Parts Two and Three
by Professor Asiananda

Part Two

H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine

In my attempt to periodize Indian history in terms of its Pre-vedic, Post-vedic, Trans-vedic Mega-Cycles, alone the ‘Indus Valley Civilization' we know falls in to the first pre-vedic category, and we are then already in the proto-historical times of the Bronze Age. Are the so-called Dravidians the originators of the Indus Valley Civilization? Are they autochthonous to the subcontinent? Or should their origins be sought in the Proto-Elamite, the Sumerian, the Proto-Saharan? All in haze and maze!! When we trace it backwards in pre-history, then to the geological times, where can the search of origins end? This endlessness forces me to penetrate into the archetypal, quantum regions of the sub-atomic ergo the sub-psychic timespace regions I have touched upon above and found it was helpful to try the route of the ‘Seven Root Races' via Helena Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine; thus one leaves behind the linear time and enters the mythological the mystic and occult sense of timelessness one with the endless cycles of human past and human future. Stretching across the geological and cosmological times, Blavatsky gives us the story of five root races, leaving open the scope of the sixth and seventh. Who know if they will ever come, if there is future, Time or timelessness? And if these root races are true only to her own private occult world?

The five of these root races, to be very brief, are:
  1. Polarians
  2. Hyperboreans
  3. Lemurians
  4. Atlanteans
  5. Aryans

The 6th and the 7th Root Races are still in the womb of the future and evolution, on which we can of course dare some speculations, as we do below which is the advantage of taking this Blavatsky route.

The Polarians were primarily spiritual (Astral/Etheric), did not even manifest except as vibrations at some chakra levels, and did not leave any physical remains, may be the first involuted state of the Quantum Brahman! Also, the Hyperboreans were non-physical and etheric; in the devas category or of the Superman who were Spirit, they were sometimes identified with the Ultima Thule of the nineteenth century Western occult teachings.

The Lemurians were the first species with partial physical bodies. They were described as a race of three eyed giants and inhabited a “lost continent” of Lemuria which is believed to have been somewhere the Indian and Pacific oceans now are located. The Lemerians are generally identified as the root or the archetype of the Dravidian race. Their origins and downfall are linked to destruction when their continent sank beneath the 'sea' due to natural cataclysm a gigantic tsunami. The event holds such an unfading fascination for the Dravidian collective memory, it reappears in the Sangam era literature of the Tamil language, they speak of three or four Sangams, which are royal assemblages of great poets and savants running up to thousands of years! The venues had to be shifted as each previous one was lost to natural cataclysms, so the sangams may not have been individual events but faded memories of ages.

What should we make out of a royal assemblage that lasts say for three thousand years! And there is recurring mention in the Dravidian collective memory and subconscious of the lost Kumari Kandam; this may have been south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, and some read this ‘Kumari' as south of ‘Kanya Kumari' and others as far as ‘Sumer' connecting Dravidians both with the mid-eastern and Indus Valley civilizations.

The fourth root race Atlanteans are generally considered to have had great occult and/or technological powers, and inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis, which was destroyed due to their abuse of psychic powers. Atlantis also had a great civilization like the Lemuria, some scholars think it sunk as late as at the end of last Ice Age which may be 12000 or 18000 years ago when the polar regions of the Arctic was warm and sea levels were low when Asia remained connected to Americas and Africa to Asia, the latter joining with Australia so the human migration from Africa and the Asian migration to Americas could take the easy land route. Also Plato's description of the Atlantis in his Critias might indicate its existence at a later age, but others interpret Atlantis could have been a long, long, time ago, still others think the sunken Atlantis could have been the continent of Laurentio, an older avatar of American continent eons away; Atlanteans and Lumerians may have existed in similar or overlapping times, some of the esoteric writings even speak of the nuclear war of the ancient times between a possible 'Empire of the Rama' and the Atlanteans, which is what might brought about the destruction of the latter.

Image: H. P. Blavatsky.

Blavatsky teaches that these Atlanteans were the ancestors of the fifth root race, the Aryans of her times, and these Aryans have existed here on the earth for a hundred thousand years! Aryans are the Indo-European speakers. Like today English has spread the world over, Indo-European once spread much of Eurasia from the Saptha Sindhu to ‘Ireland' which is the Anglicization of ‘Arya-land'! Proof of the Indo-Aryan language family is established in some sort of common parentage to all the languages in this vast Eurasian space in the Indo-European speaking peoples, to which belongs the Eastern group or the ‘Satam (100) branch' of Sanskrit, Avestha, Uralics, Slav, Baltics, and the Western ‘Centum (100) branch' of Latin, Greek, Germanics, Celtic, etc. Could the cultural interactions of the historical times have brought about this common bond among so many languages?

