Meditation, the True Practice of Religion by Peter Rousseau

Meditation is a powerful form of prayer.
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Meditation, the True Practice of Religion
by Peter Rousseau
April, 1995

Religion is one of the most important of all institutions in society. Yet regrettably at this time, religious practice has fallen into disrepute across a wide spectrum of the population. Those who promote religious views are marked as intellectually inferior and even superstitious, given to blind faith beliefs. To the modern humanist, such people are dismissed as foolish and unsophisticated. Today, for many, man is all important and God is irrelevant, principally because a belief in God justifies a moral code, unacceptable as too limiting to these modern moral relativists. To them, man is the center of the universe, not God, therefore right and wrong do not exist and there are no consequences attached to our actions. The fact that many of us deny repercussions from our actions does not affect the validity of those reactions. Ignorance of the law does not excuse wrongful behavior. The laws governing human society are immutable, unchanging and there is no escaping the effects.

The law of Karma, administered by hugely intelligent beings, Karmic Scribes, can find you anywhere in this earth if one's Karmic bill comes forth for payment. All of us would do well to reject any and all contemporary replacement for traditional morality. It can only result in unhappiness and human suffering. Nature is going to demand a return to God and his ways from humanity. I have been warned, and now I am telling you, we must move, change, or we will be removed from the scene.

Some criticism of religion today, however, is warranted. Our contemporary churches and denominations are failing to project a religion of very great purity. The word religion comes from the Latin derivative “religio” meaning “to bind back to one's source.” Clearly, in this respect, religion today is failing the people. Religion, if effective, would be giving the faithful the direct experience of God and the attendant bliss, wisdom and higher consciousness. However, when one examines the religious today, one sees suffering, unhappiness and narrow vision by contrast. One might ask, “Where has religion gone wrong?” The truth today is that contemporary religion, governed by creed and dogma, has lost the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The timeless teaching to give the direct experience of God, due to nothing other than the long lapse of time, has been lost for roughly 2,000 years, since Christ walked this earth. Religion keeps alive the concept of a God and a moral code of do's and don'ts to guide our actions; yet religious practice should do so very much more. Our religious practice should provide us a lighted way on our path back to our Paradise Father; our originating source. With religious practice, over time, we should become so attuned to the Almighty that we perform only right action spontaneously, without effort. Also, we should talk to God daily in our meditations as we transcend the limits of matter and thought and immerse our-selves in the unbounded sea of spirituality; the transcendent abode of Almighty God. There we gain the experience of Bliss as we come to know it as the very nature of the godhead. It is only in this Bliss that humanity will finally find peace. All things of the manifest aspect of life leave humanity ever more thirsty to find something permanently fulfilling. Nothing of the material life, not the sun at dawn or the view from a mountain top, not even the great joys of parenthood and family life contain the illusive bliss humans seek in all things.

Humanity can only find the necessary bliss in the direct cognition of God, Almighty Father. It is to be found nowhere else, and this experience represents the destination of all humanity. We are here for no other reason than to know God. There is no other way, my friends, understanding truth, there is nothing more to be said.

The initiate who daily practices Meditation has gone beyond the need for religion as it is defined currently. Religion exists to prepare people for initiation. Once one has set out on the Spiritual path, there is no more need to go to church or belong to a specific denomination or faith. When one has begun the practice of meditation and has been shown how to experience God, all other religious activity pales into insignificance. Blind faith becomes irrelevant as one begins to directly experience what had heretofore been purely a belief system. One begins now to truly know God.

Anyone who practices Transcendental Meditation goes to God directly; is beamed into God; is zeroed in unto God. As such, Transcendental Meditation is a most powerful form of prayer; a prayer that brings one unto the source of creation from where manifestation arises. Such a man ultimately gains power over nature herself and becomes a God-like being possessing a complete understanding of life, self, God and the universe.

The practice of meditation binds one back to one's source and this is what religion should do, but currently cannot do. If the religious of the world would take up the practice of Transcendental Meditation, pure religion would descend onto this earth, and we would create Heaven on earth. All the goals of religious life would be fulfilled, and man would live in bliss, wisdom, and perfect health, as man was meant to live.
Some say that meditation is a religion. Others say it is science. Paradoxically, both descriptions are valid. The practice of meditation can be considered to be non-religious or religious and there is no contradiction. There is nothing to declare or believe-you simply follow your own experience. For those of us however, who love religion, Transcendental Meditation, because it and it alone fulfills the great purpose of religion, represents the one, only, and truly catholic religion on this earth; truly universal in its application.

Meditation represents the trunk of the tree of world religion whose many branches find their source in the same trunk of the same tree. All world religions are in reality, one. The truth of life is one. Religion as such can never be expressed in terms of duality. Truth, to be Truth, must be considered in terms of oneness. Truth alone of all that exists has no opposite. World religions appear different only because of differing geographic and climatic conditions. Otherwise, all is one.

We are very fortunate today to be living because these times are witnessing a rediscovery of the purity of the ancient wisdom. The living Master is here and he is giving the highest teaching available to man on earth. He takes us where we are; whatever the level of consciousness, and sends us forth having gained the secret way of redemption, encouraging us to be devoted to our meditation. We now have begun partaking of the eternal religion of realization. Now, each of us moves forward at our pace, focused on the goal of Eternal Life. May all of us have the dedication and courage to succeed in this most glorious of life's adventures.
Jai Guru Dev

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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