Ray J. Rousseau

Ray J. Rousseau
Chairman, ISS Advisory Board

Mr. Rousseau is Vice President and Treasurer for the Institute Of Spiritual Sciences, Chairman of the ISS Advisory Board as well as chief editor and web master for the Institute Of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) web site. Mr. Rousseau has traveled both nationally and internationally with Dr. Diane M. Rousseau numerous times to help represent and support ISS at conferences, forums and lectures and has held various positions within ISS since its inception.

In addition to his work with ISS, Mr. Rousseau has over 40 years of retail and wholesale business experience and 30 years of management experience.

Please see Mr. Rousseau’s articles currently on the ISS web site:

Ganesha, The Master Of Obstacles
by Ray J. Rousseau

OM, The Symbol for Primordial Sound
by Ray J. Rousseau
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