The existence of a Proto-Indo-European (PIE) with an incredible common fund of lexical and grammatical bonding during the millennia that had developed no writing and restricted human movement is no commonsense. So, could it have been because these language groups lived together in some long historical past like the Arctic Home as Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the Airyanəm Vacjah suggest? Or is it because they shared some intimate common past in some root race like that of the Atlantis which Blavatsky wants us to believe, with some sort of collective subconscious or archetypal memory? Where in human body is our memory located? Is memory like our soul non-local? Is it transmitted through some non-local morphic or morphogenetic means as Rupert Sheldrake seemed to have found out? Is trans-temporal non-local communication possible as happens in subatomic cosmos?

This fifth root race of the ‘theosophical Aryans' and those of the 'Aryan invasion theory' should not be thrown into the same pot. While the third and the fourth root races destroyed each other or got destroyed in nature's cataclysms, the theosophical Aryans of the fifth root race are the carriers of civilization completing its human and planetary girdle. While it must again be underscored that the proto Indo-Aryans of the ancient world and the twentieth century 'Aryan myth' of the Western group that flared up in the Nazi holocaust are happenings millennia apart and were totally different cups of tea, both the Eastern and the Western groups must be seen as having completed their civilizational missions: with the Indo-Aryans of South Asia it was called 'Sanskritization' which by and large embraced the whole Indian subcontinent and then broadened in the ‘civilizing and spiritualizing advances' through Buddhism that brought nearly the whole of Southeast Asia, Sino-Nipponic North Asian and the Mongol-Tartaric central Asian within its civilizational perimeter which then was crippled by the aggressive spread of Islam. Similarly, a tide of what may be called rationalization and modernization, industrialization and democratization, went off from the Western Aryan branch that has by now engulfed the entire planet, so we can now see the phenomenon of globalization as the harbinger of the coming unified world civilization.

This civilizational accomplishment of the fifth root race understandably is also perceived as ‘colonialism' and ‘imperialism' and the ‘Western domination', climax of whose postcolonialist articulation is the Aryan invasion theory and such other racialist theories. But let us be clear that the term 'Aryan' is perceived and interpreted differently in the theosophical and post colonialist narratives. Theosophy is a wisdom religion, insists on the scientific corroboration of its doctrines, it is yoking of science and religion in the glory of human spirit, the European expansion of the modern period has brought about the convergence of humanity in the global village within a virtually common world language and communication network – call it modernization, aryanization, civilization, whatever! The theosophical Aryan fifth root race I for one believe has done its job.

Sixth root race: NEO-LEMURIA?

In theosophical writings this root race remains vaguely identified with America, not in the restricted sense of the United States but of the NEW WORLD of the Americas, of the age of discovery, whose symbol is the Statue of Liberty encompassing the coming sixth root race of the Aquarian New Age. It is the unfolding racial-spiritual expression of a ‘postmodern world order' not on the animal instinct of FORCE and nuclear weapons but the psychological unity of the totalized human race; this sixth root race has the calling to bring about such a nuclear weapon-free Global PEACE Order, since it like the Lemurians has the opening of a third eye, indicating group consciousness and telepathic rapport, high intelligence and intuitive skills, combined with numerous other possibilities and potentialities of the Aquarian New Age and its unfolding holistic planetary consciousness.

In this context we have mentioned above the names of the great evolutionary futurists like Teilhard and Sri Aurobindo, and such notions as planetization, noosphere, the Omega of the converging World Mind as well as the descent of the Supramental. This formulation, very innovative and forward looking then remains now challenged if not threatened as the future of nanotech, cyborgs, genetic engineering, transhumanism and the Singularity seems like drastically overtaking any theosophical version of a coming sixth root race. What happened to Lemuria and Atlantis will be repeated is still an open question.

Seventh root race: NEO-ATLANTIS?

Should our civilization ever be the scene of the seventh root race, may be centuries or millennia hence, or even after eons repeating the fate of Lemuria and Atlantis, the seventh root race will be the return to the Polarians and the Hyperborians in the same astral or ethereal vibrational forms. The great adepts and initiates will once more produce mind-born sons immaculately, and there will be a race of angels, devas or buddhas, sons and daughters of god, the purity of the krita-age being re-established (SD 2:274, 483). The characteristics of sex will gradually disappear, and humanity will slowly once again be becoming androgynous. Offspring will be born in a manner generally similar to that which prevailed during the second and early third root-race periods, the superman of the Spirit is the ‘becoming' Sat-Chit-Ananda, the eternal Truth-Bliss-Consciousness. Back to the quantum Brahman?

