Prophecy, Meditation and Changing the Future by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Our thoughts and actions today will create our tomorrow.
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Meditation is a dynamic practice whereby we can become one with the Source of Creation. Photo by Charlie Lutes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while on the ferry for SRM course on Catalina Island; early 1960's.

Prophecy, Meditation and Changing the Future
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

In many of the articles that have been forwarded to us at ISS, we see prophetic forecasts which often occur during an apocalypse or new transitional phase of the Earth. Yes, we are in a transition, but we have been given the Spiritual knowledge and Grace to change, to soften, and to alter these prophecy's. During a transition, you will see others vying for religious supremacy due to their religious fervor, a fervor which has forgotten the basis of religion itself; which is, religion is man-made and inspired by the Divine both in experience and the Word passed down. But what makes Truth a reality, and what is the difference between Religion and Eternal Truths?

The Vedas are not a Religion but Spiritual Sciences that encompass all aspects of unity. Yoga means union and the Vedas also teach every aspect of life both outer and the inner spiritual, giving the experience of divinity, inner unification and balance through the Teachings. Due to the practice of meditation, both hemispheres of the brain communicate in harmony and the individual is not in conflict. Also, in the Vedas, there is no prejudice, gender duality conflicts in treatment, racism or judgment based on these thoughts which create intolerance, lack of compassion and separatism; for all are understood as aspects of the Divine. All religions, like the branches on a tree, come out of the infinite Divine of the ONE SOURCE. It matters not which religion one chooses to follow; they inspire and guide until one “becomes” religion itself. Each individual is given the opportunity to be aware and participate in their own infinite unfoldment, transcending space and time.

The new energy of unity will be found in the inner union of God within each person as their own experience and will not be a new “ism” but living Truths. Higher than any written word is the experience of Truth for it is based on the Knower and what is Known, continuously expanding and taking in compassion for all life as it does. We will not see religious intolerance in the future, for humankind that lives in unity will be the “living religion” of Truth; will live Universal Divine Laws, will be in peace within and create daily this peace without.

Peace is not a thought, it is a living experience; dynamic in energy and expansive. This is why it must be experienced within and cannot be intellectualized or “taught” to another. Giving the tools to experience inner peace gives energy to thought, from the “source” of thought. Here is where there is no duality, no separatism, peace then being dynamic and not passive. It is strength, it creates unity, it is the great balance and “unifier”, it is the source of love for it comes from the Almighty, which is Divine Love (Mother) and Divine Mind (Father); totality, the Almighty Absolute BEING.

There is much confusion still regarding Meditation; it is a dynamic practice, it infuses spiritual Divine energy, it is not contemplation or random thinking or even worse, “no thought at all.” It must be experienced by the individual for it has more to do with their own infinite divine unfoldment of their own inner nature, as well as the divine directives that are received with increased intuition. It gives greater energy to outer life and due to the body's intelligence, gives healing on the most subtle level within the nucleus of a cell; the inner energy of the cell being light and intelligence. All the cells in the body gain through the activation of this light, strengthening the communication even on a cellular level with the Divine. In Being, you are your own conduit of energy and direct knowledge, experiencing and knowing the “Truth” yourself. If all the books were suddenly wiped away, those who have developed inner knowledge could rewrite these books as well as expand on spiritual knowledge because God is infinite in love, intelligence, wisdom and in all creation.

Religions are man-made out of these spiritual Truths which are Divine, cognized by individuals who wrote the history as well as those great Beings who through parables tried to direct the suffering humanity to a higher way of life. What is of the Divine to be really understood, must be experienced. “Blessed are they who believe without seeing,” is referring to the inner eye which “knows and experiences” the Truth. Truth is known by transcending the mind and infusing the Divine, this takes one past the realm of thought to the Source of Thought, past space and time to the Source of all, the Almighty Father-Mother God. It must be remembered that all beings have their being in another. This means the cells in your body have their being in you as well as you being a Cell in the Body of God, the Almighty. There are many Spiritual Realms of intelligence and it is through your own experience that you will go will past the lower realms of information to experience your own higher reality. Until you directly experience the truth and knowledge which is given out of love, it will be hard to discern the many “truths” that we are hearing today. It is our divine right and purpose to be this cell that becomes ONE with the Divine; this is not intellectual, it is experienced as profound love and knowledge. Some of the “qualities” are: wisdom, compassion, tolerance, patience, wanting to alleviate the suffering of those who have no voice and most importantly, discrimination which is based on your own experience of expanding Divine Wisdom.

