Living a Cosmic Life by Diane M. Rousseau

Meditation and living in accordance with our Divine Self.
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Living a Cosmic Life
by Diane M. Rousseau


When a person chooses to live in accordance with his Divine Self, he comes into the flow of Cosmic life. As Consciousness expands to take into the multidimensional levels of Being, a person has profound changes that occur. These changes are drawn down from the Higher Self through the subtle bodies that also descend down into the physical plane. Consciousness changes the body, cell by cell, as a collective whole that changes the molecular structure into one of Light.

As a person choose to live his true Self, his outer life undergoes a transformation. He then consciously changes from the “inside” out. Even though healing techniques are helpful and of a practical use on the physical plane, ultimately it is ones Consciousness that changes the body into wholeness that reflects the persons Higher states of awareness.

Consciousness is intelligence in knowledge and understanding. Understanding is from having direct experience that makes the knowledge gained “Wisdom” or “Knowing Beingness.” Wholeness is a process where one combines knowledge through the Higher Consciousness on this physical plane. As one's Consciousness is established, he then has a permanent foundation in the Self. This is expressed as joy, bliss, and inner peace. All of the old conflicts of the lower mind are transcended.

We are not here to change others, but to transform into the Divine Self and reflect it through our thoughts, actions, speech and he will then radiate that Divinity as Pure Consciousness. This awareness of Self inspires others to bring out the best within themselves. It continuously attracts avenues where this Bliss in Beingness flows out into life. What is not of this Higher State of Awareness falls away, it leaves because it no longer has a “home” in our Consciousness. Where there are disagreements and dissension among family, friends or coworkers, the negative contributes to the World collective consciousness. Harsh words, anger, bad behavior and falseness destroy peace and create disharmony in the atmosphere and this affects everything in Nature.

Harmony is the union of the Higher Mind and the Heart. The Higher Mind perceives this plane as one of action. It is here that one can work through and actively change his consciousness. Free will means you have a choice. By actively using Will one can live life in such a way that he perceives all things as an opportunity for growth. One does not surrender to negativity but actively chooses the highest good. When one chooses his own Higher development with full intent, he lives a Spiritual life. He then lives an active, dynamic life of positive flow and his Consciousness adds to the collective thoughts of happiness, health, and peace for all. He is attentive in his awareness.


Meditation infuses the Being into one's awareness. Done twice daily, it is a tool that increases the vibrations and assists in the infusion of one's Higher self. Each time you Meditate, you slowly still the mind. At first there are many thoughts and gradually one transcends the mind and all the thoughts to the state of restful alertness and then experiences profound Bliss. Over time this carries into the outer life and one remains in this constant state of Bliss. He can then consciously discriminate to keep this Bliss. This state of bliss is the direct opening for the Higher Self to anchor in ones Heart as a permanent state of Being. One is always connected to his Higher Self at this point and growth becomes automatic. It is an effortless state of Being, a constant feeling of being centered in one's Self.

This awareness knows it is infinite in Nature and is unlimited in it's potential. One has a greater degree of compassion for all life. He understands that without this Beingness one is lost inside. Without knowing the Self one just lives in the mind and the state of the mind is unrest without this Divine connection.

When one can only see what is wrong, he is functioning from his own level of discontent. As the Bliss expands, he finds he can see possibilities where before he saw none. He can forgive himself because he realizes he was functioning from a level of ignorance of his true nature. This understanding helps him to see that others also make mistakes because they are not conscious of their real Self. Knowledge has no basis without the knowledge of the Self, for what is understood is based in the lower mind. The lower mind is fickle, judgmental, petty and goes after desires that when achieved bring no lasting joy or peace.

One must know and experience God within his own Being. He must choose his own path that leads him inward and realize that no man can dictate to his Soul. He must allow others this same freedom of expression. Once his attention is focused on his Spiritual growth, he becomes one pointed in his thinking. His outward life will reflect his inner contentment. He will live in accordance with the Cosmic Laws of the Universe.

He is in Bliss for he “KNOWS” that he Is Eternal, Infinite and will forever expand in the Love and Consciousness of God in his own Self.

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