Geological-Astronomical Span of Root-Race Evolution

We must only remember that these theosophical root races assume form and come to pass in time-frames that are conceived in terms of the theosophical yugas; kalpas adopted from the Hindu cosmology. Alan Watt the author of Perennial Philosophy explains:

“To the philosophers of India, however, Relativity is no new discovery, just as the concept of light years is no matter for astonishment to people used to thinking of time in millions of kalpas, (A kalpa is about 4,320,000 years). The fact that the wise men of India have not been concerned with technological applications of this knowledge arises from the circumstance that technology is but one of innumerable ways of applying it.”

We know of our planet consisting of seven continents and five great oceans – the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, Arctic and Antarctic. But some 500 million years before the Cambrian time knew the earth surface only as a single ‘super continent', and before which, during the previous billion years of so, more such super continents rose and vanished. We know at least three of them, the Columbia, the Rodenia, the Pangaea. The last of this super continent, Pangaea, began to break up in the mid to late Jurassic (about 167 million years ago) into two giant half super-continent, Laurasia in the North and Gondwanaland south of the Equator, the northern forming the axis of the Atlantis archetype and the Southern of the Lemurian. Then the East Gondwana, comprising Antarctica-Madagascar-India -Australia, began to separate from Africa during the Middle Jurassic. South America began to drift slowly westward from Africa as the South Atlantic Ocean opened, beginning about 130 million years ago, East Gondwana itself began to be dismembered with the northward shift of the landmasses Madagascar-Seychelles-India, which began its dislocation in the Early Cretaceous (about 120 million years ago), Australia began to separate from Antarctica perhaps as long ago as 80 million years. About 45 million years ago, the Northeastern Gondwana consisting of the Madagascar-Seychelles-India complex broke with its major chuck colliding with Asia, forcing the crust to buckle and forming the Himalayas.

Thus, the subcontinent of ours was born, the most protected and sacred of the region of the globe between the high Himalayas and the seas, the melting pot of all that is converging in history and civilization. Another significant world climatic event was the final separation of South America from West Antarctica sometime during the Oligocene, perhaps 30 million years ago. Since long it was believed, on the proof of the shore of one continent matching with the other which is most clearly visible in the separation of Africa and Latin America across the South Atlantic, that our seven might once have been one single super continent, still few were ready to believe when Alfred Wegener postulated this theory in the 1930s, which after his tragic death, was then confirmed by the studies of continental shifts and plate tectonics.

It is this geological and cosmological span of time that went into the vedic conception of yogas and kalpas and was adopted by Blavatsky in her calculations of the root races. If the first root races took millions of years for their rise and fall, the fifth rose and transformed in hundred thousand years, and the sixth could follow the footprints much shorter time spans because history we know is infinitely accelerating. The formation and consummation of these sixth and seventh root races should then be the story of the unfolding of what I envisage as the TRANS-VEDIC MEGACYCLE, which is Indian history's planetary cycle. Homo sapiens at best has a history of fifty or two hundred years or let us make it two million going down to our distantly related mammalian primates, yet the root races go back to billions of years because the total geological and astronomical span is holographically ingrained within each of us which is both the root of our race and our humanity which is verily one and indivisible like the truth of our quantum cosmos. Root race is verily the unfolding of quantum Brahman that is verily the atman in each of us. No Aryo-Dravidian binary can ground the truth of our civilization, it is human divine cosmic.

Back to Historical Times – Svastika, Cross, Ankh

In the quantum cosmos our inner Self's the total non-locally registered memory and inheritance of this cosmos the Self, which makes this cosmos a WHO not a What; because we know very long and uncharted geological spans eons are within us including all these root races that went and that are yet to be; continents races civilizations planets stars and cosmoses were formed and unformed many times before, our universe is so vast, with billions of light years and trillions of galaxies and stars more in numbers than all the sand grains of the shores of all our seven seas put together! With all our science and our presently ten-dimensional Superstring and M Theories we shall never know more about this Universe than what the Neanderthal man knew about the planet he lived in; if we at all knew it, it is not through our intellect but the intuition, the intuition that is awaiting us of the 6th and the seventh root races, in which we the individual and total human race could be participants and co-creators: there is something eternal, Sanatan, that is the Order, RTA in Sanskrit, that is underlying the endlessness the infinity of this chaos. Inasmuch as we measure ourselves and grasp our human and historical reality in terms of the Pre, Post and Trans-vedic Megacycles I have attempted to evolve, we ensure to ourselves an open human past and future, at the same time we are also Co-creators of the 6th and 7th root races that is going to be the story of the eons to come.

