Spiritual Sound Waves of Color and Light by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Understanding the Spiritual source of sound, light, colors and the Supreme Truth.
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Image at right: A representation of Light Waves and Sound Waves.

Spiritual Sound Waves of Color and Light
by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD

The True Sound of Truth

When we understand the Source of Sound, we can think of sound as waves of thought that ripple out from the Silent non-moving Source. Each time the ripple moves out from the Source, it “creates a greater ripple”, and moves into a greater and larger field of the grosser sound. For example, OM is the hum of the first Sound of the Source of thought, the first Created Thought. This shows why OM if often placed before others sounds, as the first Sound contains the most Power. OM then is the hum, the energy that pushes the thought out to grosser fields of Creation. When we say a Mantra, for example we will use AUM; we are saying the first impulse of Sound in “A”. In the letter “U” we are using the impulse to move this “ooo” sound to the letter “M” which is the manifestation aspect, so “M” here is matter, or can be understood as Mother, the entire field of un-manifest to manifest Creation can be seen in these three letters. This gives a Key into sacred language and why the vowel “A” is so important, A means Source, or Zero in the Unified Filed, as A does not “move” out in creation; it is Source Sound, it needs the other letters to move the energy forward in the mind to ripple out as waves of Divine Energy or vibrations of Light.

The Mantra is then seen as a wave, a frequency of purity, which contains the Absolute Energy as well as the energy of movement and purity to be able to transform the quality of matter back to its original subtle or refined state. This is why the Mantra is also a means to return one to balance, balance of mind, balance of the soul, heart and body to balance and create unity back to Spirit, to Source, as the Spirit IS the Source. This also places an important point as to why we do not choose our own Mantras as this sacred Teaching is passed down with deep study, cognition and experience into the ancient Knowledge of the Rishis', and so must be properly taught by a teacher with experience. As OM is Source, it is also the basic “hum” of the Universe.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi writes on the basic sound of OM(1): “…OM is everything and that from OM the creation comes and into OM the creation dissolves, that OM is the sustainer of life, that OM is the beginning and the end of all creation. All this is OM, that hum, which is the first silent wave that starts from the silent ocean of un-manifest life”

OM by itself can be understood as a “recluse mantra”, as the Power is so great, it will slowly take all relative situations of relationships and matter out of one's life. It is not a Mantra for a householder, as it will slowly end all one's connections. The Rishis' cognized all the Mantras out of OM, all the finer fields of Sound, each one ringing out to the many densities of relative fields of life for sustainment and support, while containing the Purity of Non-Relative Creation and Supreme Source. This is the greatest science, as each Mantra is infused with three aspects of Grace, the original Sound, the Sustained Vibration and the Sound of Truth and Purity that we see above in the Sanskrit and Tibetan chant. Looking at the above Chart, we can go into the deeper meanings of sound as colors.

Chart of Sound, Sanskrit and Tibetan Forms(2)

Image of the Sanskrit version of the mantra “Om Mani Padma Hum”.

The Sanskrit Form:
Om Mani Padme Hum
Mantra of Avalokiteshvara(3)

The Tibetan Form:
Om Mani Pedme Hung
Mantra of Chenrezig(4)

Sound as Colors of Light

White: Sound of Source, all Sounds or Colors come from White and are contained in white, much like a prism, which is clear and holds white light and will also reflect all colors as spectrums of energy and densities of vibration.

Green: Sound that holds the energy of growth, the love or Energy in the “sap” of Creation, the sap as the life force inside all matter, inside the energy of all densities of matter to grow, from a mineral to a plant, to an animal to a human being.

Yellow: Sound that holds the thought or impulse of intelligence that is infused with the Energy of Growth as well as the Power of Source to create, to move, to grow as the intelligence matrix that is in the intelligence in the “sap”. This is the key to understand how a Mantra “grows” as a purifying energy of youth, and contains the memory of the impulse in its first state of purity. The Mantra ever returns the Energy as it was first “said” in the mind, much like the energy in the sap will keep the stem alive even in winter, while the tree continues to grow branches and produce more flowers and seeds that still hold this memory. The seed or Mantra still holds the energy, the intelligence of the perfect idea of the form it is to make as well as holds the energy to sustain it. This also gives great insight into the importance of direct Initiation.

Light Blue: The Sounds of the color of Spirituality, the Sound of purity of thought, of energy, of sustained life force that keeps the Mantra pure, that keeps the “seed” infused with the Divine memory and Power of growth as well as the Knowledge of what the perfect form is and “how” it knows. Inside, it remains pure, always with Source, as Spirituality is this color, as well as the color of the higher mind in harmony.

Red: The Sound and Color of Pure Energy, the Life Force, or the power in the sap as well as what holds the energy of life in the body that enlivens the breath, the inner will.

Blue: The Sound that leads the vibration or the hum, that keeps the energy moving to infinity, OM being in White, and returns through the finer fields of color, each field a higher density, each field a finer color, each vibration, more beautiful and purer. This color of blue shows the Spiritual nature of the Mantra is infused with the eternal force that will keep this sound pure, moving, holding the memory, holding the intelligence of what to do as well as lifting, adding power and finishing with pure Spirit and Intent.

Gold (Not Shown): Transcendent Field, Divine Light, Non-Relative Energy, the Color of the Coronal Light around the Illuminated Person; Unified Field of Light Divine, Supraliminal Realms, beyond Space and Time.

Sacred Language

Mantras are the Sacred Language of Divine Sound, Color and Light. When used and taught with Silent Intent in Meditation in particular the Mantra is given as an Infusion of Being, which is also known as the Holy Spirit. Due to the process of Meditation, which is not concentration, the Mantras Purify, Balance, Infuse Grace, Hold Pure Energy, Regenerate, Restore Life, and place all levels back in touch with Source, reactivating the natural DNA as we become what was intended, each person to grow to the fullest expression. This is part of the Sacred Divine Science that is behind the Power of the Word and also why Chants, spoken or in singing, ring out their pure intent, the purest Love and Grace which was given to humankind to remember, to know; to BE. Maharishi said at a Conference to linguists that physics tells us each person, every little atom is a bundle of waves, of energy and particles all coming from the Eternal Hum, OM.

“…Knowledge of that hum is the knowledge of the Vedas” … “The entire knowledge of mantras and hymns of the Vedas is devoted to man's connection to God, to Source, to The Supreme” - Maharishi

The Vedas give us insight into the Spiritual Science of the Unified Field as Spirit in Matter and define densities of matter as each is a “unified field of vibration” of a finer level of Creation, each is a finer level of beauty as finer densities of Light or dimensions of Consciousness expand in the Eternal Spirit of Light. As we Meditate, we refine our density of vibration and Consciousness, we refine our understanding, we constantly grow and do not enter into crystallization in Consciousness, as the Mantra is always moving, always “Infusing” with Spiritual Power from Source, and always purifying us with this Spiritual Power from Source in Silence as we become ONE With The Supreme.

References and footnotes:
(1) From the book: “The Vedas, Source of subtle science”, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, SRM, 1964.
(2) This chart taken from an Internet post, author unknown; 2009, This Mantra means: The Jewel Lotus in the Heart, the Light of the Eternal Flame, Infinitely Bless All.
(3) “The Lord Who Looks Down (in compassion)”.
(4) Also know as “Avalokiteshvara”.
Ibid: Chapter Seven, “Sound Waves of Color and Light” Thesis/Dissertation, “Spiritual Science of the Unified Field”, Dr. Rousseau- 2010.

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