Peace, Truth and Divinity by Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau

Peace is Truth, Love and Manifested Divinity.
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Love and kindness to others are the outward expressions of Inner Peace.

Peace, Truth and Divinity
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau
April, 2020

The Peace of Inner Silence

For “Peace to Prevail” each person needs to understand their own divinity; they must experience the inner sanctuary in the heart; called the Inner Kingdom—known as the experience of “Silence”. What is it within each person that has value? It is the “I”. One who experiences the “I” within as the Living Spirit knows there is Eternal Life and understands the true meaning of Peace.

Meditation is the key to the “Inner Kingdom” and to understanding our own individual divinity. Through meditation we can experience the peaceful inner sanctuary in the heart. The peace found in meditation unfolds the heart daily, giving new and profound understanding into the depths of ones very self. If we understand ourselves, we will see others in an unlimited Light and we are inspired to live the eternal truths; only then will “Inner and Outer Peace” become a natural outcome.

Peace and the Action of Giving

There cannot be Inner Peace without love; love and kindness are the outward expression and they must be put into action to have real meaning. Without the action of “giving”, the expression of selfless love, one cannot understand the joy and inner peace also received in the process of giving.

  • Without love in the highest sense, one cannot know forgiveness as compassion is not then understood.

  • Without knowing God as a living Presence within one's own Being, one does not know themselves completely.

  • Without giving from the Heart, the experience of selflessness in giving, the outer life is cannot be lived fully.

Peace, Love and Truth

The Higher Truths are cognition of Divine Laws, and are seen in doing right action; right living is allowing the Divine Will, the Divine Truth, to guide our actions. Then knowing in our hearts we do the right thing, and for the right reason. It must be compassionate wisdom that guides the heart. We must live in the realization that everyone, each individual, has different levels of consciousness and understanding. Only by living life as an example of love, compassion and knowledge can Peace be realized.

Peace is seen in selfless love for the sake of loving and giving for the joy of it. It is seeing each person as a child of God regardless of age, gender, race, faith, or creed. It is having the discrimination and compassion to allow another person to be who they are while you continue on fearlessly. The Higher Truths, understood, are in knowing that all life is sacred and that animals are our little brothers, and in knowing all of nature is our family.

Peace is being aware of all God's creation and thinking with the heart while loving with the mind. It is living in the Kingdom while being on earth and bringing the love from Heaven into each day.

Truth is found from within, as “being” peace, to create peace.

Love is the Truth of the “Living Christ”.

Ram Naam Satya Hai
(Lord, Thy Name is Truth)

Copyright © 2020 Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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