While this Universe for us remains utterly ungraspable and our transience as individuals in this vast and infinitely immeasurable cosmos a grotesque joke, the beauty of it all is that we could relate ourselves to the pre-vedic, post-vedic, trans-vedic Megacycles in terms of the most familiar and extremely manageable three archetypal symbols which is the very soul of the 5th root race of the theosophical Aryans – the Svastika the Cross the Ankh .

The Svastika is an archetypal symbol, it stands for the Indo-Aryan or Indo-European ancient world for its collective subconscious and common memory, in its sacred and secular forms it is worldwide, no other symbol stands for the totality of human past and inheritance as the symbol of Svastika, which paradoxically and tragically is also the symbol of history's worst holocaust. That evil association of it brought about by the Asura Hitler and the Nazis is bound to be transient, Hitler is but a wave in what this archetypal symbol represents in the history of the fifth root race; so universal in India and so auspicious to the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, the symbol that stands for the whole Eurasia and the ancient Indian (Maya, Inca, etc.) civilizations of the Americas; why was it that the ancient world so universally embraced this Svastika? It is because it is the cosmic symbol, its leftward movement stands for the devolution of the Brahman and the rightward movement of evolution, the Godward movement, back to the origins OM the ultimate symbol or the archetype of the absolute and unconditioned Infinite. When this sacred archetypal symbol was misused by the western Aryan branch, read the Nazi Germany, and brought on to itself destruction and the rest of the humanity at World War II, it was regression but hidden within was also the power of renewal and re-creation: the Atlantic Charter giving birth to the United Nations and the New Humanity was born of it, it was indeed the resurrection of the Atlantis, the negated Atlanteans coming to fulfil the fifth root race their successors the Aryans; what remains after the theosophical aryanization of the planet and humanity is its further movement towards divinity, which is the sixth root race, the Dravidian Neo-Lemuria, in the broader sense of the Indic root race one with the race of MAN, whose very symbol then becomes the new cycle of the self-renewed Svastika, moving rightwards, to the Gods of the seventh root race OM that is eternal Sat-Chit-Ananda the very Truth Consciousness the Self that is Cosmos. This Om is the transcending QUARTERNITY which is the core both of the Jungian Depth Psychology and Quantum Physics which for thirty years was jointly explored by this great depth psychologist Jung along with the great quantum physicist and Nobel Laureate (1933) Wolfgang Pauli enabling Jung to formulate his theory of Synchronicity which Pauli wanted to complete with some vague vision he apprehended between Eros and Unified Field. This ‘a-dimensional Quarternity' reconciles and integrates the ‘dimensional Trinity' – Svastika, Cross, Ankh – Father Son the Holy Spirit.

Holy Cross
If the Svastika is a cosmic archetype, the Cross has become its historical counterpart. The medium of the theosophical aryanization of the fifth root race certainly was European expansionism, its archetypal symbol was the cross, like the Svastika was the archetypal integrating symbol of the ancient pre-historic world, the Christian Cross might be seen archetypally symbolic of the theosophical Aryan unification of our planet of the historical times; of course the Christian cross today is in the defensive the world over, the Westerns have by and large disowned it in their secularization drive as the collective repressive instinct of the sense of guilt associated with the imperialistic world domination and in suppressing the crime of their over-exploitation of this brittle planet of ours; at another level the cross and the crescent which once fought the crusades and today are fighting the doomsday global terrorism are at discord; no such antagonism for the Christian cross at an archetypal level is apparent in the Indic Sino-Nipponic civilizational spaces especially now that China is emerging on the globalization forefront, Neo-Hinduism of the modern Indian renaissance has embraced the cross at various levels though there is building up resistance in the reductionist and majoritarian Hindutva segments who are also the proponents of the Aryan invasion theories; if we argued above that the Indo-British period contrasted with the Indo-Islamic one was a redeeming phase for Indian history, if the karmically bound and fatally burdened Hindu society embraced a Constitution in 1950 on the corner stone of the equality of individual and universal franchise, if the deeply superstitious and fossilized Hind world allowed itself to be overwhelmed by the universality of Neo-Hinduism, I for one have no doubt that the present revisionist and revivalist trends of the Hindu psyche after a natural period of adolescent rebellion will enter the balanced age of healthy manhood. The sixth root race that will guide the present materialistic hedonistic human condition and its force/deterrence-based geopolitics towards its transcending higher Truth. i.e. guiding Evolution from animality to humanity and divinity, the sixth root race that is the NEO-LEMURIA can come alone from the Indic race that is human race; its inevitability is what I call the Trans-vedic Megacycle.

