Finding Peace: Transcendence and the Shift by Diane M. Rousseau

The transformation needed to bring Peace on Earth begins within each individual.
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Peace begins with personal inner transcendence and communion with God.

Finding Peace: Transcendence and the Shift
by Diane M. Rousseau

Abraham Maslow Predicted the Shift

On July 15, I received an email from my friend Ra, entitled: “Article: Maslow Predicted the Shift” (author unknown) that contained the following quote:

“Abraham Maslow (1908-70) was a psychologist who became famous for his hierarchy of human needs. In the 1950s, he predicted the transformation of humanity into a realm of spiritual transcendence, but he had no idea just how soon this would develop into a major movement”.

This knowledge is at the core of the Vedic Teachings and also what was, and is, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's true purpose in coming out more than 50 years ago to give the Teachings, Meditation, knowledge, and tools needed for happiness, Spiritual growth, transformation, self-sufficiency, and one's own inner communion with God. In addition to experiencing true inner strength, one also experiences all as a part of God. This is Higher Consciousness and “Awareness of Being.”

Thursday, July 21, when the full moon rises is the start of Sat Yuga, this is the break in the cycle of time in a Kali Yuga period for Heaven on Earth for 1,000 years. The energy and Bliss of God that has been faithfully integrated, and the selfless service out of love that one has given is now returned and Heaven will begin to be experienced in one's life. This is the Christ experience one receives, when the infinite love is returned from the continuous perseverance one has lived in Faith, love and charity for others. Those who are strong can help those who cannot, or do not have the means, voice, or ability to help themselves. The power of transcendence gives the means to experience the Bliss that gives one the ability to transform. This will be a time of changes and transformation, for what is not of love and what is nonproductive will no longer be able to continue.

The frustrations of wanting to help, wanting to create peace will cease and the ability will now find a way and the means for this fulfillment. For when the hand extended in conscious love to another is offered, it is Divine Grace being given. One is the instrument of the “right hand” of God, as this love flows through. Peace and Heaven on Earth begin with each individual. Grace is there and Thursday, July 21, marks the change in time. Sat Yuga is a time of purity, enlightenment, non-violence and peace, a Golden Age of Heaven on Earth for everyone. God lives in the Seed Atom in your heart, and your Higher Mind is touched by this love. In Eastern Philosophy, this means the devoted and pure heart touches the crown chakra “Sahasrara” or “Kether” and the 1,000 petals unfold in beauty and brilliance, bestowing Divine Knowledge and Truth. In Ancient Text the heart chakra is referred to as “Anahata,” or in Mystical Qabalah as the “Tipareth.”

The Seed Atom holds the Sun and it is through the culturing of the heart that Spiritual knowledge is given. When the inner Sun lights up, the fire of Devotion is felt, the inner mind is illuminated and love and compassion at the most subtle level is experienced. This love is unending and the inner fire and purity spark the crown chakra which reveals the “Oneness” and unity, as well as a new ability to create, this is Brahman. The full inner fusion is “Oneness” with the Atma.

Peace on Earth begins within each individual

Each being is a Divine Spark of God in the body of God, in this sense we are all One. It is the seeing of God in all things, feeling the love for all life that is the experience of Unity. The inner Sun illuminates the mind and Oneness with God is experienced and consciousness expands in boundless treasure. In creating this Heaven on Earth, Brahman (the ability to know and create) merges with the Atman, Absolute, or Supreme Being, Iswara. The experience of direct knowing of infinite growth and potential. This experience of inner “Union” or totality is pure love in Divine consciousness and this is the Divine Love which is Eternal and unending. One experiences “The Kingdom of Heaven” and knows through direct experience that The Supreme Being is everywhere.

Peace on Earth begins with each individual. Sat Yuga's descent transforms the world. Give thanks, love and appreciation to all who through their selflessness have given to you, taught you, and love you. This includes all the Great Beings down through time who through sacrifice and love, gave for the benefit of Humanity ...

Sri Vidya, is the Divine Radiance within, and comes through the daily practice of Meditation; in this practice one gains the highest knowledge. The heart then becomes pure, and one experiences the Divine Light within. Through this Divine Light one understands Dharma, and lives in the awareness of “cause and effect” and understands the principal of duty, equality and unity; knowing that each life has value and purpose, and contains the Divine Spark of The Eternal Absolute.

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May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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