John Hannaman

John Hannaman
Member ISS Advisory Board

John Hannaman is a man who loves people, being of service and is always looking at the Light in others because, “All are Divine”. John has an indomitable spirit and has overcome many challenges in his life; he contracted Polio at the age of three and his parents were told: “John will never walk again”. Soon however he was driving the nurses crazy from trying to keep him in bed and before being discharged he was “streaking” down the halls of the hospital. Later, as a young man, John was serving as a firefighter for the Bureau of Land Management when he was in a catastrophic highway accident and suffered a broken back and TBI brain injury. At this time John was "told", “You are here to learn, love, and serve", this while seeing his body lying alongside the highway. Refusing to accept the standard prognoses for his injuries and against the advice of his doctors who advised, "You will never graduate" John entered collage, and Graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. John follows the teachings of Spiritual Regeneration Meditation which are derived from the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math Teachings..."The Lost Teachings".

Among John’s many accomplishments:
B.S. Business Administration - Managerial Sciences, Social Services and Corrections; Reno, Nevada, 1978.
Meditator and follower of the (SRM) Spiritual Regeneration Meditation.
John has been a volunteer and caretaker in the AIDS movement since 1990.
Religious Science certified Practitioner (Spiritual Counsellor).
Past Master, Free & Accepted Masons of Nevada; Free & Accepted Masons of Washington.

Please see Mr. Hannaman’s articles currently on the ISS web site:

by John Hannaman

A Letter On Labels and TRUTH
by John Hannaman
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