Seeking the Permanent Realms by Jay H. Peters

What are the differences between the permanent and the impermanent worlds.
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God, Love, Meditation and not “psychic paths” are most vital to our Spiritual Evolution.

Seeking the Permanent Realms
by Jay H. Peters

One of the most significant problems encountered on the Spiritual journey is the prevalence of the “lesser truths”. These usually comprise of a myriad of psychic paths that invariably lead an individual down the road to nowhere. These “paths” are made up of many of the past and current new age favorites, some of which are; astral travel, channeling, remote viewing, tarot reading, etc. I make a distinction from the above in regard to such practices as Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, prayer and other beneficial practices that are evolution promoting. The former practices are not, and let us see why.

One of the most profound distinctions made along our road is the realization of the differences between the “permanent worlds (realms)” and the “temporary worlds”. In fact, most people believe that all the worlds that exist beyond the physical dimension are permanent. This view is widely held because few people have gone beyond the temporary planes and experienced the permanent planes. In fact, the truth of this is not generally recognized in most circles. The layout goes like this: the physical, etheric, astral and mental planes are temporary. And, although a Soul may exist on any of these planes for an indeterminate amount of “time”, they are never-the-less, temporary. By that I mean to say that Souls ending up on these planes after death will reincarnate into another physical life and continue the rounds of rebirth until they gain “Liberation”. This is a word we use frequently around here and it denotes the graduation of a Soul into the Permanent Worlds, and out of rebirth. The planes above and including the causal, buddhic and atmic are permanent realms. In other words, they do not fluctuate and die.

How does this fit in with the “psychic paths” mentioned above? All of these practices have their origin and their energy signatures in the temporary worlds. They do not contain the “Higher Truths” which filter down to our 3rd dimension and lead us to freedom. Time spent on psychic paths or phenomena trap us to the wheel of karma and rebirth and lead us away from our true goal. The endless machinations provided by these practices can never provide the means to liberation, simply because they are not made of permanent stuff! You can visit, contact or otherwise connect with a zillion astral planes, entities, etc. but you will still have to bypass these planes to get out of the temporal. Even the ET's that can travel in the fourth and fifth dimensions are trapped in the temporal. No matter how long a temporal life is, it ends one day.

Notice I have not denounced these practices as having no effect on a Soul. Indeed, they frequently have a profound and most times negative effect on those who use them indiscriminately. As you certainly can see, they can be downright dangerous. At the very least, they are non-productive of evolution. They are akin to all the bells and whistles on a new car. They can be very fun and distracting, but do not get you to your destination any sooner. You may, indeed, run off the road while using them!

The techniques and prerequisites for bypassing time and energy wasting practices and for gaining access to the permanent realms are quite simple. They do require however, that a person become serious of mind and one-pointed when it comes to their Spiritual growth. It seems the fashion today to leave one's progress in the hands of some other being or deity and not take any personal responsibility for directing thought and action to the goal of increasing one's own consciousness. Only from the position of forthright living can a person hope to gain their own liberation and to aid others on their path to freedom. The rules have never changed. They are written in almost all scripture in almost all religions. The truth is, we must take responsibility for our own evolution and make the choices that will truly add to our conscious expansion and avoid those that only deal in temporal matters.

There are many well-meaning, good natured people awash in psychic phenomena, who do not realize that they are leading themselves and others down the rabbit hole of false or lesser truths, and thereby adding to their own karmic load. Indeed, if you are aware of the nature of the positive and negative polarities on this planet, you are certainly aware that there are many societal influences extant in the world that do not have the best intentions in regard to mankind. Although this is not the forum to list them, one of the trickiest is psychic phenomena. The reason being is that these practices “appear” to relate to higher dimensional truths. In actuality they distract us from perceiving the direct and higher truths, and make our journey to the permanent realms a lot longer and harder.

What are the aids to true evolution?

  • One pointed dedication to the Will of God
  • Devotion
  • Love
  • Meditation

This mindset will promote the fastest, safest and most beautiful passage out of the relative universe and into the permanent! If we leave off the latest fad or machine or technology and pursue Spiritual purity and selfless service to the Highest, we will find ourselves on the fast track to the true worlds of God. Why waste precious time? The lineage that I am a part of has been handed down from the Vedic Masters of old and continues to shed its light and truth through those Great Souls who selflessly give their whole lives to the enlightenment and liberation of others. Let us join them in the Permanent Realms!

Written with love to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Charlie & Helen Lutes, and most of all, to my friend and mentor, Diane M. Rousseau.
Jai Guru Dev!
Jay H. Peters

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