The Key to Unity Consciousness by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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Spirit integrates in the body to communicate through the physical brain.

The Key to Unity Consciousness
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
September 2006

The focus for September is on Mother Divine, or the Divine Feminine Energies present in all Creation and in each individual, available for expanded consciousness. The right hemisphere is the abstract and unlimited thought-intuition-creativity part of the brain. The left hemisphere, which has predominated society as logic, must now merge with the right so each person can be to themselves a complete whole. Meditation creates the Divine Marriage between these two hemispheres of left (linear-logic-male) and right (abstract-spiritual-female) together and unifies with the wishes of the heart to reach the Divine; this is Yoga or Divine Union.

The brain must not be thought of just in terms of brain cells, but as the method the Spirit integrates in the body to communicate through the physical brain much as a radio picks up a transmission signal. Sine waves, which are sound waves, move through space undetected by most to the conscious mind, however, to the spiritually aware, these sounds are heard as “sound currents” in both the right and left ears. These sounds of subtle spiritual wave currents are known as Being, the Atman or the Almighty as Infinite Spirit communicating messages to all who are open to receive this.

Meditation allows the brain to be receptive to receive these subtle cosmic sounds (due to the divine nature of the Mantra as encoded sound and light) the spiritual directives of the Divine. These Divine Sounds affect us on all levels, increasing our intelligence and intuition, refining our depth of love and understanding and expanding our hearts creating reverence for all life. The significance of sound is that it is the Word, the beginning of all manifest Creation, from the subtlest atom to the expanding universes; all are encased in sound and Light as intelligence units. Each conscious person aware of their Divine Self receives the sounds of the cosmos known also as the Music of the Spheres and of the Higher Realms bringing that intelligence, love and unity here; working to create for all this divine unity on all levels. Veda means all knowledge, Vid means to know, Shri Vidya is Divine Wisdom or merging with the Divine as the Divine Marriage in one's own Being or Self.

Image is: “Shri Mahalakshmi Ma”, a watercolor by Diane M. Rousseau.

All the infinite Holy Energies therefore respond positively and help from the Divine level all who adds to the collective love and intelligence towards all life through their own spiritual development; each act, each gesture of the heart is felt by all as well as to the out most reaches of the universe. Conscious Beings who know and can tap the unlimited aspect of their own Being; know they are literally CO-creators, creating either in positive or negative ways that which affects all on several levels. One who is consciously aware of the Cause and Effect of their own nature lives more each day a life in accordance with the Divine Universal Laws. “First know God, and then one will know to do right action,” quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM, Spiritual Regeneration Movement, 1960's.

This is the secret of the mystery to “know Thyself,” because as one “hears” these divine encoded sounds, not as words or voices which are lower astral realms, but direct from the Source of Love itself, the Almighty, lives consciously adding to the greater whole of all life each day; this is the Bliss, to give! The Almighty, which out of infinite love created us all, sent “Eternal Sparks” out to individualize and become Beings in Divine awareness. Once awake as CO-creators, each is then meant to BE this greater love and intelligence which is held within us all. No Soul is ever to be shut out of this love, it is the duty and divine right of each person to experience this unlimited aspect of Being and BE that spiritual conscious Self, the “awake” cell in the Body of God.

We really are a family of Light in principle, now we must all Be That and bring down “Heaven” and BE this Golden Light of God, radiating to all this divine love, raising the totality of consciousness of this planet each day to one of Divine Love, Unity and Peace.

In Divine Love and Unity

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Painting “Shri Mahalakshmi Ma”, watercolor by Diane M. Rousseau, ©2001-2019 Diane M. Rousseau

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