For Thy Pleasure Were All Things Created by Dr. Winifred Barton

Mankind is a multidimensional being but only the Spirit is eternal.
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For Thy Pleasure Were All Things Created
by Dr. Winifred Barton


The Universe is for Lovers. Since the Earth Bride “Eve” first bit into the apple of the knowledge of good and evil to learn divine discrimination, She has wandered in the Enchanted Forest of sensory delight in preparation for the crossing of the last frontier to INNER SPACE.

To gain her crown of life Eve has tamed the four beasts at the throne. For these are they which cast a shadow on the screen of consciousness. She is no longer timid like a calf, roaring aggressively like the lion, eagle eyeing others to find a scapegoat, or caught in the tentacles of rationalization, which might distort the beam which lies ahead. Self-love, the prize, is based in attitude and altitude. Not the kind of longitudinal logic which thought is equipped to handle.

We are reclining beneath the canopy of a planetarium, in the midnight blue darkness at the moment before the dawn of creation, enjoying a warm sense of spatial relations; like seeds in a pod which is about to burst. We each have a Mega-Microscope like Alice's magic mushroom, so that our burning tip of conscious awareness can be focused simultaneously on the Whole Universal Screen, or, on the smallest particle, and see they are identical. Only intellect will claim there is a difference. The music man is playing “Midnight Blue”. The Theater of Mother's Mind lights up in ecstasy, the human race is on...

ACT 1: The Charge of the Light Brigade

Curtains pull back to reveal a bright Bermuda Triangle ahead. Mind passes through, beyond the time-space continuum of incubation into Genesis II. Here to greet us are Masters of Ancient Wisdom. The Spiritual wellsprings of the opening epoch. All are dressed in full magnificence of Sun-King splendor, bathed in the tranquility of life-times spent in rituals of Worship. The Inca, the A-Ztecs, Ancient China, Greece, Egypt, India, Assyria (Ur). They symbolize the Sun rising in the East at the dawn of a new day. They come forward into the Ark Lights, holding hands and taking bows. With a little Irish twinkle in their hooded eyes, “Once you get the camel through the needle's eye The Play is done”.

These are the Great Psychologists. The Elders who lead us on the quest to “know Thyself” and find the personal inner joy which will equip you for eternal life of infinite variety. We are your Advanced Sun-brothers, here to get Gaia to the church on time. If clouds obstruct your cosmic vision, borrow our eyes, come out of the cave and claim your dowry of bliss.

Intellect - but you are human! “Aren't we all? Inner and outer-space are one. The flesh, like Solomon's Temple, may pass away. But having captured the original blueprint in time, allows technology to make it infinitely repeatable. Mind can only travel so far into the outer space of intellectual and physical exploration before it must come to reconcile with inner space; in the explosive-implosive swing of YIN-YANG equilibrium.

High-Tech expands the outer perimeters of your Universe giving you the means whereby you can go deeper and deeper into self-exploration. Beyond the “Mummy Casing” DNA Genesis 1 has taken mankind to the outer limits of possibility of all he can handle. Genesis II is the return journey through inner space. That which men call “The Cosmic Changeover.” To pass into this inner space your vision must be centered in the Universal Cross, that is unconditional love of The Great Life Spirit and your fellow man. This time warp was to go treasure hunting in the verdant pastures of limitless love expressed in all possibility. The Earth Play had its joyous conclusion established before the script began, check the Holy Word of Ages...

Only the Spirit is real, the rest is plastic fungi. Man is a multidimensional being, product of Infinity. The music of the spheres crystallized like unique snowflakes, yet each one interlocking to reflect the Whole. Dead man's blood is the placenta of the Christ reborn.

Technically speaking, when the gravitational weight of thought is greater than the mass of logic structure a system must collapse. Computers supply the straw that breaks the camel's back, for unlike the computer, the human mind must cope with the emotional consequences of its thoughts and actions on a little screen called conscience. Or, become lost forever in the stormy seas of Babylon. Solution comes from redefinition and restructuring of the reasoning process. There is no other exit from a closed system.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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