If the Svastika is the archetype of the cosmic level of evolution and devolution, the Cross stands for redeeming progression of our historical process. Jesus the Messiah, before fulfilling this Cross with his own crucifixion and resurrection, at the Table of his Last Supper, invited the Jew and the Gentile, the slave and the Greek, the Pharisee and the Sadducee, the fisher and the tax collector, as equals in washing their feet, breaking the bread and partaking in the covenant to which his Church was obligated until a worldwide community on that principle was covenanted at the Atlantic Charter and internationally legalized in the birth of the United Nations to which every nation of the world, the big US no less the little Honduras, belongs as an equal member, thus every human being remains as much joined to every other human being as equal as anyone else – at least in principle and before justifiable law of our present national and international order. Thus, the Christian cross is the symbol of the archetypal redeeming salvific principle, it stands for law and self-surrender, and above all for Christian charity and the human nobility of showing the other cheek, it stands for humanism, enlightenment, subsidiarity and participation. Much of humanity's problem is due to the virtual negation of this Cross, alone with its affirmation and renewal the Neo-Lemuria the 6th root race will have any chance of surviving the terminator and flourishing itself as planetary souls.

Like the Svastika and the Cross represented the archetypal symbols roughly of my Pre-vedic and Post-vedic Megacycles, the Ankh perfectly fits in with my Transvedic Megacycle as its archetypal symbol. Unlike the Svastika and the Cross, which are symbiotically fused with the movements of the ancient and the modern worlds and have evolved with their karmas or vice versa, the Ankh still remains more or less a free i.e. unbound archetypal symbol, Ankh thus is the archetype of the future, the coming, it is verily the symbol of LIFE, one with RESURRECTION and IMMORTALITY, Ankh is the personification of the primal Gaia or rather Isis in union with Osiris whom she brought back to life, from whom she got impregnated and whom she immortalized as the God of resurrection for the ancient Egyptians; Ankh is the symbol of cosmos, its loop above is verily the cosmic Creatrix, the vacuum (sunya) or the zero womb, and it's supporting base is the Cross; the order that holds this cosmos, the vedic Skamba; it is Life that is creation, as such it is the union of heaven and earth, man and woman in one; as the archetype of union and integration Ankh is the sign of androgyny, it is the bisexual Isis Astarta Mohini Venus the Aphrodite, same as the mind-born son the adept the yogi Siva of eternal tapas; Ankh is the particle-wave complementarity of the subatomic cosmos, as such it is the Quantum Brahman, Ankh is the Eros which Wolfgang Pauli predicted was the ‘unifying field' at the heart of the quantum cosmos, Ankh is the DESIRE which the Vedas tell us was the cause of creation; as the principle of life and zest to live, Ankh brings together the cosmic rhythm of the Svastika and the historic self-surrendering self-negation of the Christian Cross to the fulfilment of the Person that is she and he, Ankh is verily the symbol of the New Man, symbol of the sixth root race the Neo-Lemuria, it is verily the manifestation of the anti-patriarchal Aquarian New Age and its gaiaic planetary New Consciousness; as the fusing principle of the Svastika and the Cross, Ankh is the archetypal New Humanity of the sixth root race, it is the rising cosmic Christ for all humanity and human unity, the Third Adam, the Cosmic Sophia, the eschatological fulfilment of history, the New Jerusalem, or maybe it is the New Benares of the six root race humanity of the Neo-Lemuria, and the seventh Neo-Atlantis both Indic and the Cosmic.

Such is the curve of the Trans-vedic Megacycle, the planetary cycle of the Indian Spirit the Higher Truth, we should be capable of envisaging; while I have by now given a fairly good idea of my no-end Pre-Vedic and Post-vedic Megacycles through the easy route of Blavatsky's seven root races. , I have hardly said anything about my Post-vedic Megacycle, which could be touched upon in the following section with which we come to historical times and situate the ‘Aryan/Non-Aryan Origins of Indian Civilization on the Megacyclical View of Indian History'.

Part Three

The Theory of Aryavarta, Dravidavarsha, Pax Indica of the Spirit

The paper has become much too long that the end is going to be very abrupt. Against this vast historical, planetary and cosmic sweep of karma dharma and destiny if anyone still wants to hold on to an Aryan invasion theory, soft or strong, and hold according to the latter that the Vedic Aryans were autochthones to India and it was they who originated the westward march and caused the spread of the vast sweep of Indo-European languages, it is but an utterly defenseless proposition, and taking note of which is even greater foolishness for the scholarly community and society. I for one want to totally and absolutely undersign the great and most scholarly work of Prof Michael Witzel, Autochthonous Aryans? - The Evidence from the Old Indian and Iranian Texts. Nothing more after Witzel need be said on this motivated post colonialist agenda of revivalist Indian history. Unlike the Dravidian, the Indo-Aryan is a field in which a couple of centuries' painstaking and exhaustive researches have gone into reaching very reliable knowledge; while the changing time-spirit might call for new angles of perception and refinement, there is utterly no space for a dispute unless some parties are motivated to create one.

