Spirituality, Higher Consciousness and the Unified Field by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

The Unified Field and the Divine Realms: Love, God, meditation and higher consciousness.
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Love, God and Meditation: The Unification of Spirituality and Higher Consciousness

Spirituality, Higher Consciousness & the Unified Field
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

The Unified Field or the Field of the Divine

When one is aware of God within their own heart one can more deeply understand the importance of true Spirituality, one's connection with the Divine and one's place in God's Eternal Universe. The higher or more refined one's Consciousness or the Divine awareness of a person, the greater empathy and the deeper connections to other people and all of nature. When a person is in a Divine State of Grace,” the Divine Bliss” gives abilities and these gifts go with Higher Consciousness and development. The love and compassion for an individual, individuals, animals, nature, one's country or the whole world is the understanding that Grace is all around us.

Today, this understanding is referred to as the Unified Field, or the Unified Field of the Divine: the Divine Almighty. It is unified love and intelligence; a projection from the Divine Almighty into the field of all possibilities. It is infinite in its nature, it is Divine Bliss in pure intent and it is intelligence. It is multi layered and multi-dimensional, contacted by the degree of one's awareness and spiritual development. The highest aspect is reached through devotion to the Almighty which merges in supreme unity.

Intuition at its highest functioning is pure comprehension without words; it is cognized thoughts, thought pictograms and intents beyond any language; for it is of the substance of Divine Truth. We receive Divine Directives from the Higher Spiritual Realms; this is a higher form of telepathy and usually gives one a complete thought of an event or message for a higher purpose other than for one's own welfare.

How many times after an act of compassion or kindness have you heard someone say, “God told me to do this” and you knew they meant it with their whole heart and soul? It can be understood as a wave or energy frequency due to the transmission of a love-thought-wave (subtle sounds, vibrations of light and color) due to a request we send out. We can receive these subtle impulses and know what is needed, how to help or inspire those or what we love and even know how one is feeling and then to cognize what is to be done about what is being sent to us. God indeed does send answers in many forms; however, it is in the Silence where we receive the purest directive. We can project a message; we can comfort by thought to any distance what is needed. This is a gift and it goes out to those that we “feel” due to love and caring. The factor is Love, is of God and cannot be misused without consequences. Intuition is the subtle and pure form of telepathy, higher than clairvoyance; intuition gives the Divine guidance that simply “knows” the truth about any situation regardless of space or time. This aspect of intuition is due to the advanced state of Consciousness where Oneness is the true reality.

The Divine Laws of Cause and Effect

There is a grosser and lower form of telepathy, it is from the lower physic development of that gift, it is often used to control, manipulate and mislead. It is usually done without the understanding of God's gifts and how they must be used in accordance with the Divine Will. Charlie Lutes was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's right-hand man and the World President of SRM (1) and he would often state in his lectures that it was best not to “seek powers” until one had full spiritual integration and allow them to develop naturally because misused powers would be a curse which would affect that person for 1,000 years. Sorcery uses this technique as a power. This is all the more reason to appreciate the Divine Laws of Cause and Effect or Universal Laws and use the power of discrimination which is also a Divine gift of inner wisdom.

Photo of Charles F. Lutes.

Currently there is talk of technologies and the continued misuse of drugs to alter perception to feel God and use His gifts; these ideas are based in ignorance and can never develop a lasting true connection to God. Even if man begins to implant some technological device, it is without the understanding of the Laws of the Universe and God, therefore it will be limited. It will be fragmented truths, seeing only a small percentage instead of the greater whole for understanding and wisdom. Science will never be able to duplicate one's connection to God, it would be like visiting Heaven but not being able to stay; for the experience was not earned and the love within one's own heart would be missing. A synthetic mind connection to higher physic power is dangerous, for one would not have the ability to feel truth or understand the Laws of Cause and Effect. Likening spiritual gifts to merely activation's of brain cells without any understanding of spirituality is misleading and sadly takes one away from their true divine nature; for what is to be said when the body dies? Mankind is responsible for the making of these mental ideas and tools, regardless if one believes in the Divine and Universal Laws or not.