All the Prophets that have come including those of today are given direct experience, knowledge and communication with the Spiritual Realms of the Almighty. In the past, when they shared this with the suffering humanity, they did this at great sacrifice. Today we are sifting through and finding those who are the real prophets and seeing through our own experience the false ones who lead one away from the inner experience of Christ, Krishna; one who is Anointed in God. That which is ignorant is that which does not love, does not see:
“First know God, then one will know to do right action,”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM. 1960s.(1)

Each day we change the future as well as the past, your thoughts today will create tomorrow and if today you project harmony and desire only the highest Truth for all; that is what will be in your future. Collectively, the prophecies hold only the power of attention and belief we give them, know that due to the collective raising of consciousness these past 50 years, the future has been changed. Look at the Sun and see the activity of energy, this is a reflection of the collective voice speaking to the Divine. The Sun answers in this higher energy as waves that cover the Earth and to those who can “see,” the Light of God IS transforming this world. Those who believe in Heaven on Earth will see this come to pass. The Divine created this world to be a beautiful jewel in the heavens, this is the destiny of Earth.

In Divine Love and Unity,
Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, President
Institute of Spiritual Sciences

(1)The Holy Tradition are Teachings brought forward by Jagadguru Bhagwan Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswatiji Maharaj of Jyotirmath, Badrikashram (Guru Dev) and continued by his disciple Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi started the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) in 1955 so all can experience their own Divinity, their own Self and know the Truth and to bring in an Age of Peace and Heaven on Earth.

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It is written there will be signs in the Heavens. Sky Angles, photo by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.

Dr. Rousseau responds to a reader's question about this article.

Dear Diane,
This piece is a really great one! I have some questions that maybe you can address when time allows. Specifically, in the section pertaining to Meditation you address the effects on a cellular level. I remembered when reading this that you once gave an explanation of the “infusion” of light in the blood. I believe it had to do with the transformation of “blood heat” to “blood light” and the corresponding effects on overall consciousness and the transformation of a Soul on all levels of being. You write now; “All the cells in the body gain through the activation of this light, strengthening the communication even on a cellular level with the Divine.” Could you elaborate further on the process that the human circulatory system has on this level? How does human physiology interact on the multi-dimensional levels that consciousness expands on? I'm particularly interested in how Meditation activates this chain of events, and if there is a correlation between “heart” and “mind” that this seems to suggest.
As always, your writings are positive and loving, with the added benefit of being highly educational. I'm keeping this one!
Jay H. Peters

Dr. Rousseau answers:

Dear Jay,
In answer to your question:
Re: Article: Prophecy, Meditation and Changing the Future

As a person infuses superior energy by meditation, specifically using a Mantra which is encoded Divine Sound/Light as the ancients brought forward, the crystals in the blood exchange stagnant energy for this new superior Divine energy which is infused due to the process of meditation. As the blood becomes purer, the energy in the body is held at a higher level as blood crystals hold light. Over time, this light transforms the cells and tissues of the body, changing the structure as the entire body is holding this higher energy as Divine Light. The lower mind is then transformed to the higher, the lower tendencies naturally fall away. The brain, as this blood-Light passes, activates the higher centers.

A side effect is having one's head filled with this light, over time, this expands further and one becomes ONE with the Source of Light itself, this is the Almighty Father (left) and Divine Mother (right) hemispheres. This blending and Divine Inner Marriage causes Unity with the Atman and also the ability to create from Divine levels. This also leads to greater communication with the Higher Realms as the crystals act much like transmitters of energy to the body-mind. All this is due to the fact Spirit has been activated and one is now in touch with their Immortal Being. Due to this State, one can cognize higher reality by direct experience and also sees and experiences these higher levels of Being. This is all a natural process; it is as Charlie Lutes told us many years ago, what is unnatural is the lack of this Divine experience of one's own Self. This is God or Christ within, at this point, Love as the highest manifestation of Being is “felt” as Light, this is the Bliss that is talked about; it is more than a feeling, it is the Source of all Energy.


Copyright © 2006-2020 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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