There are so much linguistic historical and archaeological researches in the field that I for one do not feel that anything more need be or can be added after Marija Gimbuts's Kurgan Hypothesis which validates the south eastward spread of the proto Indo-Iranians through Kurgan I to IV stages, locates the Urheimat I & II and traces the expansion in the eastern wing up to the Gangetic plains. And equally weighty source is Asko Parpola's researches on the Indus Script and his BMAC Project (Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex) which complements and more than reconfirms the Kurgan hypothesis.

Indo-European migrations from c. 4000 to 1000 BCE according to the Kurgan hypothesis. The magenta area corresponds to the assumed Urheimat (Samara culture, Sredny Stog culture). The red area corresponds to the area which may have been settled by Indo-European speaking peoples up to c. 2500 BCE; the orange area to 1000 BCE.

Anyone who has some general knowledge in the field knows the intimate linguistic connection between Avestha and Vedic Sanskrit: that they belong to the same Proto-Indo-Iranian, that the same tribe diversified into Iranians worshipping monotheistic Ahura Mazda and the polytheistic vedic Indo-Aryans; the conflict that led to this division has been narrated in various sources, notably in Witzel and Parpola in our case, it has been suggested both in the Gathas and Rig Veda, the myth of the Battle of Ten Kings, etc.; it does not require much wisdom to come to the general conclusion that the Indian branch that turned to polytheism and the Iranian branch that insisted on monotheism could not have been held under one umbrella, to which then comes the geographical spread, which made the division natural.

Saptha Sindhu is the very Urheimat this enlightened and elevated bardic type carrying the memorized vedic stanzas with them, Saptha Sindhu is the geographical spot where this first outpourings of human mind found their written expression, it was in this pastoral habitat the pre-vedic culture flourished, they might have evolved a script system at some earlier stage of the wandering, possibly before parting from the Iranian side, from Sumerian, Aramaic sources at the BMAC stage, what is to be noted is that their self-perception of this South Asian Urheimat was strictly the Saptha Sindhu, very clearly that perception is not the ‘Punjab, the land of five rivers', thus the vedic Urheimat ipso facto went beyond the present Punjab, it extended towards the present Rajasthan, the scene of Sarasvati and the Gaggar, hence the total number of the rivers made out the holy number of ‘seven', truly where the Vedas and the vedic civilization could and would have flourished. Sarasvati was the goddess, in fact the most supreme at that being repository of all wisdom and Knowledge; the river, flowing or dry, was just a metaphor, like the murthi of the meditator, so the vedic bards sang profusely of the Sarsvati the goddess, and she is the metaphysical river, flowing even today to the Sangam at Allahabad and joining with the Ganges and the Yamuna, celebrating also the Kumbhamela once in twelve year Jupiter cycle.

Saptha Sindhu the Urheimat, is the core of the Aryan civilization, so I for one do not understand why the revivalist post-colonialist historiography feels provoked to change this sacred name of the Urheimat to ‘Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization'; Indus Valley Civilization got its name since its chief archaeological finds of Mahenjadaro and Harappa were found on the Indus; the revivalists want us to believe that the maximum number of the archaeological sites are on the Sarasvati, but who knows if there aren't more to discover elsewhere?

When the orientalists unearthed the ancient and the lost Sanskrit inheritance, what they found was the treasure trough of knowledge and wisdom which enthralled the entire world with Benares moving on to the Rhine as we elaborated above, but what could they decipher from the so called Indus valley writings... Absolutely nothing except that seals with inscriptions were in circulation! This means for all common sense assessment, the Indus Valley civilization was a pre-literate society of the early mid Bronze Age and preceded the Aryan penetration by centuries if not at least a millennium. So what Aryan invasion are we speaking about? If we make out the so-called Aryans were autochthones and it was they who penetrated westwards taking their language and civilization to the wider Eurasian ecumena, we can only then wonder how could this have been inasmuch the Indus valley people were incapable of writing and intellectual creativity?

