A Commentary on Intent by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Our intent and actions are all seen and heard by the Omnipresent.
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”... we are all interconnected, all aspects of Divinity, all degrees of understanding of consciousness that cannot be judged by title or viewed as 'less than' by either race, caste, gender, age, illness, or chosen Faith.”
-Diane M. Rousseau LHD., PhD.

Editor's notes:
Dr. Rousseau was inspired to write this piece after she read an article based on “the power of the intent of thought” that had been forwarded to her by a reader. Dr. Rousseau writes, “Those who pursue studies of higher consciousness, who know of Spiritual Truths and then live in compassion, who practice positive thought and care for the welfare for all nature and humanity will understand the ramifications of the meaning of intent.” -RJR

A Commentary on Intent
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
September, 2006

It is true that everything is consciousness and the form expresses the degree of self-awareness. What is conscious has feelings, what is conscious is Divine, therefore all manifestation of all sentient beings are all aspects of God. To be en-souled is the Divine gift to be aware and conscious of one's own inner connection to the Divine. To build upon this is the knower and known, being one with the Supreme and “being” aware that one is a Divine cell in the Body of God. Each must wake up to their Divine heritage, a human being is encoded to know and experience this Divinity.

Operating from this understanding, one comes in direct accordance with Universal Divine Laws. Here is where the idea of “us and them” disappears and one knows beneath everything is unity and growth. This is to say that we are all interconnected, all aspects of Divinity, all degrees of understanding of consciousness that cannot be judged by title or viewed as less than by either race, caste, gender, age, illness or chosen Faith.

The wise of the world know that our words, thoughts and actions have impact from the subtlest to the grossest level, each aspect recorded in the Book of Life. The thoughtless words, the unkind remarks, touch the heart of God and God feels. The actions one does are seen and the intent thought by some (that cannot be seen) IS seen by God; the smallness of heart, the deaf ears that do not hear the cry of pain by those who have neither the voice nor ability to be heard are viewed as an uncaring heart that also would be blind, deaf and asleep to all God's creation; all seen and heard by the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Almighty.

God is Almighty, Father-Mother Supreme Being, a Light brighter than thousands of millions of suns, beauty felt as love more beautiful than can be conceived yet reflected in the beauty of all nature, the warmth of the sun, the softness of water, the infinite beauty of a starlit night, the loveliness of a carefully tended garden, the beauty and refinement in art, music, architecture, sculpture, poetry, prose and beautiful literature; these are forms of God's Love for all to see and experience. The devotional and beautiful singing, the loving parent, the caregiver, the friend who listens, the loved one who stays with you when you are ill or troubled, the solace experienced from the kind heart who gives to you, the loving care for one's home, animal life and compassion for all things living, all this and more are the manifestations of the divine loving generosity of the Almighty in action from a pure heart.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once said that, “... the Artist and the Scientist contact and live from the Transcendental”. It can then be said that the Transcendental is the Unified Field of the Almighty. This Unified Field is multi layered, multidimensional; the finest aspects dwell directly in the Heart of God transcending the mind and unifying all the many diverse creations. Meditation infuses Divine Love and Energy from this Divine field of the Almighty which is the eyes, ears, heart, feelings and all infinite knowledge of God that can only create out of this Divine Field of Love and Intelligence.

We are living aspects of God. God IS Love. Let us all live in the field of Divine Love, knowing that we are Divine Human-Beings. Daily, we can create a more beautiful life, expand our creative intelligence with love and collectively create a more peaceful world with God's Blessings and abundance for all.

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