I was told by Charlie that the more man depends on machinery for his spiritual gifts, the more negative control or influences come upon Earth. For the Lords or Angels of the Mind did not realize that the Highest Beings next to God were the Seraphim, whose whole nature is Love. One-third of these beings “fell” due to thinking that “mind” was all there was. On this plane, using only the mind can manifest as power, greed and control, God will not be a factor and neither is one's conscience. Charlie Lutes said “in his quest for technology, man is not as spiritually evolved as his technological mind. The lack of understanding of Divine gifts will only lead one away from what and who they are. The body cannot be “activated” by a machine to attain spirituality. The more dependent on outside sources, the more people will become lost and limited. There will be little or no understanding of the Divine Laws of Cause and Effect, self-referral, inner awareness or God's infinite Grace”.

God and the Unified Field

God's reflection in one's life is one of beauty, wisdom and truth in the highest sense, the knowledge is not dry; it brings the source of creative love into all fields that enhance all aspects of beauty and manifestations of beauty. This is the field where an artist will get divine inspiration, vision and perceive the beauty in Universal Truths, so too the scientist, who brings knowledge to help humanity due to this contact with God. This higher aspect of the Unified Field does not hold knowledge that could be misused by the receiver; love is the key which reaches this divine level of knowledge. All outward projections are seen in refined art, music, literature, and the spiritual sciences of architecture, agriculture, the caring of nature, animal welfare, and humanities.

God is Bliss, awareness, love, energy and creativity with eternal status, Omni Present Omni Potent, a joy to just BE and give more from the Divine Altar of Love. The joy of giving is unending. Love does not have an edge, nor is it dependent upon a condition or a gross technology. It is Eternal and so are the gifts we earn by going within to the Kingdom and directly experiencing God's infinite Love, Divine Energy and Grace. We use this Divine Grace to perceive higher truths, to see beauty, to speak the sweet truth, to hear that which has value and to live in a way which supports and cares for all life while we continue to grow and evolve. Each person's Faith is to be respected; the source of religion was to be a guide to the Divine and a Temple or Church, a sacred space symbolic of the Temple of God within.

“His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”; painting by Diane M. Rousseau.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stated that “the Unified Field is the Almighty”. The Unified Field has many dimensions to it and each unfolds as higher consciousness is realized. This is not an intellectual understanding; it is a real experience. The concepts of consciousness each have their own unique signature:

  • Cosmic Consciousness- inner illuminations of higher strata.
  • God Consciousness- Self Realization.
  • Unity (Unified Field) Consciousness- experiences of being part and connected to all life and eventual stability to cognize the Divine of the Almighty.
  • Brahman Consciousness- the ability to create from Divine Wisdom and understanding of the Divine Laws of God.
  • The Atma- where we are the Living Flame of Light, the Pillar in Thy Temple, the Living manifestation of the Word, Will and Love of the Supreme Being.

One knows they are a Divine cell in the Body of God experiencing and being one with the Divine Unity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Transcendent Almighty. Sri Vidya is the Divine Wisdom which understands that all must at some time bend the knee to Divine Love. Truly, all is created from the heart of God and within our heart, is the Kingdom.


In 1967 during a lecture on meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stated, “The entire knowledge of the mantras or hymns of the Vedas is devoted to man's communication with Higher Beings in different strata of creation... the vast field of the Vedas is infinite...”.
Meditation then, done twice daily, sets up a constant field of spiritual protection as well as creating the “fertile soil” for the inner purity of the receiver. It is a process of inner and outer transformation through the spiritual power of the Mantras, which are sacred encoded sounds of the Divine cognized by the Ancient Rishis. Prayer is further enhanced by this pure cultivation of the heart due to the “silent” infusion from the Divine. In meditation, we infuse the Divine. In prayer, we speak to the Divine. The importance of meditation and prayer are represented in all sacred Scriptures and Texts around the world.

Christ said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God within and all things will be given unto you.
Such a simple statement with such a profound meaning...

Always we return to Source.

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
President - Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS)

Suggested reading:
“Love and God”
“Power of Silence”
“The Vedas, Source of the Subtle Science”
All written by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM Publications. 1959-1970s.
If you are unable to obtain any of the above books, please feel free to contact us for help.

(1) SRM, The Spiritual Regeneration Movement, was started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1955, in India.

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“His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”, Oil on canvis, Copyright © 2007 by Diane M. Rousseau. All rights reserved.

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