Just like the westward march in America was in the form of creating of frontier new communities and states, from Saptha Sindhu the vedic people gradually penetrated eastward, fist of which was the Kuru clan, around Kurukshetra, whose mythological connections through Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita gained a worldwide currency like the mystique of Sarasvati itself. Countless are the sources that testifies to the origins of this Kuru clan to Bahli Balkh or Bactria. For want of space let me cite just one sentence from Wikipedia:

“Puru-ravas Aila, first king in the line of ancestors of the Kurus above, is mentioned in Ramayana stories as the son of a ruler who came, in some remote antiquity, from Bahli (Balkh) in Central Asia to Mid India (Ramayana, VII,103.21-22).”

The same is true of Panchala or Pandavas their brother clan in the Mahabharata, and of the further clannish early kingdoms which were spreading towards lower flow of the Ganges and southwards running down to the Vindhyas, these early tribo-political units are known the Maha Janapatas, the chief of which that shaped the history of the post-vedic megacycle are: Kasi, Khosala, Anga, Magadha, Vriji, Malla, Chedi, Vamsa, Kuru, Panchala, Machcha or Matsya, Surasena, Ashmaka, Avanti, Gandhara and Kamboja. They came to make up the space of the Aryavarta north of the Vidhyas; what we have south of the Vidhyas must be designated as the Dravidavarsha. They have emerged in to history slightly later perhaps, something like half a millennium before the CE, which makes it slightly less contemporaneous to the northerners of Aryavarta. Their story is the rise and fall of various dynasties, the Pallavas in the extreme south, then the Cheras Cholas, Pandyas, Hoysalas, Chalukyas, and Satavahanas who were all non-Indo-Aryan or Dravidians, later to be separated as Tamils, Keralites, Kannadigas, Telegus, with sprinkling of Thulus, Konkanis, Gonds, etc. etc. Correspondingly we have the rise and fall of a number of dynasties in the north whose name are too familiar to be listed here, they together form the ‘Indo-Aryan civilizational cycle' of my Pre-vedic Megacycle, continuing in the further two subsequent civilizational cycles of the Islamic and the British periods.

Have the people of the Indus Valley civilization passed into this racial-civilizational stream of the Dravidians? It is absolutely impossible that the Dravidian could have originated at Indus Valley which was more an extension of the settled agricultural life of the Semite river valley civilization. There are many studies trying to establish such a connection, some of them early twentieth century could possibly have also been motivated by a ‘divide and rule' instinct of some of the Western scholars, or maybe they were trying to put down their insights and perceptions as truly as they could. Inasmuch as the Indus Valley civilization was not a literature one, it is foolish to trace the origins of Tamil or the Dravidian languages therein. Tamil is a very old language, and might have a root going as far back to Kumari Kandam or Lemuria through the Sangam periods.

I have lived in Tamilnadu, its megalithic burial sites are ancient, negroid and proto-australoid traces are still clearly evident in human faces visibly forming the racial substratum, so the Dravidian civilization must be attested a more ancient origin, even an independent one, though it might have also intermingled with the successors of the Indus valley. In his “Dravidian India” T.R. Sesha Iyengar, (Madras: 1925) notes

“A large mound near Chingleput is surrounded by a number of megalithic graves, and believed to have been inhabited by a bearded race of `Pandayar'. The very name of Pandu houses, by which the tombs are familiarly known in every district, points to primitive pre-Brahmanical times and beliefs; all that is referred about the Pandavas being directly opposed to Brahmanical rites and ideas, and savoring rather of aboriginal practices. [ftn. Megalithic monuments of the Coimbatore Dt. by M.J. Wallhouse, JRAS 1875] “ (Iyengar 1925, p.49)

The Indus valley civilization belonging to the early and mid-Bronze Age segment must be seen as an extension of the proto-historic civilizations of Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Elamite Persia, and must be classified as a Semite Proto-Saharan group. And without relating them directly to the Dravidian family, I am inclined to support Cyde Winter's statement:

“The Elamites, Dravidians, Sumerians and Manding are all of the Proto-Saharan origin. In the history of man-kind they were called the Kushites. Testimony of the great heritage of the Kushites, resulted from their boldness in trade and seafaring expeditions. The authors of ancient Indian literature claimed that the Kushites ruled the world for 7000 years. According to Epiphanies, the age of the Kushites extended from the Flood to the age of Terah, the father of Abraham, the prophet of the Jews and Muslims.”

While attesting such an age and authentic origination to the Dravidian family, which resonates well with my own personal sentiment, even forgotten memory, as a Keralite, and while I believe Aryavarta north of the Vindhyas and Dravidian family south of India co-existed or mutually aggressed during the early Indo-Aryan period, the four major South Indian languages made themselves independent before the end of the first millennium CE and then went through a sankritization or brahmanization period that the Dravidavarsha gave way to the Bharatvarsha. This was more a subconscious racial process during the Muslim and the Western periods of Indian history; this Sanskritization went so far that once Freedom was in sight, there existed absolutely no common ‘Dravidian national empathy' except as part of a common Indian national empathy. It would have been impossible for example for Malayalees trusting the Tamilians or the Kannadigas or vice versa for forming a common nation as the Muslims under Jinnah did by partitioning the country. Through English there came about an all India national ethos, through that language the South Indians understood the North Indians better than the South Indians among themselves; such an understanding was out of question as the Dravidian languages were not mutually comprehensible. It was India that caused the passage of Dravidavarsha to Bharatvarsha. If this India had born say as ‘Hindustan' set against ‘Pakistan' and if Hindi were to be the national language, then and then only it would have been possible that the nation of Dravidistan or Dravidavarsha would also have become a separate political identity like Pakistan. The origin of Indian civilization is clearly Vedic or Aryan, to which the Dravidian, the proto-Australian, the negroid and the mongoloid came to be assimilated, and it has now become verily the matrix of the emerging ultimate world civilization having equally assimilated the Islam and the West which were the dominant forces of world history shaping the middle ages and the modern period.

The Sixth Root Race – Pax Americana & Pax Indica of the Spirit

Every one of the regional High Civilizations after their unfolding over millennia have now converged into one single Global Civilization of human race and family; as human race our job is to carrying forward History Geopolitics & Evolution towards the Sixth Root Race. While the third and fourth root races perished or destroyed each other, the fifth one splendidly completed its civilizational mission of world unification, yet also its shadows are living with us, threatening us with the same global destruction that engulfed the Lemurians and Atlanteans. As Pax Britannica proved to be a chief carrier of the ‘theosophical aryanization' of the modern period, Blavatsky envisages a special role to a ‘Pax Americana of Hope' as its successor. And Vedic India which was the chief carrier of that mission for the ancient world has been assigned an equally important place in this humanity's passage towards the Sixth Root Race, the Pax Indica of the Spirit. The archetypal metaphors of the Svastika and the Cross which were the routes that the fifth root race took in carrying out its mission will now converge into a new archetypal symbol the Ankh which is the sense of belonging and identity of the New Humanity and the new human race.

As the unipolar superpower the US is the chief captain on the playfield of Geopolitics, but it continues to be the same geopolitics of the Atlanteans, and the same destruction is bound to follow, sooner than later. The ‘US-Indian Strategical Partnership' inaugurated by the G.W. Bush administration must now be reviewed in this new light; alone the Svastika and the Cross that legitimate them to be the Pax Indica of the Spirit and the Pax Americana of Hope can legitimate these partners also in the eyes of the other world powers and civilizations and guide human destiny towards the Sixth Root Race that is the Pax Humana. If the fifth root race was called upon to ‘aryanization' and the sixth is obligated to accomplish its further humanization and divinization, let us Indians look beyond the ‘Aryan/Non-Aryan' binaries and embrace Indian civilization in its totality which like the Vedas itself is without beginning and end one with human pilgrimage to our eternal home, OM, the new earth and new humanity of the Seventh Root Race upon this very earth the Pangaea.

Bocholt, Germany - 7 June 2006
Professor Asiananda

Photo of Professor Asiananda in Jaipour, India, February, 2006.
Photo by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.

More about Professor Asiananda:

Our college and friend, Professor Asiananda, passed in 2008. He was Professor of Philosophy at Intercultural Open University Netherlands and holder of its ‘Sri Aurobindo Chair for Human Unity'. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Calicut University on ‘Indian Writings in English' and Dr. of Phil from Ruhr University Bochum Germany on “US – South Asian Relations 1942-1963”, was lecturer (1972-92) at a German Technical University (Fachhochschule) Bocholt.

His encounter with Rajiv Gandhi in 1988 revealed shared political and social passions and this moved him to dedicate his life in India's service: “Building up the India of our Dreams… in a nonviolent and nuclear-free world” and he moved to New Delhi in 1991. Asiananda's arrival in the Bombay airport on 21 May at 10.30 pm happened to coincide with the news of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination; where upon he devoted himself to serious writing.

Other works by Professor Asiananda include:



NUCLEAR SUBCONTINENT – CALLING FOR A CON-FEDERATIVE RE-MAKING OF UNITED NATIONS (2000) co-authored with Prof Jan R. Hakemulder Chancellor of the Intercultural Open University (Netherlands)

HEALING THE SUBCONTINENT – An In-depth Psychoanalysis of Partition and Kashmir co-authored with Prof VT Patil then Vice Chancellor of Pondicherry University (2002)


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